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    The sun rises and the sun sets.
  2. I did, in my post of 11 hours ago. Reply to it, instead of skirting the issues.
  3. The truth hardly constitutes slamming. Would you say that the USA has been overzealously and gratuitously slamming the USSR/Russia for almost a century?
  4. And you can't grasp how and why Korea acts like it does when it has the worse terrorist group/nation in the world, by light years, threatening it with nuclear annihilation? The US brought nuclear weapons into the Korean sphere in 1958, in direct violation of the armistice agreement. Why would anyone in their right mind ever trust the USA on anything?
  5. For you and Brio, CGK, it's obviously the latter. :)
  6. Give me the definition of an infidel?'

    Where does this propaganda come from? USA central, that's where. "And by then they willa bin influenced by yur godless communists, so we'll hafta deal with muslim infidels cross breeded with godless commies. Be very afraid, fella 'Muricans. This is the greatest threat ever to hit our kind and benavolant nation." Who is it going to be next, the Hmong threat, the Native Hawaiians, surely it'll be the Alaskan natives 'cause they live so close to Russia? Good dog!!!
  7. "threatens", as opposed to actually being reduced to 'flames and ash' by the USA during the illegal invasion of Korea after WWII. The US complaining is like Hitler and the Nazis complaining.
  8. WTC bombing, NIST "investigation", 911 Omission Commission, war criminal/terrorist prezes since WWII, [likely since forever], ..., yup, "How much more are we going to take?"
  9. There seem to be a lot of folks who are facetious/sarcasm challenged.
  10. Speaking of cognitively unaware, Brio, you just don't seem to be able to grasp facetiousness. You also appear unable to do science.
  11. Those would be the same birds that were almost driven to extinction by the US governments' compassion for the chemical industry. What about the buffalo, Lucy?
  12. The latest from Physics and Reason. Surprise, surprise, your government and your news media have been lying to you, ... again. 9/11 Experiments: The Force Behind the Motion
  13. Solutions Anyone?

    Former CIA?
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