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  1. Anyone else notice that mainstream Yahoo was praising Trump today for things like the economy? It seems now that the liberal Jew-media got its way for its beloved Israel-using America's resources as usual- with an attack on Syria, its throwing Trump a bone.
  2. Nothing will happen & no one will be punished, as usual.
  3. In a liberal cesspool like New York, it seems that most Jews are far left extremists... They advocate for no borders or immigration protocols, distorted sexual orientation & everything non-Christian white, among other things. Go into any public city agency & what will you see? A predominantly high number of minorities working at the front lines, at customer service, & a disproportionate number of Jews as supervisors. ..also, in the court system, where at least 40% of the judges are Jews. NYC public schools are infested with them & their twisted ideologies, in higher-up positions So, when an institution such as the Brooklyn Museum hires a very qualified Jewish person to head an African exhibit, it's only poetic justice that blacks be up in arms at the system for allowing a "white" person to head an exhibit about back folks. https://nypost.com/2018/03/31/museum-slammed-after-hiring-white-curator-for-african-art-exhibit/ Two things to take from this: 1) Jews don't consider themselves "white", even though many are..they like to bunch themselves in an exclusive & oppressed minority class. This way, they get to be on the front lines-advocating for more minority rights & everything that's anit-white..a perfect divide & conquer strategy. Yet, they can also switch sides & mislead on issues relating to leftist manufactured tropes & cannards against whites- such as the "white privilege" myth. 2) Blacks & other minority groups supported by Jews, don't care that Jews don't consider themselves white. If they look white, act white, & dress white, they're white. Accordingly, all racist sentiment that these groups hold against whites will also be directed at Jews.
  4. Why even bother..You're very optimistic, but mixing in any capacity with those folks is not worth the potential hassle.
  5. Building 7 Fully Debunked

    It would be more believable if you actually relied on a credible source like the one above.
  6. Building 7 Fully Debunked

    I think you're a Zionist apologist Hasbara troll.
  7. Building 7 Fully Debunked

    You are obviously playing stupid or trying to shove some revisionist history down our throats..