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  1. WE are quickly heading towards full blown Corporatism/fascism. Take the emotion out of the 2016 election, if you like Trump or not, we now have wide spread agreement (conspiracy?) among many corporations, media groups and intelligence agencies as well as the voter who lost the election that it is OK to void the votes or will of the voters. Even more frightening is the fact that they believe that to that end, breaking the law and violence is perfectly acceptable. If Trump is defeated in 2020, it is probable that unmitigated fascism will expose it's abhorrent anti- humanitarian evils for all to see.
  2. Muh Spacestation?

    I should explain, I no longer watch Mainstream news, and was curious if it had come down or was still to crash while mocking the speed of doom changing gears with the media.
  3. Muh Spacestation?

    Not starting shit at all, just wondering what happened a bit colorfully. I'll refrain in the future, sorry to offend.
  4. Muh Spacestation?

    Wow, I won't be starting anymore topics. Breaking news just 2 days ago, now a "hard core conspiracy" theory?
  5. Muh Spacestation?

    Has anyone seen muh space station? Its burning white hot with shades of death and destruction, or has the fear factor and scare mongering gone like so many other boogie man media narratives?
  6. She believed her own Bullsh*t, and under rigged the election. If we don't stop the left from deluding our votes with illegal voters, they won't make that mistake again, ever!
  7. Per Jordan Peterson: Victim-hood allows them to be prosecutor without the responsibility. He wants to be listened to like a wiseman, but the minute he is questioned, he turns into a petulant child under attack, aka the victim. He is a proto fascist useful idiot for the extreme left. A typical child soldier.
  8. Hogg Hitler! - the greatest video ever made!

  9. Dems reserve the right to render void, or dilute any vote from whom they disagree because racism. They also demand unlimited near slave wage workers from our Southern border for corporations (actual racism) and the right to ignore Democratic lorded inner cities after election season, unless their crime statistics can be used against law abiding citizens. They also reserve the right to repeat the Socialist/Communist genocide resulting in 90 million "workers" being shot, starved, or tortured to death in the last century.
  10. The Corporate Media IS the Trigger

    I fear ratings no longer matter to them, they are funded directly by the rogue intelligence agencies who decide what news is fit to "print", or manipulate. Taxpayers have no choice, no say, just pay. I stopped watching some time ago, so when I happen to see "news" in a doctors office or some other random location, I'm shocked at the raw, in your face propaganda.
  11. NSA Recordings used as evidence?

    Everything you have ever said, posted, every one of Hilery's emails, everything is captured, but it won't be used to prove you innocent, only guilty. It wont be used to make government honest, only more corrupt. I sure the NSA only allows their (your) data to be used for special cases, and only with a non disclosure agreement. This is why it's almost impossible to be removed from a watch list, might lead to questions about how you "qualified" to be on a watch list.
  12. They are desperate to ding the NRA, Gun ownership remains a thorn in their side.