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  1. This means war
  2. This bad boy loves all the girls :P Being bad again tonight. I have an image to maintain.
  3. Lol, why does everybody keep telling me that?!? :p Stay the course gorgeous, don't let this devil corrupt ya
  4. Let's go to weather... Rainy in Calgary, hot in Mexico and dark in china
  5. We're gonna have to remedy that... I'll buy the vodka, you get the clamato ;)
  6. Weirdest boner...
  7. Ha... so we meet again cheese nemesis...
  8. Lol, you back on the wagon Cinny?
  9. Sup peeps. Been a while. Let's get white girl wasted
  10. You know where to find me byob
  11. No... I'm Canadian, we're one with our country... we speak to trees. I got a heads up to say hi through treE-mail ;)
  12. If not, I'm definitely in podium position to become one... and the debt was already repaid through your awesomeness. Plus that little tryst we had in the men's room... No... That does not make you a hooker...
  13. Dude... that's f***ing HORRIBLE!!! I don't care who you are, you gotta feel for that little guy... On a lighter note... BRING IT ON DIAPER DOMES!!!!