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  1. Chat has been doing coke off hookers asses all night... Getting up isn't in the cards. ..... ok, wasnt chat.
  2. I'm going to hack you and put zoo porn in your favorites folder... :gravelynods:
  3. There are far more people who respect you then not in chat bro. As far as I'm concerned, although we dig at each other at times and possibly not agree on every issue, I admire your tenacity against the odds and refusal to assimilation by others who might wish to influence you. I consider you a friend in whatever sense of the term this medium allows. We all know I'm a proponent of chat so my position on the topic comes as no surprise, but I think this is reactionary. Either way, it is what it is. oh, and I'm drunk, so this is greatly affecting my buzz atm.
  4. Shep... you knew what chat entailed long before a retard or two decided to show disrespect... It's your house and you call the shots but why should the many be punished for the deeds of the few. We can always have phoenix show up at their house in nothing but a g-string and cherry red lipstick... DONT FUCK WITH COP FOOLZ!!!!11
  5. The smart money would have been on me to ruin things.... NOT GUILTY!!! Whats the reason though? Taking one out of the Sarah playbook? ;P
  6. ^5 brotha. This has a more CT natural feel to it for sure. Don't beat yourself up too hard getting things in order, you've done plenty recently for which we're all appreciative. time to get settled in... http://i62.tinypic.com/2r5wyad.jpg