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  1. Welcome to all our new members!

    ​Just keep me posted.... I was all set to go on another site and there was tech problem after tech problem and it just never happened. I worked as a club DJ in the Atlanta area for 15 years, played in rock bands for 20 years, and I hold very strong opinions.... I have a microphone and I'm not afraid to use it! :D
  2. wait........ the user interface looks like Facebook did before it started to suck..... ;P

    1. DarkKnightNomeD


      I just noticed I can type in here, wtf.

    2. Justadude


      I know.... crazy, right?


  3. Welcome to all our new members!

    Are there plans for radio yet? :D
  4. Welcome to all our new members!

    ​Well alrighty then! I never really posted over there much because any point that I ever wanted to make had already been stated.... so I just lurked and read a lot. ;)
  5. Welcome to all our new members!

    I fall ill for a few months and the next thing I know is DJ and CTC are gone.... I really liked those places. I see a lot of familiar faces around here and the site looks good... hopefully things work out better here.
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