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  1. I agree with this thread !! I feel like a pecan in a can of Planters mixed nuts . Whats next but for some moron opening the can and eating me first .
  2. Antifa and white supremacist groups are mind controlled but not with remote mind control their little low IQed brains are being bent with the dollar . I swear if Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot ( Just to name a few ) were to run on a democrat ticket these libtards would vote for them .
  3. I swear I have become to believe that Democrats have become the stupidest people on the planet just short of a Muslim . Not even a half of a brain . There are other states just as bad as California but Cali has to be the biggest mouth in the nation . I will never visit Cali again . Nor will I buy anything that grows or is made there ...
  4. Unreal .. What more can one say ? At one time I would ride my motorcycle across country all way from Iowa to California . I would spend a lot of money there and even stay for a month . Needs less to say but I will never go there again ....
  5. I wonder if this guy Dean Kamen can build a younger me then all I would have to do is a data transfer . Ya know really the day may be soon where will be able to do this .
  6. There are many paranormal stories coming from Mount Shasta. And I have covered some of these before but one of the most famous and intriguing cases happened in the early years of the 20th century. And it involves gold, giants, and an ancient underground city. In 1904 a geologist and treasure hunter J.C. Brown was hired by a mining company to hunt for gold in Northern California. And during his explorations of the wilderness he claimed to have come across a rock fall at the base of a cliff at Mount Shasta. So he suspected that there must be something buried underneath it. So he started to dig and clear away all the rocks and all the rubble. And once he was done Mr. Brown uncovered a huge mysterious tunnel of very unusual dimensions. The passage of this tunnel was 10 feet high and seven feet wide. And it also curved downwards into the interior of the earth. So of course extremely curious and extremely excited he decided to go check it out. And he kind of got this feeling that there must be something of great importance at the end of this tunnel. And he was right, once he reached the bottom he saw something that just blew his mind. He claimed to have entered and underground city that was filled with ancient machinery, tons of relics and even gold treasures. And he believed after fully investigating this amazing place that it was also an ancient mining operation. And he knew that this could not have been done by modern humans, it was just way to advanced. And amongst these treasures Brown claimed to have found golden tablets and plates. And they were inscribed with very strange-looking hieroglyphics. He also found very unusual looking spears that could somehow bend them selves back into shape, and that they were almost impossible to break. He also described some sort of worship room containing huge statues that eerily glowed in the dark. And within this room they were solar symbols all over the walls. But one of the most intriguing claims coming from Mr. Brown was that he found a chamber filled with giant skeletons. The smallest of these were about 7 feet tall and the tallest were about 11 feet tall. And in another chamber beyond this room there was a deceased but very well-preserved man and a women. And he stated that this man and women were dressed in very fine clothing. And he believed that they were the king and queen. And he also said that they too were also giants. Now I am guessing that this well-preserved man and women must have looked just like us because he never stated that they were aliens or a different species, just that they were giants. Link to the whole post along with a video https://nexusnewsfeed.com/article/unexplained/is-there-a-secret-underground-city-in-mount-shasta
  7. Barbara Bush is dead at 92

    Hay !!! I was going to post this ... LOL
  8. Yes that's a cute little truck but that smoking issue would maybe get you life in a state penitentiary . . Geeee here in this small town Iowa if your lawnmower smokes any; the city here will give a $105 dollar fine .
  9. Here in eastern Iowa it's been slow the last few days but the biggest problem has been it has shut down for short periods . I was thinking it was do to the rainy weather .. Maybe not
  10. The Love Thread

    @Uncle Thanky You are one cool dude .. That you for being a member of Cop
  11. The Love Thread

    Damit to many pages.
  12. With all this DNA manipulation who knows what lurks in the dark . Over the last few years there have been many reports .