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  1. On the matter of 2-dimensionality and manifest holographic reality, Theoria Apophoasis just released a great video touching on some of the finer points. His explanations of magnetism are the best available anywhere, bar none.
  2. Gonna read this tonight. I thought I had read all of the old flat earth books but this is a new one to me.
  3. Sure, an apple is 3 dimensional, as an apple is physically manipulable and can be examined as such. Our visual reality, however, is strictly 2 dimensional since we only see surface areas. Holograms are a good example of how 3 dimensional imagery can be contained in and manifested from only 2 dimensions of information. So along those lines, it's entirely possible, if not likely, that non-manipulable external reality (eg - the heavens) is a "3 dimensional" holographic projection of a 2 dimensional surface area. Very few FE'ers dabble in these sorts of technical subjects though as they lie outside the purview of empiricism. As for actual physical matter (like the apple) being 2D, the case can be made, but it delves into mysticism, consciousness, astral realms, and other undefined/undefinable para-sciences. The idea that all earthbound reality is spatially 2D and the third dimension is a "trick" or characteristic of conscious perception stuck in the unidirectional movement of time is what led me to flat earth years ago. But that's just me and definitely doesn't apply to FE'ers generally.
  4. Best of luck Cinn, but there is no escaping the hegemon, I fear.
  5. This does seem to be the case. If they wanted an airtight representation of flat land curled into a ball, they certainly could fudge the readout to say whatever they wanted it to. Could be a code of "honor", a requisite of black magick, or even just griefer/troller mockery right in plebes faces. Like their animatronic puppet who "died" for the fourth time yesterday. Perfect example of them mocking the stupidity of the theoretical mathematics system they've forced on us. How can an invalid in a wheelchair who cannot communicate in any way be the smartest mathematical genius in the world? But that's what they convinced the world through media and Hollywood. Brilliant backhanded slap to the gullibility of the masses.
  6. This is great stuff. Definitely deserves a video. There are all sorts of inconsistencies with Google Earth because it obviously isn't a real representation of earth. If it were, it would accurately represent the whole ball, not just the populated areas. But when you take flat land and make a ball out of it, making it smoother and more accurate in certain places (where people live) will necessarily make it less smooth and less accurate in other places. There's honestly no excuse why Google Earth shouldn't be perfect everywhere if earth is a ball.
  7. Aye. Lore-wise, invoking magick always involves geometric arrangements of matter/energy and specific intonations (frequency/vibrations). So for example, sitting in hexagram, arranging your fingers in specific geometric shapes, and saying the magic words in the proper key. It all sounds hokey til you realize the geometries are naturally occurring functions of basic mathematical spirals in base-12 and the frequency intonations are literally written in the heavens above in the constellations. The quadrivium lays out the basic primer for all of this but that information is not on the net. So yeah, as humans we are all in the God suits and have ability to manifest magick, but the knowledge protecting the geometric shapes and the has been occulted from us. Theorizing along these lines, it makes sense why people who understand these practices are real would want to keep that information out of the hands of the people they've been successfully enslaving for generations. It's like we're in an VR MMO game that has been hijacked by max-level griefers and trolls who don't even let us read the command list so we're all stuck at level 1 being spawn-camped in the starter zone. Interesting theory.
  8. Publicity stunt although this most certainly is, how can anyone side against Arnold on this? He gets the highest accolades for even injecting this idea into the public sphere. Not that anything will come of it, but this is a pretty decent way for one to use their celebrity status.
  9. Exactly! I'm gonna go on conspiracy boards and defend every official narrative using the identical rhetoric taught in schools. WTF??? "Real conspiracies" to this type seems to only revolve around liberal political ideologies.
  10. Analogue compasses prove Flat Earth.

    ROFL. This one guy this one time did it 30 years ago according to this book. Look at the red line he walked. The red line which ironically doesn't reach 90°S even in the book. How did he validate that he was at a point at 90°S? Did he look straight up and see Sigma Octantis? Did he take a video of this? Of course not, that would be too convenient. It's the definition of establishment dogma.
  11. Analogue compasses prove Flat Earth.

    He can't address contradictory statements like that from authoritarian sources (like Adm. Byrd) because they disintegrate his argument that "there is no other side of the south pole". He'll write him off under some assumed pretext of Byrd being mistaken or something.
  12. Analogue compasses prove Flat Earth.

    It's no more hypothetical than your bar magnet claim. Circular magnets with perimeter poles are every bit as valid a configuration as bar magnets. The establishment hypothesizing it's one over the other has no bearing on whether or not it's true in reality. They cannot prove it even after all these centuries. Measuring latitude at some arbitrary location has no bearing on whether there is a geographic south pole point at 90°S. No one's been to 90°S to validate it as a point. No circumnavigations have traversed it and come back around from the other side. It's all establishment dogma. Seriously though, you have nothing to offer as proof for either the bar magnet polarity or a point pole at 90°S and everyone in this thread is aware of this. Yourself included. Give it up man, you're arguing preference (aka: regurgitating the authoritarian preference) in the absence of evidence to actually make a case. You do know it's ok to just say "I don't know", don't you? Are you not allowed to do this? Does it contradict your programming? What's the deal?
  13. History is a hoax.

    It's theoretical math, not applied math. And to believe in it means you have faith in the authority providing you with the model. You certainly have not experienced a big bang. Remember your own definition of faith.
  14. History is a hoax.

    Scientists are humans and many humans have dogma. It isn't the scientific method that's giving you faith that authority can tell you what happened a fraction of a fraction of a second after spontaneous creation from nothing. And it isn't deductive logic. It's literally your religious faith in scientific authority that leads you to comfortably hold so bold a position. It isn't the scientific method. The scientific method is not synonymous with theoretical mathematics. And only the latter makes wild conjectured claims about events which are speculated to have occurred "infinitely" long ago. Science plays no part in models like the Big Bang and all one need do is examine the definition of the word "science" to see the truth in this. And there is plenty of authority in science. Academia for instance with its peer review system (which they've convinced the followers of their religion of Scientism is a good idea) is one example of a scientific authority. And like most things these days, academia a business primarily concerned with maintaining a financial bottom line of ever-increasing profits by any means necessary. That is their dogma, as you'd say. Certainly not the truth, and certainly not the scientific method. Those are nowhere on the agenda of a business.
  15. History is a hoax.

    Seriously, how can you not see this statement as a statement of pure faith in scientific authority? It boggles the mind, the level of faith required to believe authority when they declare they can tell you what happened 1 x 10^-33 seconds after an explosion of nothing created everything.