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  1. I really don't think there will be a wall ! I see this as just politics more blowing smoke up the asses of the American public .. As for the government shut down I see this as a opportunity to keep the American public blind to international affairs such as the North Korean issue . The closing of parks will only force the public to stay home in populace places = No where to hid ... and to add to this don't be surprised if you see many state highways and interstate highways shut down to the public but will be open to the military if needed . Huge military convoy in Colorado April 20, 2017 A huge military convoy rolling through Colorado has local citizens and the wider national United States audience curious as to what’s going on. The two week operation is called Operation Raider Focus. There are reports of flat beds with razor wire, tanks, helicopters, and various support vehicles trek across I-25 for training. It is reported to be the largest military convoy in Colorado since World War 2. The convoy is said to include roughly 650 vehicles with 300 of those being Stryker armored vehicles. http://www.cscmediagroupus.com/aaron-lewis/huge-military-convoy-colorado ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What would a government shutdown mean for you? Every shutdown is different because federal agencies have quite a bit of leeway in deciding how to carry it out. But, based on previous shutdowns, here's what you can expect: 1. Will my mail stop coming? 2. Will I still get my Social Security benefits? 3. What about that tax refund I'm counting on? Nine more questions/possibilities at this link : https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/04/24/what-happens-in-a-government-shutdown/100838716/
  2. I believe if a person is always down do to events in their life they suffer pain and die quicker . " We can not always control what happens to us, but we can control our attitude towards what happens, and in that, We will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master us .” - My dad . Yes everything will work out somehow; it always has ... I am not sad or even upset about being fired over bull shit, what kinda pisses me off is the fact that my now X employer didn't defend the freedom of speech for four guys just bull shitting at lunch time about the media ... But then my now X employer has only one thing on his mind MONEY he has vary little value for understanding much more . His loss ... This world is in really bad shape when a person can't talk about so many topics where someone could be offended .
  3. The only thing that will stop the NWO is for We The People to become the hunter rather than the hunted . Exposing the agenda is one thing doing something about it is another . Your thinking cap should be made of something other than tinfoil ...
  4. I like halibut and we are both the same when it comes to lobster, Alaskan king crab and scallops . I don't know what we will do for protein except maybe we can eat peanuts and such . I don't eat beef chicken or pork . I haven't for years . But I do make some great high protein salads . Maybe in my next life I will be a rabbit and just consume people's gardens .
  5. OMG what has this world come to ? They think Marine le Pen is sexy ! Some thought that Obama was sexy what did we get a Muslim sympathizer ? Some thought that Trump was sexy look at what we got; look real close and you may see a Zionist sympathizer . Now here we go some thinking that Marine le Pen is sexy . Who will she really represent ? Cinnamon this is funny
  6. Oh you human earthlings how silly are thou art; Ye has fallen for the doggie and pony show . I am glad that I am just a smiley looking up on thee . I don't believe that Kimmy could build a bottle rocket that could fly straight . But Kimmy knows that the three together NK Russia and China could give the USA and UN a good battle .. I see little Kimmy as a possible trigger to WW3 ... I agree with MOX here . and anyone ?
  7. Cool I will look for the video . I don't trust the ocean fish now I don't even trust river fish do to all the Monsanto Roundup these farmers are using . I think if one wants to eat fish from this point I think that farm raised cat fish would be a better choice .. But what do I know ??
  8. Way are we as a people putting up with this ? Don't people know that Islam was banned here ? Even back in the 1950s even this government could under stand that Islam is seen as a political ideology not a religion . The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (Pub.L. 82–414, 66 Stat. 163, enacted June 27, 1952), also known as the McCarran–Walter Act, restricted immigration into the U.S. and is codified under Title 8 of the United States Code (8 U.S.C. ch. 12). The Act governs primarily immigration to and citizenship in the United States. It has been in effect since June 27, 1952. Before this Act, a variety of statutes governed immigration law but were not organized within one body of text. : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigration_and_Nationality_Act_of_1952 Things changed from this point however I think we are relearning from the actions of Islam today that back in the days of the 50s and beyond they were right to ban Islam . Some say this law is fiction others say it's true but I will tell you that I read about this in the early 1970s as I was in collage . I read a book about Vlad Dracula and his fight with the Ottoman Empire were Vlad said that if Islam was to remain here or any where all freedom of choice of life will be lost to conquest .. ether way I am all for banning Islam in not just in America but all western nations . This shit must stop before all is lost to a so called religion from hell ... Remember it's not raciest to disagree with a so called religion . FBI Arrests Muslims During Female Genital Mutilation Clinic Bust Islamic law spreading in US ... This is pissing me off Kit Daniels Prison Planet.com April 23, 2017 Three Muslims were charged with performing female genital mutilations on young girls in the Detroit area. Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, 53, and his wife, Farida Attar, 50, were arrested by federal officers this past week at their medical clinic in Livonia, Michigan, outside of Detroit. Jumana Nagarwala, a 44-year-old emergency room physician, was also arrested. All three of them have ties to the Dawoodi Bohra, an Islamic sect which advocates surgically removing the clitoris from girls as young as six to suppress their sexuality. Link: https://www.prisonplanet.com/fbi-arrests-muslims-during-female-genital-mutilation-clinic-bust.html I understand the multicultural agenda but I don't have to agree with it . Call me what you want but racist I am not; but I will fight anyone that wants to change or alter the American dream so Take note those that support these crazy antics .
