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  1. Just because I said it comes with the job, I'm by no means a fan of it. There are too many backroom forces in the U.S government for Trump to be able to operate freely, beginning with shadow govt objectives, dual allegiances & foreign lobby groups like AIPAC. With that being said, Trump is doing himself no favors by aligning so tightly with Zionists, including appointing almost 80% of open positions with Jews who may be Zionists. At times, I wonder what filth the Mossad must have on him for him to bow @ their most every request.
  2. This, unfortunately, comes with the US Presidency job..can't really knock on him for that...
  3. Awkward & scary to say the least!!!!!
  4. Having read a bunch of her articles in the past over @ Before It's News, take whatever Lisa Haven says with a grain of salt..make that two!
  5. Why is it mostly Jews who come up with dumb suggestions like this one? Is it related to their Holocaust complex, which has been driven into them since birth? Why else would most of them want to break down the social structure & fabric of most every predominant white-Christian society? At least 90% of the ones that I run into in the big city I live in, are leftist race-mixing fanatics for everyone else, except their own.
  6. Where are the social justice warriors of America, who pretend that they are @ the forefront of world human rights? If this was about Jews or Muslims being threatened, we wouldn't here the end of it..But since it's trendy to crap on Christianity, all we're hearing is crickets.
  7. This is a great post. I've been through Detroit's International airport & NY's crappy Laguardia in the last month, & was wondering exactly this..Why the hell, on every screen, at every waiting area, gate & lounge, is CNN on every damn tv screen.. Probably, some higher level elites ordered this as another layer of keeping the sheeple brainwashed & anti-Trump as possible.
  8. I'm sure leftists, Zionists & hacks in between like Sarah Silverman & Amy Schumer are rejoicing, as we speak!
  9. I'm sure it's just a matter of time until the liberty thieves pass a law making this mandatory.
  10. Where's the outrage by civil rights advocates like the ACLU & Southern Poverty Law center.. Ohhh, nevermind.. Zionists & leftists controlling those groups are not concerned with protecting white Christians.
  11. Funny. I saw this is in the local paper last week & thought the same exact thing
  12. Unfortunately, the Greek sellout- leaders are all talk. They usually end up bowing to their EU masters, once a little pressure is applied.. They're among the most crooked & unpatriotic leftist bunch to ever run a country. Then again, I'm not really familiar with any leftist government which has done positive & lasting things for its country.
  13. Amy Schumer, along with her ilk, Sarah Silverman, are disgusting non-funny poor excuses for human beings. They happen to get away with spewing their vitrial, insulting conservatives & Christians alike, because they're Jewish, in the Jewish-dominated "entertainment" field. If they were Christians insulting Jews, they'd have been unemployed & homeless, years ago.
  14. I was discussing this with a buddy of mine who is high level intel in a major city's police department..We were both laughing @ the story-line of this ridiculous narrative. He agreed that there's no way in hell this was random. This was a staged event for some currently unrevealed reason...
  15. Trump looks really bad on this one.. leaving Comey @ the FBI helm, while replacing the Attorney Generals.. Unless of course, he's playing good cop-bad cop with him, with the ultimate goal to strip us further of our Constitutional rights, including censoring media outlets whose contents the government deems unacceptable.