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  1. Kill the stupidity already we can't keep letting this brainwashing happen . The truth is Muhammad has been seen at a gay bath house in St Louis Missouri or was it Chicago ? I don't remember ! Any way he had a brown paper bag over his head holding a child's hand .
  2. Anyone that packs a gun for a government agency is on the most part a low IQ ed militarized moron . Programmed to kill their own people ...
  3. I’m a daddy!

    Congrats !! Now raise her as a critical thinker .
  4. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    Hey guy they can't have my soul . It's not for sale !
  5. I facepalm at the coming update!

    I want a DNA test
  6. North Korea could be taken down with not much more than a bottle rocket and NK's troops are underfed and they can't run vary fast . If the US Military is silently preparing for war it must be for something bigger .
  7. I facepalm at the coming update!

    Hey do I know you ? No one wears glasses and has buck teeth in my family that I know of ....
  8. I facepalm at the coming update!

    In re of Emojis Being that Walmart has closed so many stores across America my brothers and sisters are seeking new employment . This is way they are coming here to COP . This is a picture of my brother his name is Rex he is a good guy and will work for beer ' A X employee from WalMart ' . He would make for a great mod here at COP . He just needs to slow down a little on his beer drinking . https://i.pinimg.com/736x/ac/c6/06/acc60627c6cd7653623d6a5b8f5f38aa.jpg @Ukshep But I want to warn you about another brother of mine his name is Tic; if he shows up here don't let him into COP ; he is stoned all the time and would hit on all the ladies here a lot . He thinks he is God's gift to the ladies ! And to he is and always has been a liberal racist and is in love with Hillary Clinton . He lives down by the river in a box and collects food stamps that he trades for weed . Our dad didn't beat him enough . https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-45y4P8vfr_o/TZ0SerIpJKI/AAAAAAAAABk/afihA5AGbC8/s1600/Stoned.png
  9. RIP Dolores O'Riordan Thank you for being who you are . Very few have the nerves to sing with real meaning and heart . Such an incredible voice, so strong . Such a beautiful soul ! Another amazing artist has gone too soon 46 WTF ... Rest In Peace Rest In Peace Dolores O'Riordan
  10. Politics and Muslims and war with a twist of corruption ; What a mix !
  11. Stupid Stupid !! Thinking he can stop a car like Super Man . F**k his badge it wont make him a Super Hero ...