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  1. i wouldnt try to count layers. thats like counting larger and smaller versions of the same pattern in a fractal lol. the bigger layers, the source of control/action are easier to generalize and see, smaller layers. smaller circles/players. bigger layers etc
  2. "I agree but i also see another layer." all i needed to hear shep :) but i agree there has to be more than just that layer. bigger players. I'm* just speaking in terms of the scenarios proportions. regardless of greater plans. i seee uuu
  3. ok so sk, accuses nk for planting 3 landmines in the DMZ. sk playes anti nk propoganda over LOUD SPEAKER from within their borders and nk says they will use military action, 'war' to retaliate over the loud speaker propoganda? i'd say fuck the way the north is acting, shep.
  4. "Seoul vowed a "harsh" response to the landmines and resumed blaring propaganda messages over the border from huge loudspeakers last week." sounds like north korea shat on the lawn first shep
  5. Seoul vowed a "harsh" response to the landmines and resumed blaring propaganda messages over the border from huge loudspeakers last week. The move infuriated North Korea, which called the broadcasting "a direct action of declaring a war." Over the weekend, it threatened to blow up the South Korean speakers and also warned of "indiscriminate strikes." A U.S. official told CNN that the United States believes that North Korea fired at a South Korean loudspeaker on Thursday. South Korea said that North Korea sent a written message around 5 p.m. Thursday local time threatening military action if Seoul doesn't stop the propaganda broadcasts within 48 hours and remove the loudspeakers. A South Korean Defense Ministry official warned Friday that Seoul would retaliate strongly to any additional North Korean provocations. On Monday, North Korea pumped its own propaganda broadcasts over the border, the same day South Korea started military exercises with the United States and other countries. Pyongyang says it views the drills as a prelude to an invasion. The North Korean government asked this week that the exercises, which it described as "serious provocations" be placed on the U.N. Security Council's agenda. Pyongyang has made similar requests before without success. http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/20/asia/koreas-tensions/
  6. I may not be around much over the next month or so!

    "Somehow its not faulty parts but overuse and dust buildup." i'd tell him to fuck off and replace it if there are faulty fucking parts and a compromising amount of dust on ur shit parts. fuck them, tear em a new vajoyna
  7. 2 shot in Ferguson as protests turn violent Sunday

    they're thinking they need another racial/religious successful shooting in a metro area or near one
  8. *continuation of article below links...* Two men are being questioned by MHP, but are not under arrest at this time. Authorities say they are still looking for two white males who allegedly fired from the vehicle and fled in the vehicle. Conspiracy theory websites have noted that a logo used in a "leaked" slideshow presentation for the "Jade Helm 15" exercise featured broken arrows in its design. In military terminology, "broken arrow" is code used to signal for assistance when a unit or camp is overrun. Members of the Forrest County Sheriff's Department and the Mississippi Forestry Commission are assisting in the search.
  9. wouldn't the demonized ones be the "extremists"? you know the mad kind. haha
  10. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/two-men-open-fire-mississippi-military-facility August 4, 2015, 3:12 PM EDT HATTIESBURG, Miss. (AP) — A sheriff in Mississippi says authorities are searching for two men who fired gunshots from a vehicle at soldiers at a military facility. No injuries were reported. Perry County Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith tells WDAM-TV (http://referralspam/1UlrHi6) that the shots were fired just after noon Tuesday. The soldiers were training at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center in Hattiesburg. U.S. Special Forces Command designated Camp Shelby as one of the sites where a multi-state military training exercise, "Jade Helm 15", was expected to take place, according to The Army Times. About 4,600 soldiers are participating in the training exercise, which is scheduled to continue through mid-August. A vehicle matching the description of the two suspects' truck was found near New Augusta off Old Augusta Road, according to WDAM. The suspects were driving a red Ford Ranger with the words "broken arrow" on the windshield.
  11. lol.. its funny that fox emphasized the fact that it was during the movie mad max
  12. http://www.wsmv.com/story/29717483/active-shooter-reported-at-antioch-theater There are currently 3 threads on this same topic. I'm merging them in order to keep all the information in one place. CGK Merged threads: Second theater shooting -Jayke911 Another Theater Shooting -Falling Down OOOPS...I didn't merge them in the correct order..sorry!

    METALLICA-SAD BUT TRUEhttps://youtu.be/8xPaeONSn_8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  15. wtf. i type correct pw everytime i come in and it acts like it was the wrong one and requires me to type it in again.... is this a hack or a glitch?
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