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  1. They are taking away what it is to be human and replacing it with AI .. artificial intelligence
  2. I wonder if this is true for conspiracy sites . I see the day coming when my computers will go for a swim in a river
  3. Even in the 1980's losing a daughter age 6 in a large mall for a hour can be devastating and it was for both me and my wife . I thought that my world came to a end as I and many others searched that mall . I can't even imagine what it would have been like to lose her for nine months . One thing for sure I would have never given up My daughter was found sleeping in a chair in a book store ....
  4. Health care is out of control $5.00 for a cotton ball ? I have even seen $1.00 water on the hospital; I think they charge for everything . Everyone is trying to get rich ! and the people are being consumed " food for the machine " = DEPOPULATION When I stop to think about it the self proclaimed elites are most likely just amused watching humanity consume it's self .
  5. Adding to climate change; Where is the farting Emoticon ?? The liberals will never give up ..
  6. They're coming for the guns

    It's a fact . Most everyone I know is fed up with all this authoritarian bull shit ...
  7. They're coming for the guns

    Go ahead and try to take the guns and there wont be any government employee safe any where .
  8. I wonder if she Barbie comes with the pungent odor of goats ... Ewwwwwwww
  9. Fear of death I don't have ! ; it's the thought of getting there that's scary . 15 days of darkness could cool things down on this hot bed of uncertainty ..
  10. battle for the net

    For me I see the day coming where I will be shutting my internet down and spending more time in the back yard watching my Harley having some safe fun with the neighbor's sissy little Jap bike .. I was thinking about building a new computer but I have changed my mind ; over the years I have watched the internet change way to much and I don't like what I see .