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  1. I drink this tea. It's very yummy. I knew it was antioxidant but didn't know all those other benefits. Who says that something that tastes good can't be good for you?
  2. Do I understand correctly that if a state, say Ohio, went for Trump and therefore, in theory, he got all the electoral votes ... then, when it came time for the electors to gather they could, by a "crisis of conscience," instead throw those votes to one of the top three Republican candidates? Is that what this means?
  3. Cheney??!!!! Are you kidding me??? I'll be out in the streets if that happens. OMG ... not Cheney!!!
  4. Bernie has a point. Trump went out and spoke to those working classes. Heck, Trump even had Ted Nugent at two of his rallies in Michigan. What did Clinton do? Speak to banksters and hold up poster-child styled immigrants to try to snatch their votes.
  5. Don't even waste your time thinking about this rag. It is just a closed little clique of self-important snooties who think they are the be-all and end-all of taste and culture in this country. Anyone who doesn't ascribe to their defined tastes are labelled as irrelevant, uneducated, unsophisitcated, etc. Look at their pages: it's always the same group of people writing the same tired stuff. Once this was a magazine of high literary achievement -- now it's just a club of aging aesthetes who have deluded themselves into thinking they have relevancy.
  6. It's better that they begin to shed tears instead of the tears we've shred for so long. Difference between our tears and theirs is that we were willing to work to change things.
  7. This is just more foolishness. There were no such trauma clinics for school kids when their peers got low draft numbers and were sent to Southeast Asia to die. I don't even recall nationwide trauma clinics following 9/11. Why is society so willing to cloak itself in victimization? Ridiculous! (though it probably will boost the profits of pharmaceutical companies who will be quick to offer "just the right pill" to cure their ailments, right?)
  8. The more I read these kind of foolish hijinks, the more I shake my head. Why are people acting like they're in a state of arrested development? Keep in mind that these are the same people who were quick to mock Trump when, at the last debate, he said he would wait to react to the election until all the results were in. These safety-pinners said that meant he was too immature to accept defeat, etc. and they laughed at him. Now look. Safety pins? Cry ins? College classes cancelled because of widespread trauma? Geeeez....
  9. The Pritzker and Jewell families are very prominent in Chicago.
  10. This is a bit bizarre. Didn't NYC just spend a bunch of money to give cards to all those "without proper identification" so they could participate, as they claimed, in basic city functions. To me, that seemed like a way of rounding up data on all these people. Maybe not. But to think these records will be destroyed? I'm doubtful about that.
  11. This is one of the most brilliant post-election things I've read. Bravo!
  12. pokemon go people make me sick

    agreed. I think it's just a new means of data gathering. and it's a little frightening to see how quickly this has caught on.
  13. I think that any woman who has been "protected" by a restraining order will not be surprised to read this.
  14. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    It is no secret that we have a government filled with morally bankrupt criminals. But how, indeed, would 'taking the establishment down' be accomplished? This is a serious question, and not meant with sarcasm at all. A lot of people are saying exactly what you just said, but they are saying it from the comfort of their keyboards. And that is where I am writing my words, too. But think about this reasonably: how would you remove this criminal element? And then, how do you reconstruct a reasonable foundation to return the nation to a liveable standard? I am not asking this to discourage anyone, but rather to open up a dialogue to get people thinking about possible remedies/solutions in a practical way.
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