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  1. https://archive.org/details/LeakedSbiDocsProveUswgoFramedWithChildPorn/ Archive.org backup copies of leaked SBI Dox. Copy of this forum thread PDF'ed then doxed on Archive.org as well. Can't be too careful with Govt censorship. :D Can't forgive them for what they've done to Brian.
  2. Does this news reporter look dangerous to society as he interviewed Presidential candidate Virgil Goode? In June 2012, Brian was filming right beside of Alex Jones and Aaron Dykes. They even worked together at one time as Brian was the ultimate ally of Infowars. Now Brian is a registered Sex Offender for a crime that he didn't commit. He interviewed Virgil Goode on May 26, 2012. Months before he was framed with child porn. Brian was a threat to a major political gear in the cog of the machine of corruption. They will use his Autism and OCD against him until he loses it mentally or he dies of diabetic complications. The U.S. Marshals are definitely talking here and they suspect corruption within the Federal Court system and admitted to the corruption. I can't say their names or which district they work for. Brian is a target for his activism. No coincidence that child porn was sent or received from a fake Stewart Rhodes email account on tormail.org after the police raid. Mayodan Police kept in contact with Homeland Security and threatened to send DHS Agents to the mental hospital after Brian was planning to commit suicide in 2013. Another child porn set up attempt was against Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes. All of them were associated with Brian David Hill in 2012 before child porn was placed on his Laptop. Brian gave the Mayodan Police access to his admin@uswgo.com email account before all of the child pornography set up attempts came out of the woodwork. By the time the detectives were done manipulating him, he was convinced himself that he was addicted to child porn which was a basis for the Guardian ad litem hearing to place Brian in a group home. Later on Brian recanted his false statements of guilt. Now they are gunning for him. I am sorry for bringing up this terrifying news but Brian is in danger. The govt documents are the only evidence that hasn't been covered up yet. Liveleak just censored the documents from the SBI I can't blame Liveleak as this stuff is serious. Brian was framed with child porn for political reasons and was connected with the Luke Rudkowski and Stewart Rhodes incidents in 2013. Susan Basko acknowledged the connectiuons in her Declaration under Document 46.
  3. This man was a victim of a Righthaven LLC lawsuit: Brian defeated Righthaven within Federal Court. Hackers kept attempting to shut down uswgo.com for all of their online political postings via DDoS attacks: http://planet.infowars.com/politics/uswgo-has-been-suspended-due-to-a-traffic-spike-and-needs-new-server Now they are using child porn and threatening Brian with up to two years in prison plus six months halfway house for each alleged probation violation. All the corrupt USPO Kristy Burton said was "I was afraid when Brian threw that temper tantrum" Lawyer asked "Did Brian try to come at you? Did he try to attack you while he threw his temper tantrum?" USPO Burton said that Brian didn't ever try to attack her, just sat in the chair while having his Autistic meltdown due to falsely pleading guilty and they found him guilty for the Probation Violation just for getting upset while sitting in a chair and throwing stuff behind him. The USPO Burton was likely planted by the corrupt State Senator that his his fingers throughout the entire child porn investigation and state prosecution. Who Knows? Brian is under one attack after another. I've heard that one major law school in particular inside of North Carolina has taken an interest in proving Brian's Innocence. The enemy plans to set him up for another Probation Violation then give him enough security points for a Super maximum Security Prison. They will do everything they can to upset him and hurt him until he finally loses it then the U.S. Attorney will have it's case to lock Brian away with the Aaron Brotherhood gangsters.
