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  1. This is the kind of crap is what burns my ass; They the government can watch us from every angle but if we watch them we are charged with their f**king felonies . They the government can kiss my a** .
  2. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner . I have not been on the net much lately . To answer your question I am in Iowa state
  3. This is good I will do this now I just hope they get the message and to top this I will say something to my ISP provider ...
  4. Over the years I have been busy keeping up with all kinds of events it's just been this last few months that I have slowed down and to working on old houses has taken a lot of my time I haven't been home much . Fake news, propaganda and now this broadband privacy crap . I have all but giving totally up on the what once was a free Net . There is no such thing as privacy anymore I haven't used the TOR browser or a VPN for a long time I haven't had a TV in over 20 years and I threw my cell phone in the river .... Today the governments, mainstream medias with their antics have become to appear like a late 60s soap opera ...
  5. Yesterday Sunday March 26th I was sitting on the front porch with two of my grandchildren when I saw 6 National Guard trucks and 2 UN troop transport buses 3 bigger UN trucks go by ; I just about fell off my chair ... @Ukshep I don't think it's just in the UK because I have seen other UN trucks as I have been traveling around repairing old houses out of my home state . I don't know whats going on lately . I haven't been home much or on the WWW
  6. The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky said it was concerned that the move could be used against anti-police demonstrators and a group called the Fairness Campaign was upset that police and first responders had been added to Kentucky’s hate crimes legislation but that The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky said it was concerned that the move could be used against anti-police demonstrators and a group called the Fairness Campaign was upset that police and first responders had been added to Kentucky’s hate crimes legislation but that transgender individuals hadn’t. Sounds like the freedom of speech here is now oppressed . Even the words " I hate Cops " could be considered a hate crime ? Just because they are transgender individuals they are not considered Civil Servants do to their sexual preferences .. This is just some more LGBT bull shit ...
  7. This was enlightening , kissing a frog ! Sounds disgusting to me; even if I was a girl seeking her prince I would have to be real desperate ..
  8. I stopped doing this because of a gay Christmas snowman would chase me .
  9. Sending flowers to David Rockefeller http://nethernoir.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/deadroses.jpg
  10. I can see those crazy Canadians building catapults to launch them back across the boarder .. LOL http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/08/29/video-undefined-20E4FCDD00000578-996_636x358.jpg
  11. Iowa is my home state where I was born and now live; Des Moines is only 50 miles from where I live and even here in my home town many can see the favoritism that is handed to Islam . And to many here understand and know well what the intentions are of this multicultural divide is all about . We did not all fall from a pumpkin truck yesterday . The note is a justified warning as I see it; we wont stand by and have our state trampled up on by these low IQed religions, militarized morons like in Europe and in some parts of America . The main reason that mosques are established in non-Muslim countries is for the overtaking of that land for Islam . It is in no way different from Christians erecting crosses except for the fact that Islam is a fundamentally oppressive and violent religion while Christianity is fundamentally peaceful and progressive . While Muhammad raped children, Jesus tough that they will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven . While Muhammad advocated for the crucifixion of dissenters, Jesus allowed himself to be crucified . While Muhammad ordered men to beat their wives, Jesus saved a persecuted woman from being stoned to death . While Muhammad bought and sold black slaves, Jesus taught that God is no respecter of race . Everything about Islam not only contradicts Christianity but all other religions, cultures and governments . It is a militant religion/Political ideology that is compelled to oppress and brutalize for the sake of a fake eternal reward . If everyone was aware of the number of times that the Quran commands Muslims to kill the unbelievers we would have Koran book burnings in the western nations as well as many other places in the world . @Ukshep People are really not stupid but more so mislead
  12. Maybe the CIA can help me find my stolen computers; they all ready know them by name . The city police can't do shit .
  13. Just got home from out of state and found snow everywhere here and really cold . Not as bad as the iced house but just as cold . Burrrrr Today I got my new computer parts and will start to build a new one . It will be a good way to spend the day inside where it's warm . I have been working out of state some may know this but as I was gone from home a few weeks ago my place was broken into and my computers were all stolen . Shit happens .
  14. A few weeks ago I had my computers stolen except for one old laptop that is what I am using right now I hate it . I have new desktop parts on order and coming . I will build my own before I buy a computer with Windblows 10 . I will be installing Ubuntu 16.04 . As for Windows I will never use anything over Win7 pro ..