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  1. click the insert other media button on the bottom right corner, click insert image from url and then just copy paste the web address into the space provided. It works for pics and vids.
  2. I remember when I was around 6 years old I pointed out to my older brother that the rays of the sun coming through the clouds made it look like the sun was not very far away and he called me stupid and said that the sun is 93 million miles away. It seems that I was right.
  3. GoodBees

    The Dinosaur Hoax?

    I haven't finished watching this yet but it seems to have a lot of evidence that dinosaurs did exist not all that long ago.
  4. It would be pulling down from the center of mass, but either way we would get the same result. Gravity pulling the atmosphere down also on top of us causes air pressure. The lower you are on earth the more air is above you, the more air you would have pressing down on you because the air is also being pulled down to the center of mass(the center of the earth). Air pressure works the same on both models.
  5. That is what all religious people do. They pick and choose which parts of their "holy" books to adhere to and accept and ignore the parts that don't fit their beliefs. What is called "science" now is really just another false religion parading around as the "irrefutable truth". When a religious person is presented with these contradictions it never ceases to amaze me the mental gymnastics that people put themselves through in order to justify their beliefs, when in reality they all believe what they believe for the same reason, it was taught to them when they were children.
  6. Well, that's the thing, I have a pretty solid understanding of both models and on the globe model there is no up or down and since the earth itself (through its hypothesized gravity) is the force holding everything on the surface, no, the rivers would not have to run uphill or downhill and no, ships would not be traveling up or down hill. People in Australia would be upright relative to their position on the globe as would everyone else no matter where they are on the hypothesized earth. Those are the kind of statements that made me laugh this subject off at first along with the idea that people would fall off of the bottom (as if there is a bottom on a globe). Centrifugal force is a whole other matter. I will not watch Jerenism videos because of the conclusions that I have already drawn. He apparently is less informed on the matter than I am so why would I listen to him? So either his basic reasoning skills are seriously lacking or he is intentionally making a mockery of the subject. I guess what it really comes down to is: Do we really believe he is that stupid? If he is not stupid than the only other alternative is that he is shilling. Just because he does not fit the idea that we have of what a shill should look/act like does not mean he is not one. After all these cia types are not stupid. Evil yes, stupid no. I understand the problems with the globe model just as well as anyone else here (and there are many). I am not defending the globe model, I am just pointing out the flaws in these particular arguing points.
  7. Jerenism repeats the same retarded crap in every one of his videos (at least the ones that I have seen). It is the same disinfo that I found on the flat earth disinfo site at alaska.net. He says that on a globe, ships would have to be sailing up hill and that only people on the northern hemisphere would be standing upright. This tells me that he is either an idiot who has no grasp of the official gravity based globe model or he is a shill put in place in order to make the whole idea of a flat earth look like something that is only really suitable for consideration for the feeble minded.
  8. Yeah, this is quite a crazy place we live in. At least I can say it has been an interesting experience if nothing else. To tell the truth though, I have had my suspicions about many people here and elsewhere but I try not to jump the gun and give people the benefit of the doubt as much as possible because I realize that I must seem very strange and even ridiculous at times to other people. I bet you were a good teacher too. I still remember my third grade teacher. She used to tell us about home made ice cream and how she used to go to the general store and get a whole bag of candy for a penny. The one thing that I remember her most for though is that she used to always say that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. I don't remember her name but I have repeated that lesson/line to my own children many times. I used to wonder about her sometimes and wonder if she realized what an impact she and her stories and lessons had on me.
  9. I tried ifers and was banned before my first post even landed, haha WHAT!
  10. GoodBees

    The Dinosaur Hoax?

    Come on this is obviously a hoax hoax. Here is irrefutable proof that dinosaurs did in fact exist. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-ZBmpwSmItxA/VR4zox5WyrI/AAAAAAAAnU8/sT73irXSLps/s640/blogger-image--2023463328.jpg
  11. GoodBees

    The Dinosaur Hoax?

  12. GoodBees

    The Dinosaur Hoax?

    I think there are 2 examples in texas.
  13. GoodBees

    The Dinosaur Hoax?

    I don't know about this one. What about the ancient paintings and carvings and what about the ancient descriptions in the bible and other texts and all of the ancient legends of dragons.https://stevehyde.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/dsc00057.jpg http://us.123rf.com/450wm/aragami12345/aragami123451202/aragami12345120200011/12185290-stegosaurus-dinosaur-carving-on-the-wall-in-ta-prohm-temple-siem-reap-cambodia.jpg

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