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  1. It is with heavy heart that we announce the death of Dr Richard Caskey of Connecticut. He’d shared a stage with Del Big Tree (linked at the bottom) speaking at the same event together, and was a prominent in demand holistic doctor with decades of experience. We have been contacted by his patients that say the office staff told them he had food poisoning at a conference days before he was found in the bathroom by his sons who we are told are also chiropractors. Our deepest condolences to friends and family. As we state repeatedly throughout this series; we do not know if some, all or none of these deaths are related, but we will continue to report the sudden and or unexpected deaths in our holistic doctor series. We just know that talking to the loved one and family members of the doctors that the ones who did autopsies are so grateful they did in the long run. I know several who didn’t know and didn’t do one and regret it to this day. It never hurts to do an autopsy before it’s too late. https://www.healthnutnews.com/88-doctor-dies-unexpectedly-holistic-prominent-and-outspoken/
  2. Man linked to 9/11 attacks on U.S. captured in Syria: Pentagon WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A man linked to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, who was said to have praised “violent jihad,” was captured in Syria by U.S.-backed forces more than a month ago, the Pentagon said on Thursday. “We can confirm that Mohammad Haydar Zammar, a Syrian-born German national, was captured more than a month ago by SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) partners as part of their ongoing operations to defeat ISIS inside Syria,” Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said, using an acronym for Islamic State. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-prisoner/man-linked-to-9-11-attacks-on-u-s-captured-in-syria-pentagon-idUSKBN1HR027 Aiding Al Qaida as part of the War on Terror? That's what McCain and Graham are doing Do you support the call by John McCain and Lindsey Graham for the U.S. to intervene on the side of the rebels in Syria? Congratulations! You're on the same side as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. And you're also really, really gullible. There are few people in America who really understand this part of the world. Thanks to my job, I get to talk to them regularly. One is Bob Baer. He spent most of the '80s and '90s running around the Mideast working for the CIA. In 2003 he came out with a book titled "Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude." I was paging through it the other day when I came across this passage about Syria linking the crowd now behind the rebellion to 9/11: September 11 was almost a class reunion for the Syrian Muslim Brothers. One of the key figures in the German apparatus, Mamoun Darkazanli, fled from to Syria to Germany after Hama. Although Darkazanli denied advance knowledge of 9/11, he admitted to providing help to three of the hijackers. A former Syrian intelligence officer familiar with Darkanzanli told me he he had participated in the attack on the Aleppo artillery school in 1979. Another key Muslim Brotherhood player in 9/11, Muhammad Haydar Zammar, likely arranged for the hijackers’ training in Bin Laden’s Afghani Abl camps. A third, Abd-al-Matin-Tatai, ran a Brotherhood front company in Hamburg. Tatari’s son was close to Mohammad Atta and the Hamburg cell members. Two Syrian brothers in Spain probably provided support to the hijackers. The details are beyond the scope of this book, but the point is that although Washington disliked Assad as much as the Brothers did, Assad was definitely onto something when he decided the Brothers were bad news. http://blog.nj.com/njv_paul_mulshine/2013/03/aiding_al_qaida_as_part_of_the.html
  3. TRENTON, FL. — Two sheriff’s deputies were “senselessly killed” in the line of duty Thursday, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said. The deputies with the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office came under fire while sitting inside of the ‘Ace China Restaurant’–the suspected shooter is also reportedly dead. https://breaking911.com/developing-2-florida-deputies-assassinated-in-apparent-ambush-at-restaurant-officials-say/?onesignal_site_push_notification
  4. People all over Galveston County felt the explosion and the thick black smoke could be seen from miles away. http://www.khou.com/article/news/local/explosion-at-valero-plant-rocks-texas-city-no-one-hurt/285-543224074
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    WHO ELSE HAS BEEN GOING TO NK BEFORE Kim Jun Un came to see the light?
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    And Pelose's portfolio expanded in what time periods?
  7. https://www.c-span.org/video/?444272-1/democrats-back-farm-bill-leader-pelosi 13 minute mark "Pelosi said her concerns about the North’s proliferation deepened after a trip to the North many years ago. “When we went to Pyongyang, and we talked about missiles, we talked about MIAs and POWs, we talked about home, we talked about a number of subjects. But about the missiles, because the development of missiles was a national security issue of concern,” Pelosi said. “They said, ‘Look, we just make these to sell. You want to buy them? We’ll sell them to you,'” she said. " www.rokdrop.net/2017/07/north-k this won't be up long
  8. http://archive.fo/lO9oj Facebook moves 1.5bn users out of reach of new European privacy law Facebook has moved more than 1.5 billion users out of reach of European privacy law, despite a promise from Mark Zuckerberg to apply the “spirit” of the legislation globally. In a tweak to its terms and conditions, Facebook is shifting the responsibility for all users outside the US, Canada and the EU from its international HQ in Ireland to its main offices in California. It means that those users will now be on a site governed by US law rather than Irish law. The Guardian
  9. TY - I was so pissed when I read it all I could do was just pass it on
  10. Communism 101 Your 'Tax' dollars hard at work so others don't have to - ufb read here Scott Pruitt Ends an Obama Administration Abuse of Power https://www.nationalreview.com/2017/10/scott-pruitt-ends-epa-sue-settle-scheme-obama-administration-abuse-power/
  11. October 21, 2017 8:00 AM Scott Pruitt Ends an Obama Administration Abuse of Power The EPA administrator has announced he will end the 'sue and settle' scheme implemented by his predecessors. There’s a new day dawning at the Environmental Protection Agency. On October 16, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt announced that he is pulling the plug on the “sue and settle” strategy his predecessors used to impose new regulations and funnel large amounts of cash to their allies in the environmental movement. Under President Obama, the sue-and-settle gambit was raised to an art form. The administration would invite special-interest groups to sue the EPA over a regulation that it wanted to change but couldn’t, at least not expeditiously. Instead of fighting the lawsuit, the EPA would then almost immediately surrender, agreeing to settle. Inevitably, the settlement entailed consenting to whatever outrageous demands were being made by the agency’s handpicked “adversary.” As Pruitt noted, this tactic allowed the Obama administration to “circumvent the regulatory process set by Congress,” avoiding the requirements of public notice that are supposed to give citizens and industry a chance to comment on changes in existing regulations or proposed new ones. Under the settlements that resulted, the EPA would often commit to imposing changes that went far beyond what the law required, short-circuiting statutory deadlines and timetables along the way. And even though the EPA settled the friendly suits in record time, it still paid tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to cover the plaintiffs’ legal bills. Between 2009 and 2012, the EPA chose not to defend itself in 60 such lawsuits. In each case, the agency agreed to settle on terms favorable to the advocacy groups, according to a 2013 report of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. These “sue and settle” lawsuits resulted in more than 100 new federal rules estimated to impose $100 million in annual regulatory-compliance costs. https://www.nationalreview.com/2017/10/scott-pruitt-ends-epa-sue-settle-scheme-obama-administration-abuse-power/
  12. After a sustained campaign against the influence of left-wing billionaire George Soros by the Hungarian government, Soros’s Central European University has announced its plans to move from Budapest to Vienna. The Central European University (CEU) has come under fire from the Hungarian government which had previously claimed it was unfair that the institution was allowed to give out both Hungarian and U.S. diplomas while not operating a campus in the USA. Now, the university has announced that it has plans to leave Budapest and move to neighbouring Austria where a new campus will be set up, Swedish radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports. Éva Fodor, Deputy Rector at CEU said that the university had already signed an agreement with a landlord in Vienna but some were still hopeful the university would not have to move as the administration had set up a branch in New York state, as requested by the Hungarian government. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/04/19/soros-retreat-billionaire-move-university-budapest-vienna/ this sounds familiar - how many countries have asked a certain people to always leave?
  13. 700 plus pounds of explosives were stolen from a pipeline site. 700 + pounds of explosives 700+ pounds of explosives don't just walk off by themselves.
  14. The NEWS is around to promulgate PROPAGANDA so that they can continue controlling us sheep. 2 DELTA planes where just sabotaged - the pilots brought our fellow souls back to land safely. IMHO (I have a theory) - the Gov. of California colluded and allowed explosions to go off that were intended to destroy the already weakened Oroville Dam. The plan did not succeed. Remember - the land is already weak there; this wasn't the first time and most likely won't be the last.
  15. NO - 'they' aren't talking about it because 'they' IMHO just tried to destroy the dam and failed. I'm saying it. Some entities just tried to cause the Oroville Dam to be destroyed and failed.