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  1. We're now entering Hanukkah

    Should I get along with a Zionist ideology ? if so tell me way ! The Zionist Jews may hate me for this but here again I don't get in line with a man made ideology . Judaism And Zionism Are Not The Same Thing . the Judeo jew is still in exile according to the Torah . Here is something to read agree or not I will not side with a Zionist .. Sorry . Zionism was one thing that turned me off on now president Trump . From the very beginnings of the Zionist movement, the story of the Maccabees would serve as an inspiration. As Theodore Herzl wrote, “The Maccabees will rise again.” Vladimir Jabotinsky similarly declared, “Yes, they have arisen—the children of those whose ancestor was Judah, lion of the Maccabees.” Similarly, Ahad Aham, founder of cultural Zionism, proclaimed, “We celebrate not only the consecration and renewal of the Temple, some two thousand years ago—but also the renewal and revival of this same Jewish nation, reviving its soul once again for a new life.” David Ben-Gurion also believed Hanukkah is a major festival celebrating Jewish freedom. The tale of the Maccabees, however, did not just serve as an inspiration for the Zionist movement but it also was incorporated into contemporary Zionist literature. Taken from this link : https://unitedwithisrael.org/zionist-view-on-hanukkah/ Here is another page of interest .. Judaism And Zionism Are Not The Same Thing You have always without a doubt heard and read much about the political crises in the Middle East in which the State of Israel plays a central role. This is, in fact, an ongoing series of crises with potential to bring the greatest misfortune on the entire world. Tragically many believe that Zionism and Judaism are identical. Thus they conclude that the entire Jewish people is responsible for the actions of the Zionist government and the world crises which emanates from it. This is a Grave Error! Taken from this link : http://nkusa.org/AboutUs/Zionism/judaism_isnot_zionism.cfm Food for thought
  2. This guy is most likely full of crap the whole UN is in on the take down of this country America there is a agenda to take bank control of properties that are high with minerals and many other assets like in grazing fields and water rights . They may not be able to kill us all off at once so poverty is a good tool for them . Many people will forced to move to the cities and live in poverty there where there are more hand outs and soup kitchens . Like the wild fires in California where will all those people go and they will sell their properties cheep .
  3. China Owns California ? I find that a little hard to believe in total , I can see some small properties on a 99 year contract lease, but not the ownership of the whole whole state . A state can not be sold as real estate because a state is owned by the people and the union of a state is privet property of the people who live in the state . It can't be sold with out the consent and willingness of the people who are citizens of the state . It would take a 60% or better vote depending on the union laws of the state to do so ... As for the fires I can believe investors starting them; they are evil on the most part they want everything at little of cost as possible . Being that I have been inspecting commercial properties this year I have seen really how a lot of corruption is manifested and maintained ! Just so you know There is now a big push/rush buy investors to buy up as much mineral rich real estate as possible before the year 2020; the main investors are the big banks that are owned buy just a few psychopaths that see them selves as elites they want more than power over real estate they want all the mineral rights including water ... Some say now that these fires were started using high energy weapons .
  4. I retired from a full time job a few years ago this job has been just to catch up on a few things like I had to repair my truck and get a few things for the motorcycle and then I built two new computers and paid off a few small bills . Retirement has not worked out the way I had planned so I had to take another job for a while . I will be writing some about the corporate corruption in America . I have had to deal with it most of my life . Now I just have to think about how I will write it all and not get locked up in a Federal prison ...
  5. This sound like a case of bad cabin air .... Who farted
  6. Thank you .. I am doing ok . this month will be the last that I will be doing building inspections for investors . I am looking forward to my 100% retirement freedom ! This will give me more home time maybe even some fishing or working on my motorcycle even the internet will see more of me again . I want to share my experiences about investors, banks and owners of property . It's dog eat dog in the real estate business the corruption is over the top . How Who is paying Who; it's crazy . I was offered a new $70.000 + dollar Lexus LS 460 to fudge some paper work for the seller so he could get more money out of his commercial property . But I didn't and would not do anything like that .. Never trust a car salesman , LOL Catch ya around the forum and I do hope that and your's Christmas is a good one .
  7. It could be worse . If Hillary would have gotten into office Christmas could have been canceled
  8. She will never leave because she loves the attention . Ya should have seen her in the mid 90s she was hot and she knew it . I checked her out as she was on a motor yacht out of Seattle Wa. All she had on was a bikini bottom and that was not much of one . She is a show off !! Dam I about fell over board from 140 foot fishing ship I was on and I was at the helm .
  9. This reminds me of the day when I would stand on the seat of my motorcycle at 50+ mile per hour .. People would tell me that I was stupid for doing so but then most of those people had a fear of a mouse . I know that the only fear that we have is fear it's self .
  10. I never have given much thought that the world would be held together with wires/cables ... Really what ever happened to the carrier pigeon ? Air waves
  11. The Hidden Easter Eggs of Reality

    Great thread @Guitar Doc
  12. This video is so right on .. Here in my home town there are some nice homes where the people in them can afford to take care of them but many others are in need of mass repairs, other than that we have a new high school and the court house looks like a well kept castle ; Oh ya and the police station is new only maybe a year old . The streets are bad except for main street where there are now new street lamps 105 of them . Over most of this year I have been travailing around from state to state inspecting commercial buildings for investors most are in bad shape and most towns are as well . Again this video is right on !!!