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  1. Rise and Shine

    Haha indeed it would! I respect your opinion thought and I can assure you that I have had many debates with "God fearing people" which follow the same ideas which you have just suggested. I just reject it because I don't believe in the existence of a God. Call it a personal opinion if you will.
  2. Rise and Shine

    I reject your premise that humanity was of creation. This puts us in a "pickle". Good day
  3. Rise and Shine

    Well not specifically, you can believe in whatever you want to believe. I choose for example to believe that God did not create humanity. And yes I've heard all the but's and maybe's but it has yet to shake my belief that there is no God. As for specific example, the human race believed that the earth was the center of the universe until it was proven otherwise, this then forcefully changed the belief in mostly everyone on earth, yet there are still people who choose to believe, and have faith that Earth is in fact in the center of the universe.
  4. Rise and Shine

    Changes occur all the time. New discoveries are made every day which revolutionize the way people think.
  5. Rise and Shine

    What do you mean humans did not evolve. Of course we have, pick up any anthropology book it'll state the changes of human evolution. People believed that when a warrior was hurt in battle, to make an additional cut and "bleed" him would help. This method is no longer used in modern day battlefields because the human beings in charge of medicine evolved in their beliefs.
  6. Rise and Shine

    But that is the result of descendant and the lack of proper "education" given from parents to children. It is not the fault of Christianity (although Christianity has it's many faults) that Voodooism has mostly perished.
  7. Rise and Shine

    A belief if it is pure and true is within one's self. It cannot be taken from you but can, if done right, present you with a way of proving your faith to your God which you could have never done before. It's like ripping a band aid. It hurts at first and the scar is still there, but you can either try to hide the scar or wear it proudly and let others take example from you.
  8. Rise and Shine

    I recently came across some very angry people discussing the extermination of Christianity. While I do understand that it can be classified as a horrid act committed by many non- Catholics, here's another way to look at it. The human species has seen hundreds and hundreds of very impressive and complex things rise to a certain occasion, only to fall in later years. The Christan, Jewish, Muslim, Athiest faith is not much different. The laws of physics in a sense do apply to human constructs, what goes up has to come down. To name a few: The Roman Empire, The British Empire, Aristocracy's monopoly over the majority of the world, French monopoly in Canada, this list should also include dead or dying faiths such as; Atenism, Mithraism, Vedism and much more. The importance I suppose of this posting is the idea that we shouldn't let these things damage who we are. Human kind has evolved throughout the ages and should continue to do so, letting go of acient beliefs may be the key. (This being said, I refer to the extermination of the belief, not of the people who believe in it)
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