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  1. Scientists at Japan's space agency have discovered a huge moon cave that could one day house a base that would shelter astronauts from dangerous radiation and wild temperature swings, officials said Thursday. Data taken from Japan's SELENE lunar orbiter has confirmed the existence of the 50 kilometre (31 miles) long and 100 metre wide cavern that is believed to be lava tube created by volcanic activity about 3.5 billion years ago. The major finding was published this week in US science magazine Geophysical Research Letters. "We've known about these locations that were thought to be lava tubes...but their existence has not been confirmed until now," Junichi Haruyama, a researcher at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, told AFP on Thursday. https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/2017-10-19-huge-cave-found-on-moon-could-house-astronauts-japan-scientists/ Scientists at Japan's space agency have discovered a huge moon cave that could one day house a base that would shelter astronauts from dangerous radiation and wild temperature swings, officials said Thursday. Data taken from Japan's SELENE lunar orbiter has confirmed the existence of the 50 kilometre (31 miles) long and 100 metre wide cavern that is believed to be lava tube created by volcanic activity about 3.5 billion years ago. The major finding was published this week in US science magazine Geophysical Research Letters. "We've known about these locations that were thought to be lava tubes...but their existence has not been confirmed until now," Junichi Haruyama, a researcher at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, told AFP on Thursday. https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/scientists-discover-cave-on-moon-big-enough-to-house-astronauts-1764770

    Yes, what they seem to do is keep printing money, and this money ends up I think in Real Estate, and that makes the prices go up up up, and cause everyone has to pay their mortgage the wages have to keep going up, so they keep charging more and more so that they can live, then your wages have to go up, and this just keeps on going.
  3. They like to kill the witnesses, 103 people who witnessed the Kennedy assasination died. -T Some writers who have investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy have claimed that a large number of witnesses to the event have died in mysterious circumstances. The Sunday Times reported that "the odds against these witnesses being dead by February, 1967, were one hundred thousand trillion to one." When the Select Committee on Assassinations questioned the newspaper reporter who wrote the article, he admitted he had made a "careless journalistic mistake". In his book Crossfire, the author Jim Marrs, provided a list of 103 people who he claims died in mysterious circumstances between 1963 and 1976. In reality, most of these people died of natural causes. Some of these people did die in accidents. Others were murdered or committed suicide. However, these people rarely had information that would have been important in helping investigators discover if there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. Read more at..... http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKdeaths.htm
  4. U.S. Winter Forecast Breakdown - 2017-18

  5. CIA killed Kennedy, no wonder they don't want files released. 3 tramps in Dealy Plaza http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/tramps.jpg
  6. Colder—But Not Colder Than Usual This winter is forecast to be much colder than last year’s, but—just like last winter—not colder than usual. In fact, a large part of the northern United States will experience milder-than-average temperatures (though we would still recommend having your long underwear on-hand), while much of the South and West can expect to feel cooler than normal. Escaping this chill are Florida and the Southeast, where milder-than-usual temperatures will be felt. A Wet and Snowy Winter All-Around Precipitation will be at above-normal levels throughout the country, which will translate to equally above-normal amounts of snowfall in parts of the Northeast, central Great Lakes, central Plains, Intermountain region, and from eastern Tennessee through New Mexico. Get your shovels ready! Notable exceptions to this wet winter are the Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest, where less precipitation than usual is expected. https://www.almanac.com/content/winter-weather-forecast-2017-2018 What NOAA’s official maps are showing us is that with a lack of an El Niño or La Niña event, this winter will see most of the continental United States with equal chances of an average winter in terms of snow. Temperature probability for much of the United States is a little more clear with NOAA calling for above average temperatures, everywhere except the upper midwest. “Despite the ENSO-neutral forecast lean, we still have a fair number of models forecasting at least a weak El Niño through the upcoming winter. Therefore, forecasters certainly are not ruling out the development of El Niño; in fact, they are calling for an elevated chance, relative to average, of El Niño onset.” – NOAA http://unofficialnetworks.com/2017/07/24/2018-winter-weather-forecast-long-range-prediction-from-noaa/ THE COLD Cold conditions are back! According to the Farmers’ Almanac’s 200-year-old formula, this winter is expected to be a bit more “normal” as far as the temperatures are concerned, especially in the eastern and central parts of the country–chiefly those areas to the east of the Rocky Mountains–with many locations experiencing above-normal precipitation. https://www.farmersalmanac.com/weather-outlook/2018-winter-forecast/
  7. Tonight – October 19, 2017 – the planet Uranus, the 7th planet outward from the sun, is at opposition. In other words, our planet Earth in its smaller, faster orbit swings in between the sun and Uranus today, placing Uranus opposite the sun in our sky. Because Uranus is opposite the sun, Uranus rises in the east at sunset, climbs highest up for the night at midnight (midway between sunset and sunrise) and sets in the west at sunrise. Not only does Uranus stay out all night long, but this world is now coming closest to Earth for the year and shining at its brightest best in our sky. http://earthsky.org/?p=265369 Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun, reaches opposition on October 19th. The distant "Ice Giant" shines at mag. +5.7 and is located in the constellation of Pisces. It's marginally bright enough to seen with the naked eye and easy to spot with binoculars and small scopes. Uranus is positioned close to the Aries constellation border. It's about 15 degrees south and 30 degrees east of the centre of the Great Square of Pegasus and a couple of degrees west and slightly north of omicron Piscium (ο Psc - mag. +4.3). https://freestarcharts.com/uranus-reaches-opposition-on-october-19-2017
