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    She's not the only one. I hate them, too.
  2. Israel's boot lickers come to the rescue.
  3. The US government has been flooded with more than 10 million comments about rolling back net neutrality regulations. Net neutrality is the principle that the internet is free, open, and accessible, meaning internet users can access any sites they want, and internet service providers (ISPs) can’t block or slow down content and websites as they choose. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to reverse net neutrality rules it passed in 2015, which prevent ISPs from blocking and prioritizing certain content online over others. <snip> https://www.rt.com/usa/397233-net-neutrality-fcc-internet/
  4. So, do they go around groping women in their home countries? Do they enter into women only areas there? I don't think they do! They are not ignorant. They have to know this is wrong.
  5. They think they're safe, they weren't even risking a walk across, they had a ride. These aholes that bring them up are part of a network. People loan the border jumpers thousands of dollars at huge interest rates to pay for the trip and the coyotes bring them across. Once settled in, they get work and pay them back. Economic refugees. $$$$ all about that on all levels of this kind of thing.
  6. I guess if you copied this and handed it out, you'd get arrested on a technicality. Ignorance of the public is great for the rulers.
  7. This thread has been moved to the Hard Core Conspiracy Forum! For more information on why? Check out our page on what topics go where! As part of our quality control measures!
  8. Bodies found in trailer in San Antonio Eight people were found dead Sunday morning inside an 18-wheeler in the parking lot of a Walmart store in San Antonio, city police and fire officials said. A total of 38 people had been inside the tractor-trailer, including two school-age children, authorities said. Twenty people were taken to area hospitals in critical condition, and another eight had “less critical” injuries. <snip> http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/23/bodies-found-in-trailer-in-san-antonio.html Says it's human trafficking. Probably coyotes.
  9. Go to the original link and scroll down farther, it's still on there.
  10. Why are you still awake shep?

    I'm going to read some more of my book, "One Second After" about EMPs...
  11. That was pretty hilarious. That many cops chasing one drunk guy down the beach.. smh
  12. Why are you still awake shep?

    LOL That's how I looked last night.
  13. Live Free or Die Hard

    It will. I read a story about this girl who was displaced due to war. She said one of the things they missed the most was salt.
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