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  1. Obviously, you're an Israel fan-boy if you won't admit the obvious Zionist influence in American politics, whether it be through foreign-agent lobby groups like AIPAC or by Zionist politicians, many of whom happen to hold dual Israeli-American citizenship. As far as the US abstaining from a vote critical of Israel, that's more of a parting shot from Obama to Netanyahu, since Netanyahu has proven time & time again with his settlement expansion project in occupied territory, that he's not interested in a two-state solution. And obviously, he doesn't want a one-state solution, at least not formally recognized, because then Palestinians will have full-fledged citizenship voting rights. And if that happens, the whole "Jewish state which is a democracy" fairy-tale will be exposed for the sham that it really is, since Israel will OFFICIALLY be operating an apartheid state. Currently, Israel has many non-Jews living in its territory, but somehow proclaims to be a Jewish-state democracy, quite the oxymoron. Bottom line, status quo in keeping the Palestinians in limbo in perpetuity, continuously stealing their territory & building on it is what Israel really wants. Btw, fan-boy, why no mention of all the times the US has been either the only or one of the only countries to stand up for Israel's abysmal human rights record in front of the UN? http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/UN/usvetoes.html
  2. Yeah, because Israel is "our best friend" & not capable of harming America to further its own agenda..nor does it need America to destabilize countries it seeks to control..Israel will simply rely on big bad-bad wolf mongering with its illegal nuke arsenal & scare its enemies into compliance Once you put down the Kool-aid, maybe you'll realize that a small country like that thanks its lucky stars it has hijacked America to do its bidding for it, & pay for that, on top of the allowance its granted.
  3. Israel has the right to be Israel, but no right to have its dual citizen agents meddle in America's business, for the primary purpose of sucking us out of every last red cent. More specifically, America provides Israel with $3 billion dollar "aid" per year plus billions more in less transparent "appropriations". Before America got into the habit of destroying Middle East countries like Iraq, Libya , Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, to name a few, on behalf of furthering a "Greater Israel project", Additionally, to claim that Israel would protect us if, ".."Muslim nations decide to send us some airmail", is an asinine statement to make. Just take 9/11 for example: Assuming that Israelis & their Mossad didn't have a direct hand in the horrific events of that day-which a lot of the evidence suggests- Their intelligence personnel, at the very least, through their own admission, KNEW that the terrorist event was going to take place & were actually documenting it, & dancing while doing so & did absolutely NOTHING to stop it.
  4. I think it's a losing proposition..Like choosing the best out of the worst. Here, I think the answer is obviously Israel, by far. However, the thing that bothers me about that country, is that it claims to be a beacon of democracy, but a Jewish state @ the same time..Quite an oxymoron, especially considering that a lot of non-Jews live there. A few people I know who have lived in that country have told me that non-Jews are viewed & at times treated, like 3rd class citizens.
  5. Having had a few close family members with varying forms of mental illness in my family, the one thing I can say for certain, is that you can't rationalize a mentally ill person's odd behavior. They go through random days where their sky is clear blue, and others which are filled with the grey-est of clouds.
  6. Even if there are many forms of Zionism, the bottom line to most people in America is, how are they good for our country, America, NOT Israel. When you have dual- Israeli-American officials in positions of power, advocating Zionism for Israel over other policies & programs essential & important to the American people, it's hard to believe that knowing nuances about micro subsections of Zionism would make any difference to us.
  7. Chilling video, to say the least. This forced migration of Muslims & minorities is no accident, that's for sure. The Zionist elite are mixing oil & water, by forcing Muslims in Christian countries, in their quest to dilute & destroy, white-Christian European nationalism, in each respective countries-just as they have destroyed predominantly white Christian European values in America. Zionists think of it as payback, as they continue to play their Holocaust victim card in perpetuity.
  8. Melamine? How the hell can you "accidentally" add that into something edible like chocolate?
  9. No need to speculate. Sheen will die a horrid death once his HIV turns into full-blown aids, which with his reckless lifestyle, is probably in the next couple of years. Trump, on the other hand, has solid genes. His father making it just short of 94, & his mother 88. He may easily live past 100
  10. I doubt that Netanyahu is dumb enough to start anything with the US.. Say bye-bye to billions in appropriations? Even a maniacal Zionist like him is not that dumb. Covertly? Now that's a whole different story.. Mossad's motto: "For by wise counsel thou shalt wage thy war". In plain English, war by deception. For reference on how they do this, see 9/11-although there are many strong indications that the US administration at the time, conspired with the Israelis to commit that atrocity on American soil against American citizens, in order to get America involved in wars, to further Israel's Greater Israel project in the Middle East.
  11. Clowns like him are pushing for the bastardization of white Christian Europe.. Perhaps he's part of the Zionist faction to divide & conquer Europe. Or, his fellow pedophiles have lots of dirt on him & are forcing his hand. Either way, his plan to further endanger the citizens of the EU countries is twisted & sick.
  12. The nail in the coffin was when David Duke challenged Alex Jones on Zionists' destructive behavior & particularly, dual Israeli American citizens entrenched in the U.S. govt, pushing destructive policies counter to America's interests. If you haven't watched it, it's a must see. Alex Jones' reaction? He feigned unfamiliarity with Duke's point of view and shock that anyone would blame Jews for anything..when footage on Youtube has him discussing this topic years prior with a quite different point of view...
  13. This multicultural Christmas b.s is beyond ridiculous.
  14. Wow..quite a shocker that a Jew judge-very likely a Hillary supporter, like the rest of the liberal Jew judges, ruled in favor of a recount...
  15. Sick sick stuff. Where there's smoke, there's fire. A lot of powerful people are obviously knee deep into this twisted, evil behavior. Anybody who would harm a child in ANY way needs to be, at the very least, outed publicly, so the public can have an opportunity to react accordingly. I say this, only because it is obvious that nothing will be done @ the legal level..not even an impartial investigation. Do we have a full list of these sickos suspected of being part of this twisted "pizza" club?