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  1. This image is from Curiosity Rover's front left Hazcam, Sol, 1294. Original Link To RAW Image From NASA: http://mars-alive.blogspot.ca/2017/09/critter-running-on-surface-of-mars.html Thanks for viewing this post!!
  2. Amazing City Cover up on Planet Pluto by NASA, by enhancing this area we are able to see multiple layers of square and rectangular structures inside a huge crater being covered up by nasa. Is what we are seeing just pixels or a cover up of a massive city on planet Pluto? the 3d anaglyphic version of the image didn't turn out as good as I thought it did, I have re- edited the image and it can be viewed on the Mars Alive blog site here: http://mars-alive.blogspot.ca/2017/08/nasa-covers-up-massive-city-on-pluto-3d.html Original image link here: https://sservi.nasa.gov/articles/nasas-three-billion-mile-journey-to-pluto-reaches-historic-encounter/ Thanks for watching, Please Share & Subscribe!
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