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  1. Mongoose

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    Almost every comment I received was taking this off topic, Last I know there was no rule about off topic comments so I did not report it.
  2. Mongoose

    Off-Topic Repository

    The Troll’s Guide to Internet Disruption
  3. I can't watch this guy, anyone that repeatedly uses the f word as an adjective gets no love from me. I mean, if he can't string together a coherent sentence without inserting some meaningless and unnecessary words in the middle such as like or um or f*** then how is anyone over 12 years old with an IQ above 75 supposed to take him seriously?
  4. Wow, that was awesome. Didn't I just say that a couple of days ago, that I'm tired? I don't care much for the profanity but man it's like this dude is reading my mind.

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