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  1. He is the most Zionist president we've ever had. The ultimate con man. Even I liked him. We've been HAD.
  2. Trump IS bombing Somalia too. So much chaos right now that nobody is really talking about it.
  3. I don't buy it for a second. Trump is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF. That means HE is the final man in any military actions. He just lied to our faces about an obviously fake "gas attack" and send $84,000,000 in bombs for it, WITHOUT congressional approval like our constitution requires. Pro-Israel sources like Infowars cannot be counted on right now. We've been HAD. Feels dirty.
  4. No wonder TPTB have wanted it illegal for so long.
  5. This is short and sweet, but you'l want to have your tissues ready.
  6. Looks like he's now busted using mind control techniques. This is really trippy.
  7. Odd that Seaman convinced his followers (who he calls fans) that voat was rigged and unsafe.
  8. Seaman just resurfaced. He says that anyone claiming he was pushing bitgold for profit is a shill paid by soros. Live now: A whole lot of folks got swindled here. By a guy that LITERALLY wrote a book on scam artistry.
  9. Seaman has resurfaced. He says anyone saying he was pushing goldmoney for profit is a shill payed by soros. Live now:
  10. Apparently the goldmoney CEO was triggered by the investigation into Seaman.
  11. People thinking to invest in Soros Goldmoney because of seamans advertising need to hear more about it.
  12. And, within a couple hours of this investigation being released...... Seaman has now deleted all his videos. "Video deleted by user". Wow.
  13. I've already posted opinion and personal research here, which got mixed results: I suggested the story to the best researcher I had access to. He decided it was, in fact, an important story. He is now disclosing what he found. He ignored some of what I found, but also turned up info I had not! I hope you'll drop him some feedback if you like it, as he's expecting attacks from those drunk on the Seaman Kool-Aid.