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  1. Life in the Arctic

    "Everything you have stated in your so called "question" is wrong. Living in the Arctic is not fun, nor to anyone's advantage. I could give you a complete list of everything you stated and WHY it is wrong and silly." ----------------- The above statement is the stupidest thing I heard yet. 1. If reliance on the development of one's own resources as opposed to an abundance of foreign objects produced by nature isn't an advantage in terms of brain power and education, then I apparently don't know what is. Because everywhere along the equator where there is an abundance of agriculture and trees and wild fruits and animals.... There is a huge lack of education, technology and general abilities and they are all begging the North for help. 2. Living in the arctic can be fun. You have to decide that you need to work on your skills in snowboarding, as opposed to swimming in the ocean. Because you WILL die in the ocean in the Arctic.... So you work on your snowboarding, skiing and bobsledding and tubing and hockey. And if its a bunch of things that you shouldn't do in the first place that you think is fun.... Well you can do the same things there and probably more safely, because for safety reasons due to the weather, its OFF the streets and more easily regulated. 3. There is a such a thing today as Global trade... you know you might want to get off the porn sites and actually look something up. We wouldn't go without bananas and pineapples and berries. You just pay more for it... But then what happens is, is that you make more...because the people and therefore the government would demand higher wages. And actually the food would be safer... Because there are no farmers in the arctic going to scream and yell about how bad the regulations are.... the food either meets our standards, or it doesn't come off the ship. 4. I been in the Arctic and I had more fun there than I had anywhere else.
  2. Better off

    The reason why Jews and Asians are better off, is because they stick to themselves and take care of themselves.... That's right... they stick to themselves, where they can be the most successful and the most accepted. While you're sitting here trying to hand me bullshit about Lala Land America, instead of dealing with real America. So f*** you !
  3. American Reality for the Jedi

    This is the American Reality. We don't live everyday in a federal courtroom, in front of a federal judge who is a member of this supposedly "Independent Judiciary". We don't live in Kindergarten. We don't in cradle school. We don't live on mommy's lap. We don't live in the garden of eden. We don't live in a church. We don't live in a doctor's office. We don't live in a health club. We don't live in a Green House. We don't live in a tree house. We don't live in a hippie trailer. We don't live on Keith Olbermann's stage. We don't live in utopia. Period. Thank you "Jedi"
  4. The things that White people need to be doing

    I'm also not "sir" :)
  5. The things that White people need to be doing

    I'd rather be white than anything else and I thank god everyday that I am, I get to see a map of the world, and see the places that my people come from, and say that those are first world countries that have laws and money and technology and an education. That those are places that are safe to visit because they are self industrious, not reliant on tourist dollars and a clean record in the tourism industry. :)
  6. The things that White people need to be doing

    American Dream, well I live in the American Reality.... the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows and pink roses... its my job to make sure that I have what I need.
  7. Friends vs Foes

    These are the people who I expect to get along the best with. Germanic ethnicities : English, Danish, Dutch Celtic Ethnicities : Irish (if white collar and educated). Latin Ethnicities : French, Spaniard (born in spain), Portguese (born in Portugal), Italian. Diaspora : French Canadian, Modern day Italian American, Australian Irish and Scottish, Canadian English. Asian : Japanese and Indian. That's who I have a track record of getting along the best with. Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Brazilians, Cubans, Creole, Cajun, El Salvadorian, Guatemalan, Argentinian, Caribbeans, Africans, Germans, .... none of them., not a single one of them.
  8. The melting pot is bull

    Here's an idea that perhaps the politically correct should start getting used to... Just because its what used to be an American idea, but is now a long since a dead horse... doesn't mean it works. We have cultural friends and culturally sworn enemies, that's how it works. And we should be supporting our own selves just like everybody else does. This melting pot stuff is bull. And we need to move to more affluent and resourceful areas and develop ourselves and build ourselves.
  9. The things that White people need to be doing

    Its our job to look after ourselves, not to join your idea of a melting pot that is failing in the first place.
  10. These are things that Non-Hispanic white people of Germanic and British and French and Italian and so on, heritages... Should do in America for themselves. (yes I understand that such a large population would have enormous trouble in achieving it).... 1. Learn from the modern present day Jewish and Asian Communities and learn what it is that they're doing for themselves and Act accordingly. Start Valuing Education more, keeping the flow of our money in our families and in our communities, start businesses regardless of how meaningless, everything sells. Pool halls, bowling alleys, travel agencies, beauty and hair and nail salons, and tanning salons.... grocery stores and gas stations, and small loans places... every dollar counts. All the way up to real estate offices and law firms and doctor's offices Miniature golf places, I don't care.. Become doctors, lawyers and engineers more often than we are becoming those things. 2. Stop using less reproduction as a means to cut down bills, but rather reproduce more as a means to bring more family power and income into our families... and stop using divorce to solve family problems, and start using agreement, counseling, and flexibility and consensus to solve family problems. 3. Get out of the Suburbs, and get out of the countryside, and move to the city where we have access to goods, services, information, education, healthcare, food, and culture. 4. Stop using red tape to create absolute quality, and start using freedom to create economic power. While at the same time, tax the rich amongst us. 5. Use something as a point where we organize around as a community... something... the Quakers, the Catholic organizations and Churches, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, the Boys and Girls club of America...etc etc to centralize our community, and to achieve community goals. That's what we need to do.
  11. I would like to see the "Civil Order and Justice Restoration Act" or something like it created passed. The big point of it being this... Any time lobby groups and for profit companies and their investors and shareholders undemocratically purchase laws that favor them... Such as what the NRA, Citizens United, Goldman Sachs, the Heritage Foundation, AIPAC, and the Koch Brothers and Hobby Lobby and the Oil companies and the Insurance companies all do... And then OBEY their PURCHASED laws as OPPOSED to the LAWS that the POLITICIANS would NORMALLY have created (if they were not supported by a super pac and/or paid off)... And then CLAIM that they are "obeying the law".... They are automatically TO BE CONSIDERED to NOT BE operating in accordance with ANY LAW... PERIOD. Why ? Because they are simply obeying laws that they have PURCHASED, and NOT the law of the land as democratically created by the GOVERNMENT, for which the government was INTENTIONALLY elected to enact by the VOTING PUBLIC. Sentencing must include the loss of their ability to operate (at all) And a fine, in the indefinite amount, totaling their entire worth as a company or an organization. Why ? Because if somebody wasn't elected, the people who were not elected shouldn't be allowed to purchase their own laws and claim "law abiding citizen" status. It makes THEM the Government, unofficially... instead of our ELECTED politicians.
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