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  1. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    Better enjoy them cigs,,none where he is going...but he can get cookies.
  2. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    Why does he think they will make a deal just for him....He is rambling now...
  3. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    yep,,she is setting him up for them...
  4. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    Utttt Ohhhhh..He is worried bout his booty in jail.....lol.
  5. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    I knew when I heard David was going out last..He was going to do this...He is a attention Whore....He is the last thing all this needs..He will be who the world see's and judge everyone else on his actions...
  6. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    He keeps saying..Has anyone got ahold of the govener.....Wasnt she the one that called the FBI in to this.....??
  7. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    If she is coming from Utah....She is no more than any of us...She is not an elected offical of Oregan...The Sheriff they keep telling them to call,has no power in the county there in,from my understanding..
  8. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    That David needs to shut up...I think he wants them all shot...
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