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  1. Cops: Propane tank explodes under Boston police cruiser in "deliberate act" BOSTON -- Boston police say it appears as if someone used an explosive device to intentionally set a police cruiser on fire. Commissioner William Evans says no one was hurt when a propane tank exploded in South Boston on Friday morning. According to CBS Boston, Evans called the incident a “deliberate act.” <snip> http://www.cbsnews.com/news/boston-police-department-cops-propane-tank-explodes-under-boston-police-cruiser-in-deliberate-act/
  2. Police: Possibly two explosions after suspicious device found near cop car "About 8:15 this morning, one of my officers driving by noticed a fire on the side of a cruiser right here on West Broadway, adjacent to the police station," Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said. "When he went out to investigate, the side of the vehicle started to go up in flames. It looked like some type of propane tank. They hopped out. They moved the cruiser out of there quickly, and very shortly after that the tank exploded. Luckily no one was hurt." Police said the propane tank was placed against a green metal bridge between the wall of the bridge on West Broadway and the police vehicle, which was outside of the BPD's South Boston precinct. The cop who drove up and saw the flames was barely able to jump into the other cruiser and drive it away before the explosion, Evans said. <snip> This happened in Boston. Awhile back there were a bunch of propane tanks stolen and a ton of phones purchased that raised eyebrows in the law enforcement communities in a few states. I wonder if they'll start to surface like this.
  3. Terry Moran of ABC News put on his crypto-fascist hat and declared President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech had “overtones” of the 1930s “anti-Semitic movement” because the President dared to put the words “America’ and “first” together. <snip> http://www.breitbart.com/live/inauguration-2017-swearing-president-donald-trump/abc-news-terry-moran-trump-inauguration-speech-had-anti-semitic-overtones/ They'd ***** if you hung 'em with a new rope.
  4. I hope you're right. History shows they all kiss the ass then arm them to the teeth and give them billions and billions. Never paid back.
  5. So far he has donated profits from his hotels to the U.S. Treasury. I believe his salary is a dollar a year. He is reaching out to companies that are job creators (private sector jobs!) I don't like the IRS guy for Trump's idea of making the IRS even bigger. I want a total simplification of the tax code where it can't be raised a percentage point when they feel like it. That kind of set up is easily raised and raised until it's oppressive. I don't like the way Trump is holding hands with Israel. It's a Rothschild creation and nothing good EVER comes out of the Houses of Rothschild! Trillions spend on war has got to end. Bases around the world have to be dismantled. We pay to "protect" other countries. The world must change. Change begins with individuals of like mind who in their own way, as in silent majority... force them to change or we put them out of business with boycotts and stocks falling through the floor. We watch failure after failure of Marxists/Communists. Some of it is lol worthy. The future is uncertain regarding privacy rights. Roll backs are imperative. Fusion centers must be dismantled. I'm all over the place tonight... feel free to fill in the gaps...
  6. LOL well, all my hand washables are done. Now they're hanging all over the shower curtain rods PITA :) Maybe power should go off more often. But I work online and need to stay in touch with clients. Not having internet would be disastrous for almost every business on the planet... CT mind at work here. A microcosm of being without power for a really long time. I looked around at all the appliances that were totally not useful. Feng Shui and Zen decor came to mind. :)
  7. Where'd I put my Voodoo dolls?