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  1. NSA has had them all along, probably a couple other agencies.

    So the "Anti-Fascist" were working for an actual admitted Nazi collaborator? Not that this is some huge surprise.
  3. Macron proposes new law against fake news

    Never did I think pervert Hollywood would ever be exposed, so maybe there is hope. Betting on breaking the law and never being caught needs to be at 100% odds over time, time is a b*tch.
  4. Clintons New York home is ON FIRE.

    Child abusers and traffickers should also be ashamed, yet to my knowledge she has yet to apologize, so there's that.
  5. Macron proposes new law against fake news

    Re-outlaw propaganda and 90% of fake news disappears over night. Of course politicians would have to return to the law applying to themselves. Free Hillary!
  6. Major Security Flaw Found In Intel Processors

    Already our computers have to be filtered through the NSA, the FBI, The CIA and god knows how many other of the "17" intel agencies, how much slower can they be? So much for the theory of increasing computational capacity.
  7. Welfare, no skin in the game, nothing to do, nothing good to strive for. Welfare is a curse on the otherwise able bodied, doesn't matter if it's inner cities or deep south. Inner cities only concentrate and magnify the cancer of welfare.
  8. A Carbon tax and another layer of Global Socialist Government would stop this storm in it's track. Take that Global Warming!
  9. Socialist leaning media will grab their account and run with it, just like Charlotsville.
  10. There is no good reason why doing taxes couldn't be as simple as that for the average working Joe.
  11. The movement to impeach Trump is just beginning

    What? No the Democrats are the greatest at creating the bestest inner city paradises ever, decades of experience. During elections they really care about their people (votes).
  12. IMHO Vaccines are being used to shorten life expectancy with an accumulated microscopic damage to the brain. All your Social Security are belong to us. Aluminum is safest when injected directly, spray it on your armpits and cook your food in it could be dangerous for you health.
  13. Gomer Pyle died ..again.?

    Sally Fields is still alive, parts of her anyway. Her soul and intellect (If there ever was any) are dead from her soul crushing bat shit crazy left wing lunacy. The rest of her is just a support system for her loony left rantings.
  14. 5.1 Earthquake in Delaware!!!

    I felt it, Just across the bay from Del. Very rare here, One a few years ago, and before that, none I can remember.