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  1. When I think about it here in America we even have GMO people !
  2. Seriously, why do we hate one another?

    I don't hate anyone; I just hate stupid ideologies .
  3. The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: ‘Owning the Weather’ for Military Use September 18, 2017 by Edward Morgan Introductory Note Environmental modification techniques (ENMOD) for military use constitute, in the present context of global warfare, the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Rarely acknowledged in the debate on global climate change, the world’s weather can now be modified as part of a new generation of sophisticated electromagnetic weapons. Both the US and Russia have developed capabilities to manipulate the climate for military use. Iink to the whole post . Interesting subject : http://prepareforchange.net/2017/09/18/the-ultimate-weapon-of-mass-destruction-owning-the-weather-for-military-use/ + From a military standpoint, HAARP –which was officially abolished in 2014– is a weapon of mass destruction, operating from the outer atmosphere and capable of destabilising agricultural and ecological systems around the world. + Military analysts and scientists are mute on the subject. Meteorologists are not investigating the matter and environmentalists are largely focussing on greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.
  4. 1/3 of the trees and grass

    Forest fire starters should in a cage with a pissed off horny gay Sasquatch .
  5. 1/3 of the trees and grass

    What I would like to know is what would be their motive . These people that do this kind of thing must hate the world . I hope that one day will see the damage that they have done . Lost souls
  6. We had big pictures of presidents and a big copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights hanging on the wall in the school's hall and to I remember bibles in class rooms . Our clothing didn't match we didn't have cell phones ; boys and girls had cooties and each gender had it's own bathroom . Kids were taught about the American dream ; the republic . There was a American flag flown with pride and a state flag flown every day above the school . Schools are now apart of the corporation there for government day camps ! Even most of these children's parents are to young to understand what is the American Dream . Our public schools over the years have gone down hill do to the PC crowd and common core . The Republic a political ideology in it's self has lost traction on the slippery slop of politics The Constitution needs to be upheld at any cost if not our children will give in to what will master them .
  7. Is Something Strange Afoot?

    Interesting !! This is their live stream along with other info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxHmSyFOon8
  8. Is Something Strange Afoot?

    Wow ! I can't remember ever seeing 4 months with out rain in Washington state . I lived for 20 years in Shelton just north 30 miles from Olympia .
  9. google should change it's name from google to SeeYa . Added note : I will no longer honor google any more with using a capital letter G
  10. If I had the means to do so any person anywhere that has done harm to a child would be on my things to do list . It would not be pretty !! I think my knuckles just cracked on my keyboard
  11. Or is it more so the nature of man ? This world would be a wonderful place if man was not here or he could conform to the world's nature . Here again; Greed, anger, fear, and thirst for power have failed us . This is of man
  12. For those of us that use FireFox we will need some good suggestions to alternative browsers . I have been using FF for a long time on a few machines . It looks like I wont be using FF on Windows anymore and I will now have to find a new browser for Linux Ubuntu . FireFox has served me well up till now I like its set up . This is no doubt a kill shot to FireFox I am now going to smoke a bowl and think about this ..
  13. 1/3 of the trees and grass

    My question is how is it that these fires are being started ? What is the root cause ? Is God really pissed off or is it some crazy guy with a gas can and a agenda ? Never in my life have I seen so many wild fires at one time and then to top all this off whats with all these storms ? Who or what is behind all this Doom And Gloom ?
  14. I do not oppose Unity . I do not oppose Order . I oppose the means by which that Unity and Order are manifested and maintained . Greed, anger, fear, and thirst for power have failed us . Until we have Unification without fear ... without violence ... without greed ... There will be No World Order . And to we must remember that religion and politics both have two things in common . Conformity and compliance to a ideology .
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