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  1. Remember how we stopped Hitler from unifying Europe under Germany? Ah good times.
  2. Today the hammer is coming down!

    Sessions needs to go, Hillary and her gang should be locked up after she gets her due process, she broke multiple laws, and letting her do so with immunity only perpetuates the lawless corruption. Sessions inaction undermines his duty to the American people and the law itself. We want a wall and we want a cell with her name on it.
  3. The Anomaly They Talk About On GLP!

    I walked away from GLP and never looked back, it all is just a distant memory. The place seemed to turn evil, or developed an evil feeling to it. It had a blatant dishonesty about it.
  4. I am finally giving up & moving on!

    The illegal immigration flood is literally a scorched earth policy, It must be controlled or we will end up as much a third world country as any. I too worked construction, but I was lucky to already have a good job lined up just as the devastation (and bouncing paycheck/ pay cuts) started. The guy took a 60 year old family company and ran it right into the ground, he now only owns 35% of the company, and his superintendent is Mexican (after his other killed himself). The company is almost entirely illegal just like most others around here.
  5. Something Strange is Happening on CNN

    The establishment is simply lashing out and rejecting their rejection. We were ignored about excessive immigration for decades, then Trump seizes the opportunity to give us a voice and all the while Hillary ran a half ass-ed campaign and under rigged the election based on snowflake college pollsters demented view of reality. Simply, they still can't believe they lost. 2018 will tell the tale.
  6. Something Strange is Happening on CNN

    I doubt CNN and MSN are going anywhere, regardless of tanking ratings. Who needs ratings when the CIA pukes taxpayer money your way. Such is the misappropriation of capital by big (huge) government. The FCC should pull their licenses for abuse of public airwaves and sedition.
  7. They need to let Obama care die under it's own weight.
  8. What happened?

    Can someone get me up to speed, what happened to all the boards?
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