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  1. Shut down the deep underground military bases and cia.
  2. Yet another reason to wish pizzagate weren't true.
  3. Yep. Already seen a tremendous amount of bunk "wikileaks emails" and other faked "leaks". Especially pizza related fakery. Some of it too intricate to be written of as a joke.
  4. Somebody investigated their investigation: http://gotnews.com/debunked-viral-podawful-pizzagate-video-supposedly-showing-pizzagate-tunnels-total-hoax/
  5. I showed this clip to my mother, and this was her full response: Both of these guys are infected with r-select liberalism to the point where it has become a form of mental illness...and in this video they're circle jerking each other around, because facing reality is too painful for their damaged amygdalae...they're literally in mental pain and this exercise in fantasy eases their pain. Notice, Jabba's face has become more 'feminized' since the election...an indication of the state he's in...which has gotten worse in a short time. That's something some of the commenters on that thread are reacting to, because they're K- selected, and smug liberal feminized men set off their amygdalae. K-select amygdalae also feel pain by watching them do this shit, and to ease our pain we long to smash their smug rabbity faces to shut them up. K-select, unless it has hit a full blown stage, is inclined to be more disciplined...so we 'deal' better than the rabbits. However, pushed far enough, that can and will change...and scores of rabbits will end up being eradicated...something they will have earned by the time it gets to that point. That they're indulging in fantasy doesn't mean they're not dangerous right now, though. On FB and twitter Jabba is fomenting violence on inauguration day...and others who are like him will hear that and think about following through. In reaction, Bikers for Trump have vowed to be there to meet Jabba and his cohorts. It'll could end up being interesting, or tragic. I'm hoping it turns out to be a non-event. Grumpier says that due to the extreme cold (which is being engineered by 'higher powers') and security concerns, only the oath will take place outside, and then things will be moved inside for the speeches...which I've never seen happen. I try not to worry. I keep thinking of God having a hand in what's happening. And, in the case of people like Jabba and his buddies, their continued rabbitry is waking up more people everyday. Most people don't want to see violence at the inauguration...and just want to get on with life...so they're hoping Trump will be a decent president. Those people aren't hearing Jabba's dog whistles in the same way as the SJWs are.
  6. Yes. Gotta keep news of the mutiny under wraps. Create an enemy.
  7. It's time for Nuremberg trials X1000, imho. All the knowledge and resources stolen from humankind and squandered by these sickos needs to be returned as well.
  8. This is a serious bounty, not a joke. The goal of this bounty is to establish the presence of tunnels underneath or very close to being underneath Comet Ping Pong Pizza and/or Besta Pizza in Washington DC. https://www.wesearchr.com/bounties/pizzagate-urban-explorers-league-ultimate-challenge Someone out there is also alleging exact coordinates for an entrance:
  9. What makes it obvious, even more so than the cock bulge, is the brow ridge. Notice those fake eyebrows are drawn above where the real ones actually grow? It's a drag queen makeup trick to hide a uniquely male feature (forget the name for that brow ridge).
  10. Social engineers have undeniably fostered an atheistic society that finds any notion of demonic matters immediately discredited.
  11. I've noticed a lot of folks get confused by celebrity news being present in Conspiracy circles. This short vid is a great summary of why that is: