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  1. Mole Reveals Terrorist Group’s Violent Plans For Donald Trump’s Inauguration I cannot verify at this time - but I thought i'd put it out there. Does anyone know about the bikers planning on going to the inauguration?
  2. additional link -- http://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/Two-Missing-After-Apache-Helicopter-Crash-228267-1.html
  3. James F. Blom, Venture Partner James F. Blom has a long, successful track record of entrepreneurship, and business and corporate development from early stage to publicly held firms where he has generated several billion dollars in M&A transactions and well over $700 million in enterprise software and hardware sales. Previously, James co-founded together with Admiral David Stone The Alacrity Homeland Group, specializing in homeland security and protecting critical infrastructure. During his tenure there, James assisted with the formation of several leading supply chain and homeland security firms such as VeriTainer Corporation and S2 Global (a Rapiscan subsidiary). As a venture partner at GenOrigin, James focuses on critical infrastructure, water, energy, and maritime industries. This leverages his innovative work at AHG, focusing on the intersect between the shipping, terminal infrastructure, rail systems, and supply chain partners who require investment and solutions for increased capacity and security. James spent 20 years working in a corporate development, venture capital and business development capacity in the homeland security, data security, data center and enterprise server sectors. He has concentrated on M&A and technology partnerships, and his core expertise is in network infrastructure and supply chain systems. His former employers include Ingrian Networks, Emerging Technology AB, Exodus Communications, Compaq Computer, & Overseas Shipping Company. James is from a highly respected Norwegian/American shipping family which for over five generations has operated, developed, and owned liner services (A.F. Klaveness), cruise ships (Royal Viking Lines), chartering, brokerage, & container terminal operations (Overseas Chartering, Overseas-Wiborg, & Overseas Shipping). He is the grandson of Christian Lauritz Blom and the son of Carl Frederik Blom, and he lives with his wife Karin and two children in San Anselmo, California. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** NEW UPDATES #4 - MARTY TORREY, MORE ON DAVID STONE, new connection FORGOTTENCHILDREN.NET AT BOTTOM!!! CONNECTION TO NORWEGIAN SHIPPING CONTAINERS, JAMES F BLOM, SIMON STRINGER, DAVE (FLIN)STONE HAWAIIAN CONNECTION ** Clinton replaced the local HEAL Africa Christian group who had a clinic in Africa for women and babies, with a Norwegian team back in 2009 or so. The team was upset with being replaced as you can see in the email link below, and even though it sounds like they were doing a good job, Clinton replaced them with a Norwegians team. https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/14938 And now this... https://www.rt.com/news/367652-norway-pedophiles-arrested-scandal/ http://www.hegnar.no/Nyheter/Politikk/2016/11/Norge-kutter-gigantoverfoeringer-til-Clinton-stiftelsen http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-20/norway-slashes-clinton-foundation-donations-87-clintons-political-clout-dried After the Norway Pedo network got busted, Norway pulled its funding from the Clinton Foundation! Norway’s ministry of foreign affairs said that it has not renewed pledges it had with the Clinton Foundation which ended in 2015. “Norway has signed several agreements which aimed to help reduce maternal and child mortality in countries with high mortality burden to ensure progress on the [Millennium Development Goals],” Guri Solberg, the communications adviser for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told Finansavisen. They don't specifically mention HEAL AFRICA, but you can surmise by the context that they are referring to the HEAL AFRICA program. ** MAJOR UPDATE: ** https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/216 Boom, Here's your man to handle the human trafficking via Norwegian shipping containers: Simon Stringer James F Blom. (I made a mistake and read the emails wrong. Simon Stringer may be a part of this, as I'll detail below, but it's James F Blom who is the man with all the connections and family history in Norwegian shipping containers.) "...well healed due to long family history in Norwegian shipping companies. Grandfather was pals with Onassis. You get the picture. Has tight linkage in supply chain & IT space(s). Deals in countries like you and I dealt with counties / states. Brilliant, resourceful. Not prone to hyperbole, says he can bring the 'best in the world' to this effort Based on track record , I believe him. For example, CdeBaca recently met with social networking folks in Silicon Valley. Not sure how that went, but Jim is close friends with the guy who handles 'Facebook's' finances and said he can get his attention 'in one phone call'. Social networking piece helpful, but probably a more aggressive 'identify, track, snag, deal with' traffickers required" ------------------------------------------------------------------- current info needed to track his involvement
  4. UGH.. again. I've started going through all the websites. There is a pattern in the website design. I've just started. ugh.. this stuff is so sick it turns my stomach from London called -- Prodo Digital, EF Designs A lot of the sites are out of London -- hop studios, Vancouver, B.C.
  5. voting for secretary of the meeting!!! ??? CLIFF HANGER!!!! And the betting is in a frenzy in VEGAS
  6. CO has the best coverage. I'm so glad that I've been allowed in!!
  7. Newt Gingrich on Trumpism: How Trump Beat the Liberal Media It starts getting really good at the 40 minute mark Mentions to writers: Nassim Taleb - IyI Nassim Taleb Exposes The World's "Intellectual-Yet-Idiot" Class -- zerohedge Charles Murray -- Coming Apart Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960–2010 is a 2012 book by Charles Murray, a political scientist and W.H. Brady Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Murray describes what he sees as the economic divide and moral decline of white Americans that has occurred since 1960. He focuses on white Americans in order to make it clear that the decline he describes was not being experienced solely by minorities, whom he brings into his argument in the last few chapters of the book.
  8. Just heard this EXCLUSIVE: Ex-British ambassador who is now a WikiLeaks operative claims Russia did NOT provide Clinton emails - they were handed over to him at a D.C. park by an intermediary for 'disgusted' Democratic whistleblowers
  9. Do you really believe that? You are lumping in a great many people with that ideology. re·al·ist. The definition of a realist is a person who can look at things as they are and deal with it in a practical manner, or an artist or philosopher who believes in showing and discussing realism rather than visionary thoughts. Materialism is a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all phenomena, including mental phenomena and consciousness, are results of material interactions. Materialism is closely related to physicalism, the view that all that exists is ultimately physical. There is a wide difference between these two descriptions you give of 'people's' individual stances. You speak as if you know, as a definitive categorization, what each person puts forth their comments, formed solely by end of times scenarios (or others) but you forget that many issues aren't that simple. When learning the secrets will you not have to sift through detritus? Is that not the way of a realist? Will not all issues have to be separated? Will you base your learning on materialism or will you understand that realism, materialism and esoteric history of the secret keepers all combine into a grey state, no one can be segregated from the other two. This is just the start.