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  1. Here's an interesting read... Does The Earth Rotate? No! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B70ux2La6HQqaWJ6QU5ab2tKWjA/view
  2. This guy has an interesting theoretical map of the world. P.S. He start's showing his maps at the 18:52 mark and beyond.
  3. So hard to find good biscuits!

    @Ukshep I can't help you with your biscuits conundrum since ye Brits have a different kind of biscuit going on. However out of curiosity, I was wondering if you had access to any good crisps in your parts? Are McCoy's any good?
  4. Of course it could just be strong headwinds matching the airspeed of these aircraft. However, I think there's more to what we're seeing here...
  5. This is an interesting watch.
  6. @Ukshep What you see at the 3:59 mark is basically what I saw the other morning.
  7. You need to be. We have observations to make.
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