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  1. There shall be signs in the heavens and tokens in the Earth beneath, that is a depiction given to all mankind about the approximation of the end times. The events of the modern world are unparalleled to the events in history with the amount of signs seen, dreams recorded, and trumpets heard. The world is on the cusp of the most epic turn of events in history. Every strange phenomena seems to have purpose in this day and age, especially those shown in cloud formations. The clouds are telling the signs of a dying earth, no it’s not climate change, its geoengineering; and no its not cloud figures and or Fata Morgana’s , its dimensions and portals. These are the days when everything turns from good to sour; from sweet to bitter; and potentially from sin to grace. https://freedomfightertimes.com/end-times/precibus-end-strange-cloud-appeared-mexico-epic/
  2. Bug Out Vehicles

    Toyota 4runner. off road trailer. All set. I mean I still have to get the 4runner and trailer but that is what I would go with and of course we gotta mod the runner. ~Warrior
  3. The USA is set to be the stage of World War 3

    Exactly. It's all a stage. There are no sides on the world stage. The only side is the people verse those in power.
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