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  1. Ten ingenious tricks that will revolutionize your cooking

    Thanks for the post. I really like the chocolate balloon bowls. It looks mgnamy. I will try all of them.
  2. Various Music, Whatever you like, Come Post It!

    How much I love this thing. There's a storm on my radar"But I can still flyAnd you are the reasonThe blue in my skyJosephine "
  3. Ahahahaha It's so funny post. You are joking right? Turkey even with NATO's help cannot do any big harm to Russia. Russia also has allies like China, N. Korea, maybe India. I do not like wars, and hope that this crap in Syria will stop soon.
  4. Yeah. It's terrible. I watched some clips too, where fishermen tried to help with their boats. By the way Greece already has an economic crisis. With this invasion they are gonna sink. Income from tourism comes mostly from islands, and this migrant crisis is the negative campaign. It will avert tourist of visiting Aegean islands for sure. But when we look the problem from macroscopic point of view, entire Europe is affected. We will see what is gonna happen,next. If EU do not find the solution for migrant crisis, Europe will be in big problem, because 600 000 migrants are waiting on Syrian-Turkish border.
  5. Better learn to grow some food!

    I have a homegrown garden for 5 years. I have carrots, tomatoes, potatoes,zucchinis, cucumbers, garlic, onions, paprika, chili,cabbage,and corn.My father has an orchard in the same backyard with apples, pears, cherries,plums, strawberries. All these we have on 10 ares of land in my backyard. It's small, but for our household of three is enough.And ,y father produced all vegetables organic. So yes we can save a lot of money. I would advise you all who have a backyard to have some homegrown vegetables. It's healthy and it's a great relaxing hobby.
  6. I am afraid for this touristic season in Greece. Like in Turkey where exists high risk of terroristic attacks. By the way in Greece still does not have terrosrist, but political situation is not brilliant, and maybe they are on edge of beginning of civil war. They already increased prices this summer and with migrant "occupation" of its islands , they are in big problem. I hope EU will find some solution.
  7. D. Trump For The Win

    Trump the winner, all others losers.
  8. Have you ever traveled by the plane ? There is an evidence when you look out the window. Or have you ever been on the beach and saw a boat how disappears in the horizon ???
  9. Hillary Clinton is your next president.

    You are so damn right.
  10. Hillary Clinton is your next president.

    Oh no, she is not. We all know how her husband was. It's the same sh*t different wrapping.
  11. Various Music, Whatever you like, Come Post It!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtKHLYh4-rY Children of Sanchez, my favorite
  12. Who knows, maybe WW III has begun and we still do not know that. I really hope that sh**t in Syria will stop.
  13. The main problem is Turkey. Turkey has to close their borders and to not help in transferring migrants over the Aegean sea. Also Erodgan and his family has to stop finance ISIS. Turkey always wanted to islamize Europe, that knows everyone who learnt history :) .
  14. You know what, they have very organised army, educated scientist, my brother was study physics with one North Korean guy, so if you ask me I think they are capable to produce and create that kind of weapons. By the way they still haven't attacked anyone , and I hope that will stay that way. I really admire to this nation.
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