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  1. Off-Topic Repository

    hi, just passing by tonight. making my rounds on forums.
  2. Off-Topic Repository

    sulie you need an avatar. like the one you posted of yourself last year
  3. Updates & Support

    this forum is more organized and full of new stuff since i was here last. i like the bottem of the page "meet the mod team" and "about us"
  4. Off-Topic Repository

    привет там хорошо! ...test
  5. Off-Topic Repository

    hi just stopped by briefly. wow i noticed 2 things here. cop has new makeover, looks better than before..and i see full throttle is back after long hiatus. good ol FT. i may not be active anymore, but im lurking about, alive and well.
  6. Off-Topic Repository

    happy sunday folks. i like cryptic mold's sig..i never really take any doomy stuff seriously too. i only join ct forums like this one because i love forumming alot. i love being social.
  7. Off-Topic Repository

    what did they react to? a new kfc opening in their neighborhood?
  8. odd. i checked with IIDRN site and the domain does not have status history in their database..
  9. Off-Topic Repository

    good ol DKND. cheers to you
  10. i dont know you and you come at me so negatively? i only went to AE whenever they were talking about anoter site.
  11. hi ..guess who? i logged back on here right after i couldnt access AE. shame..AE was the first forum that launched my interest in ct forums. dj, lop etc. after i read a thread from a guest on another forum..it peaked my interest
  12. Updates & Support

    nice to see cop is plugging along as usual. just stopped by briefly. salutations everyone
  13. Off-Topic Repository

    ello everyone. just popped in for a spell. nice to see everyone doing well.
  14. Updates & Support

    if you didnt already installed it..heres a quirky pharma death clock ..people died in hands of pharmaceuticals http://pharmadeathclock.com/
  15. Off-Topic Repository

    good morning fine people. just relaxing and listening to some really old songs by the ink spots. im into music by sammy davis jr and frank sinatra. oldies but goodies