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  1. Don't you ever mix me up with that sorry ass globetard Mick West Vonnie.
  2. God no I'm not that sorry as Mick West. I've been on this forum before Mick's sorry ass even started blowing up on YouTube.
  3. You're right! They perform this technique repeatedly (once you start looking for it).
  4. This is so ridiculous. I watched the launch live and was laughing the whole time.
  5. LOL NASA Fakery

    You mean to tell me that people still believe that NASA is doing what they say they're doing?
  6. Here's an interesting read... Does The Earth Rotate? No! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B70ux2La6HQqaWJ6QU5ab2tKWjA/view
  7. This guy has an interesting theoretical map of the world. P.S. He start's showing his maps at the 18:52 mark and beyond.