  9. Thank you my friend . Personally I would have had a good talk with the owner of the house . But I think the contractor didn't want to gain a bad rap with this owner because he has a few other contracts with him in the making . I don't believe that the contractor is sharp enough to deal with these kinds of issues .
  10. Good point and true . I didn't think about this . But I wont say anything . I know that you are right . I could rock the contractor's boat big time but I wont . I just want to quit working and enjoy whats left of my life . I have had to work all my life to this point I have never been with out a job even as a kid starting around the age of 12 I had to do things to make a buck . I am tired of this slavery crap and some one telling me what to do . There is a lot more to life than working but we are put in a position where we must . Back in the day everyone worked for what ever we wanted or wanted to achieve , I could never be content living on hand me outs; now days maybe it pays for some to be on food stamps and such . Not me I wont do it never have never will ...
  11. I would but I was working under the table . The other guys paid taxes maybe one of them will . The contractor and I are friends we have known each other for years he wont take this out on me but I doubt now that I will go back . I just needed to get back on my feet . I hope to have a good summer this year by doing what I do best as a rabble rouser
  12. Thank you . I maybe in my 60s now . I am looking forward to kicking some Zionist lovers ass . Old bikers never die we just smell that way .. I was hoping that rump opps I mean Trump would have been a red neck but no it's looking like we got another libtard . Shit the fight continues ...
  13. Holy Hot Cakes I Got Fired Today ... I don't know what hot cakes has to do with getting fired but it sounded good ! LOL Yes I got a phone call from the contractor today around noon time that I have been working for over the last few months Sunday April 23 . He informed me that I need not to show up tomorrow because I have been fired along with 3 others . Last Friday as we " All eight of us " were on our lunch break four of us were talking about the news medias both mainstream vs alternative . It was about the differences between government sponsored mainstream news and who sponsors alternative news . there were 4 of us that agreed with the differences . He told me that the owner of the house over heard our conversation and didn't like what he heard so he insisted that we were to be removed from the project . I then called my friend Paul he is the guy that travails with me; we think alike on many subjects and get along well; he told me that he got the same call . We haven't talked to the other two yet . He is upset about it all; I am not . I told Paul to not worry I know a few other contractors or he could use my tools and start his own business or what ever works for him; he has my support . This made him feel better . As for me I have a retirement that I can lean on I just took these odd jobs to rebuild what I have lost over the last few months . Now I intend to continue my research in world events and hope to play a bigger part in the involvement in the info war . This summer I would like to participate in live streaming events and such . I hope I can make this work; it is something that I have wanted to do for a long time ... Being retired this should be like a second child hood I intend to enjoy it . Maybe take in some fishing and go skydiving one more time . Just as a added note : I think the owner of the house that we were working on is a libtard and most likely a leftist, a supporter of corporate socialism = low IQed nitwit . Just saying . As a kid in school my teachers told my dad and mom that I was anti authority and questioned everything .. My dad just smiled . So way should I change ?
  14. I don't believe that exposing the deep state will work to eliminate them or the issues at hand; it's going to take some hardcore patriots from the ideals of freedom . Can anyone tell me where all the likes of George Soros is ??
  15. Why armed militia groups are surging across the nation Published on Apr 19, 2017 Today signifies 22 years since the Oklahoma City bombing, an attack carried out by Timothy McVeigh that left 168 dead. McVeigh sympathized with armed right-wing militia groups, which at the time, were surging in membership. But armed militias have long been active on the fringes of American society and continue to rise today. Special correspondent P.J. Tobia reports.