  8. CALIFORNIA will hold large scale emergency drills preparing more than 9.3 million people for a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake tomorrow. Seismologists believe the US state is decades overdue a “Big One” tremor measuring magnitude 7 or greater on the Richter scale. A massive fault line zone in the Bay Area of Southern California is thought to be most at risk with experts giving a 72% chance of a large tremor within the next 30 years. Almost three decades ago, San Francisco’s Bay Area was devastated by a magnitude 6.9 earthquake that killed 67 and caused more than (£3.7billion) $5billion in damages. Now a freak spate of deadly earthquakes that wreaked havoc in several regions throughout the Pacific has sparked fears California could be next. In the past 30 days alone, California has been struck by 671 earthquakes, according to Earthquake Track. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/653305/california-earthquake-drill-2017-today-great-shake-out-bay-area Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills, regionally organized campaigns linked together as a worldwide preparedness movement spanning 60+ countries, are involving more than 52 million people (and counting) in earthquake safety activities throughout 2017. Most participants practice how to "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" though many choose to do much more. ShakeOut organizers recommend people follow the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety to get fully prepared to survive and recover from the next damaging earthquake. While earthquake drills held any day of the year can be registered at ShakeOut.org, many will participate on International ShakeOut Day (Thursday, October 19). More than 19.5 million people around the world are expected to participate, including more than 18 million people within the United States and its territories. Registration is ongoing and these numbers will increase; check ShakeOut.org for current totals. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/english-releases/millions-worldwide-participate-in-2017-great-shakeout-earthquake-drills-300537507.html
  9. I think it was an ISIS operation http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/why-isis-claimed-the-allegiance-of-las-vegas-shooter-stephen-paddock/article/2636310 https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/united-states/2017-10-09/was-isis-responsible-las-vegas-attack People on the ground who were being shot at felt there was more than one shooter. Some reported being chased. Look at all the guns and ammo that old man dragged up to his suite in the MGM grand where no doubt there are thousands of cameras. I think this was a professional operation by ISIS
  10. The U.S. and South Korean navies on Monday began a joint drill involving around 40 warships, amid signs North Korea is preparing for another provocation such as a missile launch. The exercise will continue through Friday on waters on both sides of the Korean Peninsula, according to a South Korean defense official, who asked not to be named due to internal policy. South Korean media reports over the weekend said North Korean missile vehicles “kept appearing and disappearing” from the map and “transporter erector launchers” had been spotted carrying ballistic missiles from near Pyongyang and North Pyongan province. “Anything could happen especially before China’s party convention on Oct. 18 and during the time between post-drills and Trump’s visits in the region,” said Shin Beomchul, a professor at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy in Seoul. “There is also the possibility for North Korea to test shorter-ranged ballistic missiles, which in the past did not lead to UN sanctions." Historically, the North had tended not to provoke directly during the military drills. North Korea’s state-run media agency KCNA on Saturday criticized the joint military exercise, calling it a “reckless act of war maniacs.” Earlier, the White House said U.S. President Donald Trump will travel to Asia from Nov. 3-14. U.S. Navy units participating in the exercise include USS Stethem, USS Ronald Reagan, and USS Mustin, Phillip Sawyer, commander of the U.S. 7th Fleet, said last week. Fighter Jets Separately, F-35A and F-22 stealth fighter jets, B-1B bombers and RQ-4 surveillance drones, will participate in the Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition being held from Tuesday through Friday, although they won’t be armed, according to the South Korean official. North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sept. 3, and has launched more than a dozen missiles this year as Kim Jong Un’s regime seeks the capability to hit the continental U.S. with an atomic weapon. The United Nations has imposed stringent sanctions on North Korea for its weapons tests. Trump has said all options -- including military -- are on the table to stop Kim, and the White House ruled out talks with Pyongyang, but Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the president wants him to push forward on diplomacy with North Korea “until the first bomb drops.” A war of words has escalated between the two leaders in recent weeks, with Trump labeling Kim “Rocket Man” and telling the UN that the U.S. would “totally destroy” North Korea if it attacks. Kim responded by calling Trump a “dotard” and warning of the "highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history.” Hydrogen Bomb Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho suggested last month that could include testing a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean. He later said the U.S. had declared war and his country had the right to shoot down American warplanes flying in international airspace. The comments came shortly after U.S. bombers and fighter jets flew near its eastern coastline. North Korea on Sept. 15 fired its second missile over Japan in as many months, a rocket that flew far enough to put the U.S. territory of Guam in range. The country has repeatedly threatened to launch a missile near the American territory in the Pacific. In July, North Korea fired two ICBMs on steep trajectories into the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan. The regime said those launches put the entire U.S. in its range. Australia Warned North Korea also turned its focus on Australia at the weekend, warning the U.S. ally of the risks of siding with Trump. