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  1. @Ukshep What you see at the 3:59 mark is basically what I saw the other morning.
  2. You need to be. We have observations to make.
  3. I was driving and my phone was in my pocket. It was one of those safety first then teamwork type of situations.
  4. Speaking of solar incidences, this morning's sunrise was odd. The sun was a dim red and you could stare directly at it. Then around 0650 it's like the sun "turned on" to its almost normal brightness. I really should've taken a picture.
  5. "ArcherSage forensic evidence World Governments Working together to fake space proof"
  6. Check this out folks. What do you think?
  7. You know (wordplay) when you really look at it, NASA tells us the truth all the time. They are showing you that they're faking this stuff in so many videos. NASA verbally lies to us, yet contradicts themselves by visually showing us their fakery and slipping in some verbal truths here and there. I can't believe people believe that NASA is actually doing what they say they're doing anymore though. It's blatantly obvious. It's not our job to prove jack sh*t anymore. The truth with NASA is out there. Whether an individual wants to believe NASA or not is up to said individual.
  8. This guy brings up alot of good points. I feel that the debates are part of the system/part of the "PsyOp" if you will. I've seen enough to know that spheroid earth is a lie, and that the earth (or at least this portion (haha) of the earth is flat. To be perfectly honest, I have no reason to believe any part of the earth is a spheroid at all. However, there is a huge energy drain in all of these flat earth/ball earth debates going on in the live chats and such. There is also a disturbing trend going on with the big flat earth channels on YouTube right now. It's probably all by design. Either way, I feel that if you are on the path to truth, then you're on the path to truth period. Don't let anything or anyone sway your views unless they have irrefutable evidence that says otherwise. Stay frosty folks.
  9. Yet people believe that this organization can send humans into "so-called" outer space?
  10. @Rothbard Hey have you seen this clip from Crrow777?
  11. It's like I've said before bud, I'm not going anywhere. [Gunshots]
  12. I am patiently waiting for this interview!