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  1. Ok, so some people think ships disappearing over the horizon is a proof of curvature still correct? Some people still believe this even though there are tons of videos zooming in on ships that have "disappeared" behind the curve correct? Here's a problem with that theory.... We're taught that we live on a sphere right? Well the whole "ships disappearing over the curve" argument accounts for only one axis. We weren't taught that we live on a giant cylinder correct? Most of you globe defenders know the difference between a sphere and a cylinder right? Okay, great! Remember earth is supposed to be a ball so the horizon needs to be curved at some point. If we lived on a giant cylinder, the horizon would always be flat, however objects would eventually disappear behind the curve (in one axis that is). So if we call the sky the y-axis, the water/horizon the x-axis, and the distance beyond what the eye can see the z-axis, we can make some observations. On a sphere we should observe curvature along the x, and z axis. As of right now, ball earthers are claiming ships disappearing behind the curvature (z-axis) is proof that we live on a sphere. Even if that were the case, it would be proof that we live on a cylinder. Where is the curvature along the x-axis? Still waiting... Ball earthers, start thinking for yourselves and join us on the quest to find out what we're actually living on.
  2. She'll thwart the attack.
  3. Listening to them defend the globe is agonizing. I'm getting tired of this bullshit. Once again, we don't really know what we're living on. The arrogance of those whom believe we live on a ball is bewildering. We really do need to unite so that we can possibly actually learn what Earth really is.
  4. Creeped out eh? Heck, I'm pretty cited! Socited! Those are riding wolves Ms. Amon!
  5. I was thinking about the wolves rate of speed. How fast were they running? Either way, those wolves seem odd.
  6. http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/232386/giant_wolves_run_alongside_car_on_highway/
  7. Almost. However, I think Ms. Amon should be more like Julia with some of Victoria's qualities! Boom!