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  1. Judaism And Zionism Are Not The Same Thing

    No, only the book of Isaiah matches up with the modern Hebrew. As for native Hebrew speakers, every Jew born and raised in Israel is a native Hebrew speaker. It's Israel's official language. It seems to me that you're the one that's not very well informed. As the scripture says, it's time for us to all dust off our feet and go on. Nuf said!
  2. Judaism And Zionism Are Not The Same Thing

    ​ ​I've been reading your and Barbarossa's posts for awhile now. I think he is very clear that your source material is inaccurate and you are just quoting the very translators that have been shown to be wrong!. I agree with him because I have had the very same experience with English versions of the Bible. My Jewish friends laugh at Christians because they know how bad the Christian translation of the Bible is. I too have a long list of screw ups in the KJV especially. There is no way that I'll take the word of English translators over native Hebrew speakers and Dead Sea Scroll scholars.
  3. Daemons can morph from their ghastly form to a cute form. That's what must have happened!
  4. Confederate Flag removal (from just about everywhere)

    ​Union General U. S. Grant owned slaves until 1866. I guess we should pull down all of his statues and rename all of the schools named after him too!
  5. Putin’s Plot to Get Texas to Secede

    It's way past time for us to "succeed". We should have done so 30 years ago when all of these damn Yankees started moving here.
  6. Video - The Waco Interview Authorities Don't Want You Hear (Bikers)

    Cool. Gotta get my neighbor to download these for me! Sorry, ran out of green to give you - next time.
  7. Ray Kurzweil: Humans will be hybrids by 2030

    ​If you've bought into the idea the we can engineer better humans for the benefit of the "global village" then this is all Godly work (if you believe in God).
  8. This is what really hacks me off. They won't leave us alone. I'd say more, but I'm running out of computer time! Texas Cops Raid, Shutdown Lemonade Stand Run By 7 Year Old GirlSubmitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Don’t mess with Texas. Particularly if you happen to be a person who enjoys the freedom to purchase lemonade from two adorable little girls trying to raise money to buy their dad a Father’s Day gift. In that case, you better watch out. The cops are on the case, ever vigilant to protect the unsuspecting citizen from the perils of contraband juice. There is a war on normal human behavior happening all across America. It was only yesterday that I highlighted the inhumane case of a Florida couple which had its children snatched away from them by Child Protective Services (CPS), because the kids were playing alone in their own backyard for 90 minutes. Here are a few excerpts from the piece titled, 11-Year-Old Boy Taken Away by CPS for Being Left in Backyard Alone for 90 Minutes; Parents Charged with Neglect: One afternoon this past April, a Florida mom and dad I’ll call Cindy and Fred could not get home in time to let their 11-year-old son into the house. The boy didn’t have a key, so he played basketball in the yard. He was alone for 90 minutes. A neighbor called the cops, and when the parents arrived—having been delayed by traffic and rain—they were arrested for negligence. They were put in handcuffs, strip searched, fingerprinted, and held overnight in jail. It would be a month before their sons—the 11-year-old and his 4-year-old brother—were allowed home again. Only after the eldest spoke up and begged a judge to give him back to his parents did the situation improve. Well done Florida. Not to be outdone, Texas is using taxpayer resources to crackdown on little girls selling lemonade. From the Free Thought Project: Tyler, TX — Last week, police in Texas heroically saved the town from likes of two young girls who attempted to open a black market lemonade stand. The girls, one 7-year-old and one 8-year-old, dared to try to raise money to buy a Father’s day present for their dad by setting up a lemonade stand in their neighborhood. Andria and Zoey Green told ABC affiliate KLTV they were trying to raise about $100 for a Father’s Day present. They wanted to take him to Splash Kingdom. Over the weekend, the two young entrepreneurs took to the streets with their delicious batch of homemade lemonade and began to provide willing customers with their product. Only one hour into their business endeavor, these girls had raised 25% of their goal. However, their cash cow would be shut down not long after it started. Overton police chief Clyde Carter showed up along with the city code enforcer and shutdown their criminal operation. The girls had violated Texas House Bill 970, or the Texas Baker’s Bill, which does not allow the sale of food that needs time or temperature control to prevent it from spoiling. Since the lemonade would eventually grow mold after being left out for days, police said they needed an inspection from the health department and a permit to sell it and deemed their operation “illegal.” The cost of the permit is $150 dollars. Police officers can certainly use discretion and choose not to “enforce” this law for use in such an asinine application. The fact that these girls had their good intentions ruined by those who claim to protect them speaks to the level of discontent with law enforcement in America today. The heartening side to this story is that these young girls are now learning to bypass this tyrannical system of bureaucratic nonsense. The girls said they will be setting up their lemonade stand again this weekend. Instead of selling it though, they will be giving it away, but they will gladly be accepting donations. I’m still waiting for a bank executive to be sentenced. In case you still don’t understand how the “rule of law” is applied in America, see: 11-Year-Old Boy Taken Away by CPS for Being Left in Backyard Alone for 90 Minutes; Parents Charged with Neglect Florida Man Faces 15 Years in Jail for Having Sex on the Beach (Still No Bankers in Jail) The U.S. Department of Justice Handles Banker Criminals Like Juvenile Offenders…Literally DEA Agents Caught Having Drug Cartel Funded Prostitute Sex Parties Received Slap on the Wrist; None Fired Couple Fined $746 for the Crime of Feeding Homeless People in Florida Park 90-Year-Old WW2 Veteran and Two Clergymen Face 60 Days in Jail for Feeding the Homeless in Florida
  9. ​Unless you do a whole lot of research on your own or take upper division college courses on the subject, all you'll ever learn is Allied propaganda!
  10. Meet The Fearsome Texas State Army Taking On Jade Helm 15

    I agree, but what kind of government would be best for "Westerners"?
  11. How The Towers Were Brought Down

    Wow! You been doin your homework! I've seen a lot of this before. Wish people would pay attention.
  12. Obama making bid to diversify wealthy neighborhoods

    How about providing some decent jobs so more people can afford to live that way?
  13. I live off of the grid but I don't have one of those. Looks cool!
  14. Just like most of their stupid predictions....
  15. Meet The Fearsome Texas State Army Taking On Jade Helm 15

    ​If our own government feared us as much as foreign governments did we'd still be free. But our own government thinks that we are stupid and that they can fool all of us all of the time!
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