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-16/u-s-south-korea-start-drill-as-north-seen-readying-missile North Korea renewed their threats to launch missiles into the waters around the US territory of Guam on Friday, in advance Monday's US-South Korea drills. North Korea calls Trump a 'strangler of peace' North Korea calls Trump a 'strangler of peace' The joint naval drills will last for 10 days in the waters of South Korea, according to a US statement, and feature a US aircraft carrier and two guided-missile destroyers. On Friday, North Korea state media KCNA said "reckless moves" by the United States would force the rogue state to "take counteractions." "The US military action hardens our determination that the US should be tamed with fire and lets us take our hand closer to the 'trigger' for taking the toughest countermeasure," the KCNA report quoted Kim Kwang Hak, a researcher at the Institute for American Studies of the North Korean Foreign Ministry, as saying. The harsh rhetoric continued on Sunday, with a commentary in state newspaper Rodong Sinmun calling President Trump a "war merchant and stranger of peace." North Korea had previously threatened to fire missiles close to Guam in August, further inflaming tensions between Pyongyang and the Trump administration. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/15/politics/rex-tillerson-north-korea-cnntv/index.html So I guess we will know for sure tomorrow -T
  11. Tech behemoths Google and Amazon are poised to put competitive pressure on traditional banks in the small business lending arena, one of former President Barack Obama's cabinet members said Tuesday. Karen Mills, who served as Obama's administrator for small businesses, told CNBC that the tech giants would probably push to disrupt the market and deal a blow to established lenders. "I think they are going to dominate the market, and that is the next phase that's coming," she told the LendIt Europe fintech conference in London. "But the question is, in what form would that come, and... under what regulatory authority?" Earlier this year, Amazon said it had lent more than $1 billion in small business loans to merchants looking to expand their businesses, via its website. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/13/google-and-amazon-are-ready-to-disrupt-small-business-lending-former-obama-advisor-says.html Amazon and Google are reportedly in a position where they are likely to enter, and dominate, the small business lending market. This comes from a new report out of CNBC which credits Karen Mills for the comments. Mills, formerly the administrator for small businesses to former President Barack Obama, was noted providing the comments while speaking at the LendIt Europe fintech conference, in London. According to those comments, Mills not only expects the likes of Amazon and Google to enter the market but also to almost instantly cement their position as a direct alternative to traditional banking and lending options. The reason Mills expects the impact of Amazon and Google to be so definitive and instant is due to the information both companies have collected over the years. For example, if a small business what to apply to Google, then it could be the case that Google would already have much of the data it needs to determine whether the business is one that can be lent to. As a result the suggestion being made here is that these large tech companies would be in a position to very quickly and efficiently put together a system that is able to process lending requests based on real and substantial data. Something which while evidently beneficial to the likes of Amazon and Google, would likely be as beneficial to those seeking funds in the first place. However Mills does note that at the moment there is still the question over which regulatory authority would oversee new entrants to the lending field, drawing on the current “spaghetti soup” of authorities as an example of how the regulating of companies like Amazon and Google may prove difficult. https://www.androidheadlines.com/2017/10/report-amazon-google-to-dominate-small-business-lending.html Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN Amazon.com Inc AMZN 1,002.94 +0.20% ) and Alphabet Inc.(GOOGL Alphabet Inc GOOGL 1,007.87 +0.22% ) subsidiary Google are perfectly equipped to displace banks as the main lenders to small businesses, a former President Barack Obama cabinet member with expert knowledge of the sector has claimed. Karen Mills, a fellow at Harvard Business School and former White House administrator for small businesses, said at the LendIt Europe fintech conference in London that the two tech giants have what it takes to eventually “dominate the market” at the expense of established lenders. Her comments came amid calls from some quarters for the federal government to begin granting technology companies special banking charters to improve small business access to funding. Speculation that a revamp of financial regulation for fintech firms could be coming, she claimed, has already struck fear into traditional lenders, many of which recognize that companies such as Amazon and Google have better resources in place to win over smaller businesses. "If you look at the small business hierarchy needs, they need access to cash, funds, they need time, and they need more sales," she said. "And what if you were able to provide an efficient system that gave them more time to do all their work, access to capital and something that boosts their sales line? You could see how that player could win over a traditional player or even a new fintech." Amazon has already started to branch out into the lending sector. Earlier this year, the ecommerce giant lent over $1 billion in small business loans to merchants via its website. As of June, Amazon had reportedly handed out $3 billion to help small firms expand inventory and introduce new products. Read more: Google and Amazon Could Disrupt Another Industry | Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/news/google-and-amazon-could-disrupt-another-industry/#ixzz4vWX3dzv1 Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook
  12. Cinnamon Raises Testosterone and makes Testes Swell

    I knew I liked that spice for a reason. lol