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  1. Or locked up in a cage with a horny gay silver back gorilla
  2. MUSLIM MIGRANT PAEDOPHILE turns into a sniveling, whimpering, pathetic little pansyass when he’s about to be arrested Hey Mohammed, not so tough are you, when you don’t have your pack of Muslim degenerates to protect you ? Do you know what prisoners do to child rapists in prison … especially when he’s a Muslim ? Save your tears, Mo, you’re gonna need them .
  3. I have never liked the words conspiracy or theory because I have always believed these words are used in mainstream to demonize truth . I see myself more so as a truth seeker . And even then the word truth is a matter of opinion if the source has no fact or is in a form of manipulatable history . Everyday I feel blessed for what I do have LIFE because it can be all gone tomorrow; this is truth !
  4. A brief history of failed end time predictions As long as there is organized religion, there will be end time prophecy. These predictions will come and go and one should not buy into the fear propaganda that end time prophecy brings. Religion was created by man to control man and as we know, religion equals subservience, control and conformity… the same template as EVERY government. All governments rule through fear so don’t buy into the fear propaganda and enjoy each day by living in the NOW. Taken from the pages of NEXUS This could not have been better said .. CSB What can we expect the day after the ‘end of the world’? According to wiki, there have been 183 end of the world predictions that have failed. Many of these were prophesied by religious zealots through fear propaganda. Here are just a few of them: Link to the whole post : https://nexusnewsfeed.com/article/spiritual-psychic/a-brief-history-of-failed-end-time-predictions
  5. Mods you may want to move this video . That's ok This video is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long ! The info in it is really good food for thought . But take caution this video my bend your brain ... Fake Alternative News Exposed! Grab some popcorn and your favorite drink . Don't forget your note pad and a pencil .
  6. Cringe if you wish

    Those that don't understand the side effects of fluoride are not educated they are programed . I have had the same issue . I even use distilled water .
  7. 2017 Germany election results!

    What did I just watch ? This is really bad ! The German people don't have a chance .
  8. Cringe if you wish

    There is no way I am going to watch that video .. Hell No !! I cringed at the thought of a human dentist .
  9. 9/28/2017 WW3 is suppose to start?

    WW3 has been going for some time now . WW3 is not a war between Nations it's a war on the humanity of this earth . Think about all the toxins, air , water , food , drugs , civil uprisings you name it ; it has all been weaponized to be used on us ... I think this is way they are bring in AI " Artificial Intelligence " They don't need us ! Shit ! even farm equipment is going AI .. It makes no difference what race , religion or country you are in . The self proclaimed elites have had a agenda for a long time and that is to depopulate this planet .
  10. Fu&&ing nuclear bombs way is there all this talk of nuclear ? I have never seen the threats so in everyone's face !! I hope none explode do to some sort of divine introversion . All of the militarism on this whole planet and I mean all of them needs to be put in it's place .. 6 foot under !! I am so tired of all the killing or rivers are turning red .
  11. There is not a thing so dismal that a government agency cam make it worse .
  12. How To Deprogram Yourself

    @Lucy Barnable @Cinnamon I would so like to meet you ... You and Cinnamon would be girls of choice . Finding like minded ladies is a task ...
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