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  1. http://infinite-present.info/inertia-is-not.php
  2. Breh, you haven't stocked up on the KY? The world's been f*cked for quite some time now! With all of the f*ckery coming our way, KY may make the ride smoother! They even have some for his & her pleasure!
  3. That son of a b should've at least said hi, goodnight, boo, told you a story, or offered you a nightcap or something! Instead he was biting the side of his finger? Nervous punk! All joking aside though, that's interesting if you think about it. Methinks that this bro wasn't an apparition. I mean he materializes somehow by the side of your bed at night, yet he's the nervous one eh? I think we need to research this topic deeper.
  4. Oh wow, you saw that wide awake? C-R-E-E-P-Y! God damn that would scare the sh*t out of me and piss me off all at once! I catch forms in that half awake/half asleep state however.
  5. That sucks. Every now and then I'll get a face of something vile/demonic/etc. But normally i see faces of people. People I don't even know. Heck, alot of them are gorgeous women at that. Not to derail your thread or anything Ms. Amon, however I feel that this could be related. I've always wondered about the people whom show up in your dreams; with an emphasis on the "strangers." Who are these people and why do they seem so familiar?
  6. [Speech] "Today is a significant day. A day that one can reach new "heights." A day that any man or woman, from any background, can all reach "elevated heights." So for today, I want you all to rejoice, embrace, and soar. Soar "higher" than you ever have before! Reach for the stars for if your situation becomes "sticky", there are "clouds" to pad your fall! Now go, get "icky" with it."
  7. http://alternativephysics.org/book/GPSmythology.htm
  8. Of course this line of thinking has merit. But as you already know, the spherical earth theory believers aren't going to recognize your scientific experiment as a scientific experiment. Just wait, we'll get a new wave spherical earth theorists commenting again in the near future. Yes, spherical earth is a theory. @grav Of course you know this, they don't. P.S. We should seriously create a cylinder earth model to appease those whom think that they see ships disappear behind the earth's curve. Troll level expert!