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  1. My experience in Las Vegas during the shooting event at Planet Hollywood. I will add the links that I stated to this description when I finish compiling them into a list, also, please excuse the audio when I am doing the screencast. The webcam mic is crackling. VIDEO CONFIRMATION OF CHAOS IN PLANET HOLLYWOOD THAT IS TIMESTAMPED ON FACEBOOK FOR THAT EVENING!!! THANK YOU TO COMMENTER B PEG for posting this here. This video is about an hour long. She shows proof of where she was with documentation.
  2. He goes into properties that Paddock owns, says Paddock was in LV on the 19th of Sept. Car rental receipt. Worth the watch! Before the Las Vegas Shooting, Stephen Paddock traveled to Phoenix where he rented a car and drove back to Las Vegas. What was he doing in Phoenix? Did it have anything to do with the ATF gun running operations?
  3. I've been debating on whether or not to pin it. Might as well. lol @londonorchar can take the flack.
  4. Panama Papers Journalist Carbombed!

    https://twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/920008980444872706?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sott.net%2Fembed%2Fa_EN9vQ6i1t5vYiQl61YWuaKctk Assange offers reward.
  5. Wearing a MAGA hat can get you beaten to a pulp.
  6. SMARTPHONE-CONTROLLED DESIGN PRECISELY DELIVERS MEDICATION Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Harvard Medical School and MIT have designed a smart bandage that could eventually heal chronic wounds or battlefield injuries with every fiber of its being. Advanced Functional Materials The bandage consists of electrically conductive fibers coated in a gel that can be individually loaded with infection-fighting antibiotics, tissue-regenerating growth factors, painkillers or other medications. A microcontroller no larger than a postage stamp, which could be triggered by a smartphone or other wireless device, sends small amounts of voltage through a chosen fiber. That voltage heats the fiber and its hydrogel, releasing whatever cargo it contains. <snip> https://futurism.com/harvards-futuristic-intelligent-bandages-can-repair-your-body/ http://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/today/article/smart-bandage-could-promote-better-faster-healing/ <<<<Video here
  7. Check out that video. It's interesting how the IRS won't let you write off this kind of care and keeps you from participating in other things, too. EDIT: I want ala carte insurance. lol
  8. I know someone who went to the doctor because they got a pimple on their knee... omg. I was like, squeeze that thing. It was really tiny and so stupid. I guess it was worth the copay. lmao!
  9. The closest I came to anything like that was riding a meanass Shetland pony when I was 9, we got to the top of a big hill and was going to go down the other side, full gallop and he stopped dead in his tracks and threw me over his head and then took off running right over me. His hoof grazed my forehead and left a dirty black mark and broke my glasses. Lil bahstad. He was a biter and one that would try to rub you off of him by making your leg a sammich between him and a tree. Hated that pony!
  10. Thousands of empty seats at kick offs

    They're supposed to be losing their tax subsidies, I wonder if that will really happen, either.
  11. If they do, then a medical license is no longer of any value, the state owns them.
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