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  1. I would like to discuss Planet X, Nibiru, Destroyer, Marduk, Wormwood. The Giant Planet coming at us from behind the sun that was written about so eloquently by the late Zacharia Sitchen. A couple of questions- 1. What about the Annunaki- the giant aliens. The titans, the gods. After the catastrophic pass by, will they come down and take over for a few thousand years? Rule as god kings once again? The open door from the pits of hell- demons from the bible? 2. What have the alien races in contact with our world- malevolent or benevolent, whichever way they roll, have to say about the fly by? Aren't they at least somewhat vested in the outcome of our planet? They would know- what are they saying. 3. Is this the reason people are going underground, afraid of the mini solar system coming through ours. What about the other planets- why aren't their orbits being perterbed? Or are they? Is it possible for a planet to cut through our solar system without disrupting the whole system?
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