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    You can't fix stupid!!
  2. Let's see where we can begin with this one & in a nutshell: 1) Jews want nothing to do with Muslims in their own, self-proclaimed "Jewish" state, Israel. There, muslims who are already in that country, are considered 3rd class citizens @ best. 2) Jewish organizations, self-admittedly @ the forefront of the immigration push of Muslims throughout Europe, have been openly boasting about the destruction of the white race & "monolithic" societies throughout Europe. 3) When Muslims are systematically dumped onto the shores of these predominantly homogeneous European countries, they not only threaten the safety of the citizens of each respective majority white-European country, but also the safety of the minority Jews. 4) American & international organizations such as, "Doctors without borders" & the Red Cross are among the forefront of culpable parties supported by Jewish groups to help smooth the acclimation of foreign invaders into Europe. 5) Predictably, these predominantly Muslim invaders have not been acclimating smoothly into their host nations' already economically-strained societies. Hence, as mentioned, the majority & minority populations already residing there feel threatened by the rise in all sorts of crimes committed by these foreigners. 6) Concurrently, resentment has built against Jewish groups & Jewish minorities residing in those countries by the Christian majorities- for what is viewed at the very least, as passively advocating for the influx of these invaders, to actively encouraging it. 7) When the aforementioned 5) & 6) occur, many Jewish-controlled media throughout the world issues blanket pity articles, trying to blame what it terms as a rise in anti-Semitism, on the respective host European nations. https://nypost.com/2017/12/30/anti-semitism-is-sweeping-germany/ https://www.huffingtonpost.com/abraham-h-foxman/rising-anti-semitism-in-e_b_7835610.html These articles continually paint Jews as completely innocent victims of hate, without further explanation. The articles also generally fail to address who exactly is committing these alleged anti-Semitic acts. Instead, if there is an incident in Germany or Sweden, the general population & the host countries usually gets blamed in these articles. Even when a major news outlet such as the Huffpost tries to present a piece on why this situation is happening in Europe, no mention is ever made to the contributing culpability of Jewish groups in promoting the assimilation of Muslims in the first place. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/ben-barber/muslim-migrants-fan-europ_b_9395896.html
  3. The most the NY Daily News-a liberal toilet paper of record in NYC-conceded, is that there was "chaos" in a train station AFTER the parade route, without any mention of illegal invaders trying to disrupt the actual parade route. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/manhattan/thanksgiving-paradegoers-run-chaos-herald-square-station-article-1.3653332