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  1. its -32 tonight, we got some snow the past few days but a chinook is blowing in so it'll warm up I'm pouring you some wine
  2. the freedoms of freedom of choice... living the dream ;P We have DK to thank for this reunion,k I've been asking about ya
  3. I just ran to the liquor store to make things count... for old times :P HOW THE f**k YOU BEEN ???
  4. what the f**k is UP beautiful? too long miss ya
  5. Partner in crime..?

    This means war
  6. Partner in crime..?

    This bad boy loves all the girls :P Being bad again tonight. I have an image to maintain.
  7. Partner in crime..?

    Lol, why does everybody keep telling me that?!? :p Stay the course gorgeous, don't let this devil corrupt ya
  8. news of the day....wait, what, no news.

    Let's go to weather... Rainy in Calgary, hot in Mexico and dark in china
  9. Partner in crime..?

    We're gonna have to remedy that... I'll buy the vodka, you get the clamato ;)
  10. Partner in crime..?

    Weirdest boner...
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