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  1. that could only be fair for the next election.. or two from now.. if there is one
  2. anti- eurgenic here.. unless it is those who support it.. they can all die
  3. don't go there.. GLP is not god like.. they will ruin your device.. probably not their intention though
  4. page has been removed.. I wonder why?
  5. me too on some things I agree with.. very well thought out cinnamon
  6. to the establishment.. yes.. you r correct
  7. Hillary losing is great.. we shall see what Trump does.. if he wins?
  8. actually.. to the current establishment you are and I am too!!
  9. I just did the math for florida.. popular vote is against Hillary.. done deal
  10. looks like Clintons blood shed across the country
  11. Hillary is on a plane out of the country by now.. before she get indicted !!
  12. imagine that!