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  1. Good! Those blood suckers can buy their own steaks, why should the taxpayer buy them ribeyes when most can't even afford them at all.
  2. I've been vaping for several years now and I have never heard of a single company on that list. Or seen any of the eliquids packaged that way. I also know that big tobacco desperately wants to take over the industry and have been trying to put mom and pop vape stores out of business. Paypal helped by not allowing purchases through them. The bottles of liquid are clearly marked and not misleading at all. Also vape products are pretty expensive and a child would have to be using someones credit card to order them online.
  3. I don't know who they've done that to. Do tell.
  4. Please link to the article you are referencing. Thank you.
  5. Cinnamon

    Flood of Death

    LOL on the wiper blades. It never freaking rains here and the heat beats down on the wiper blades with a vengeance. (of course I don't keep cars in the garage it's full of work stuff) and by the time it does rain, my wiper blades are baked and I need a new set.
  6. It does now, just in case someone doesn't notice the title.
  7. Where was that!? omg! f**king savages! That person will not live through that.
  8. So, why is he in the Trump administration? In THAT position?
  9. Well, I've been wished into the sea many times on here because I live in California. lol
  10. The Dad worked as a ship's captain I believe. She also took off before in 2013. This time she took 6K dollars to get up here. If they can save up that kind of cash, then they were living pretty damn well down there.
  11. Tucker: Mexican Presidential Frontrunner Essentially Encourages Illegal Immigration to US http://dailycaller.com/2018/06/22/mexican-candidate-immigration-speech/ Tucker Carlson at link.
  12. I often wonder if people who are clapping, cheering and giving pols standing ovations hear a fn thing that is coming out of their mouths?
  13. Well, he's not a lawyer, you have to give him that.

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