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  1. quiet tonight...whats everybody doing right now?

    I am getting ready for work praying i don't get mandated to work sixteen hour shift. I am looking foward to the 4th with family and friends and fireworks and good food. Wish me luck that i can come home at 7 am. Happy 4th of july to all of you
  2. Welcome to all our new members!

    I agree. I am wishing the best of luck to this site. It is a bit of fresh air on here.
  3. I have been vaccinated but i am shocked. You should not be forced. I never get the flu shot though. I don't get the flu. One year my wife and children got the flu shot and all three got the flu twice over the winter and i did not.
  4. I have lurked around some of those sites and just lately have been more involved. There is a lot to wade through. I notice a lot of hate out there.
  5. Thanks for the info.
  6. That being said I love the 4th of July holiday. I am looking foward to the 4th. Woo. Woo
  7. Thanks You. The spirit is still there in some yet,but sadly it is fading.
  8. What do think the original sin is?
  9. I agree with this idea. There is a great deception. I want nothing to do with a ego maniac False God. I agree you should not bow and God doesn't want you to bow down. The word that we read has been twisted to keep us down. I do not see the problem of wanting to be like God. Why would a God not want you to be like him/her or equal.
  10. Welcome to all our new members!

    Cool site. Howdy.
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