  4. https://www.anony.ws/i/2016/03/12/doc.leak.sbi.hill.1.jpg https://www.anony.ws/i/2016/03/12/doc.leak.sbi.hill.2.jpg https://www.anony.ws/i/2016/03/12/doc.leak.sbi.hill.3.jpg
  5. Proof from SBI LEAK: USWGO Brian Hill framed with child porn by PC Virus, remote code execution Spread this far and wide if you expect the ungrateful b@#tard of a U.S. Attorney Ripley Rand to acquit Brian. They are planning to frame Brian Hill for another Probation Violation and this time it won't be 6 months Home Detention. They will imprison Brian in a maximum security prison if Alex Jones doesn't cover this. I hacked into enough government email accounts and hacked into telephone conversations to know what will happen to Brian. They are planning to imprison Brian David Hill, former USWGO Alternative News reporter, for a very long time. His home will soon be ransacked by U.S. Marshals and FBI Agents. As Brian is fighting right and left to prove his Innocence, the State ICAC Task Force will receive more grant money and resources to combat child pornography. The State Committee Co-Chairs stabbed Brian in the back by tossing his evidence and refusing to investigate corruption within the fraudulent child porn investigations geared towards political activism to destroy activists. Brian threatens the child pornography set up scheme along with Luke Rudkowski and Stewart Rhodes for going public. They want to charge Brian with another felony. The leaked SBI Dox are his last hope. Maybe Donald Trump will pardon him once he becomes President of the United States. Maybe you all can rally for Trump to pardon Brian for his legal innocence once he is voted in. Once they imprison Brian in a Supermax, he is gone forever and might as well be dead since they will drug him up until he becomes a school shooter pasty. The crooked U.S. Attorney knows there is a lot of evidence for Jury acquittal of Brian David Hill but the system is stacked against him. http://planet.infowars.com/politics/news-reporter-brian-david-hill-framed-with-child-pornography-proof We hacked several different email accounts/Cellular_phones to receive a copy of these documents. Had to violate federal hacking laws to receive photos via snarfing & reverse engineering android, OS, v.2. Tools via darknet and hacking CORE. The documents LEAKED today are photos taken of State Bureau Of Investigation(North Carolina) documents. https://www.anony.ws/i/2016/03/12/doc.leak.sbi.hill.1.jpg https://www.anony.ws/i/2016/03/12/doc.leak.sbi.hill.2.jpg https://www.anony.ws/i/2016/03/12/doc.leak.sbi.hill.3.jpg The document screenshots show that it was signed by SA Rodney White. SA White conducted a forensic examination of Brian David Hill’s Laptop. Brian Hill is a former news reporter of that infamous organization called USWGO Alternative News, and made infowars & $#it. All kinds of different websites acknowledge Brian’s work. DHS FOIA Doc dump anyone! The document photos leaked, are Page IV, of SBI Forensic analysis report. You can compare it with the Inventory listed on USAvHill(Archive.org). Doc # 84-3,1:13-cr-00435-WO, proves that Laptop seized on Aug 28, 2012. Details: Laptop that SBI White claimed child porn was downloaded: Black Toshiba Laptop Computer Satellite C655D Serial # 2C276987Q Dates of when child porn was discovered downloaded: July 20, 2012, to July 28, 2013. Date of when Laptop seized: Aug 28, 2012 Virus believed to have caused incident: Win32/MoliVampire.A, Win32/MoliVampire.B, eSet Virusradar detection; Generic.bfr!84C4BDF1E273, mcafee virus profile. ESET found suspected virus: 07/26/2012 MCAFEE found suspected virus: 2/22/2012 Date that uswgo.com shut down: 09/01/2012 How did child porn download for 373 days to USWGO’s personal Laptop when most of the time it was not in his possession? I know a lot ’bout hacking. I believe the following happened on Brian’s computer: 1. Brian had written articles on uswgo.com that didn’t paint a pretty picture of certain corrupt politicians. 2. In July 2012, Brian’s Laptop was hacked via remote code execution, Windows vulnerabilities, hacking Windows 7 Operating System using basic script kiddy tools, and computer viruses. Generic.bfr!84C4BDF1E273, MoliVampire.A, or MoliVampire.B, attacked computer to run executed software programs to share and download illegal child pornography files. PTHC, PTSC, 10yo, you get the picture here. 3. Detective Robert Bridge(North Carolina) discovered IP Address “″ downloading child pornography from eMule software program. Around time that viruses were running on Laptop. Child Protection System logged Laptop while infection was running emule.exe and other file sharing programs/apparatus, by virus system via remote code injection and execution. Hacker using remote control interface to access eMule on unsuspecting computers.. 4. IP logged( and entered into Child Protection System; child pornography investigated. 5. Brian raided by Mayodan Police Department. Same Police dept. that he personally had political dealings with according to chats I’ve had with Clerk Hopper, from the daily town gossip. Mayodan public online records of July, 2012, public comment period, reveals his frustration with N.D.A.A federal law. Threatened to use statute to remove senator from office. son of senator was over child pornography investigation and prosecution. 6. Case went federal after Brian was threatened by police to confess falsely, according to federal case files. A computer virus is the culprit for downloading child porn to news reporter’s computer. SBI ignored computer virus as well as Mayodan Police. Police threatened harm to Brian to falsely confess and the harm was his Mother being charged with child porn,, as a consequence. Brian retaliated by consistent pro se filings and 2013 emails(J. Strickland) which later caused a probation violation hearing(2015). public defender didn’t represent former news reporter. Ineffective counsel used to convict innocent news reporter. It is clear that USWGO Alternative News reporter was framed with child porn, framed by PC Virus caused by remote code injection, execution and security holes found on his Laptop. Early version of Windows 7 and lack of Service Pack updates caused child porn to easily download to his Laptop via computer virus. SBI report confirms this anomaly. U.S. Attorney should overturn the criminal conviction of Brian David Hill as soon as possible. LEAK made possible by hacking tools created to snark phones and Android based OS. Snarking programs will not be sourced as this creates intent to hack criminal violation. U.S. Attorney will lose more than his J.O.B if he continues with this immoral conviction. Even Mike Moore would film a Documentary ’bout this. We Are Anonymous! We do not forgive! We do not forget! Expect us! We know that Brian of USWGO was framed with kiddie porn. Overturn his conviction or Anonymous fights back against corrupt Justice Department. We will not forgive!
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