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  1. I was just going to post this ...
  2. I bought 5 pounds of micro waved bacon . I am ready
  3. This is strange to me because I married a girl from Switzerland . She then got her permanent residence and then her U.S. citizen ship for free . I should add that this was in the late 1970s I will admit that I don't understand all there is about the Immigration system; maybe I am missing something here ..
  4. We now need to be the HEROES because Trump is not . This did not make my day ! He honors and acknowledges Chancellor Merkel ??? Is this video F^^king kidding me ? After watching this video I give up on any one in government, American or the western naitions . This is proof Trump is a fail . I was so pissed that Trump kissed Saudi Arabia's ass and gave Israel a hug . Now is the time for the people to take a stand agents the powers; because someone could be holding Trump and or his family hostage . As for as NATO I agree but we could do with out them .
  5. I have been watching this documentary there is no doubt this sexual perversion has happened and still is . This doc has keeped me on the edge of my seat . I would highly recommend watching it !!!! Just a added note : One must search Keepers on Netflix . It's the one with the picture of the Catholic Nun . Bumping this thread
  6. I was just listening to Alex Jones ranting about this vary thing . It is sad when the British men just let their police protect these mussy monsters . Come on Brits it's your turn to show the elites that you are not going to take this shit ....
  7. Agree Growing up as a child my father would tell me to never ever join a club, religious or political because if you do you will lose the ability to think critically and become a slave to what will master you .
  8. I watched this video and other info and I agree . This is a set up by the so called elites . There is a agenda ...
  9. She will starve in my political prison bread and water has vary little protein
  10. This is what we should do best . It takes work to discover what is real . And I am trying I posted this here and I admit I don't know these two sites . But then I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to identifying website credibility . Maybe someone should write a thread on how to tell if a website is credible or not . I don't like to share bull shit anymore than anyone else . This is way I have slowed down on sharing info on the web . There is to much bull shit now days . But I do have opinions I just try to keep in mind that opinions are like asses everyone has one ....
  11. What kind of sources are you looking for ? FaceBook ? Twitter ? FoxNews ? CNN ? Trying to put a finger on whats the truth now days has become a challenge . I know ... I wish I could be at this Clinton Estate; but even then if I was someone would ask for a source .
  12. This appears to be going down now as we speak 05/23/2017 The Clinton Estate In Upstate New York Is Surrounded By Federal Agents Posted Tue, 05/23/2017 - 21:58 As of now, all we know is that the Chappaqua, New York Police Department responded to a request from the FBI and Homeland Security to provide road and perimeter support for an operation at the Clinton Compound, located just outside town. LLOD reporter Skip Tetheluda is currently on scene and reports that the press is now being welcomed: “Multiple news outlets have been turned away and told they are obstructing justice. Whatever is going on here is big. They don’t want anyone to know until they find what they’re looking for.” When it comes to the Clintons, that could be anything from hidden documents to erased hard drives to broken Blackberries to corpses. We will keep you updated on this developing story. http://thelastlineofdefense.org/the-clinton-estate-in-upstate-new-york-is-surrounded-by-federal-agents/ http://society.thenet24h.com/693987/clinton-estate-upstate-new-york-surrounded-federal-agents.html
  13. Being the question is asked I did some research . Wow ! @Cinnamon My small town Iowa of 20.000 people has 3 and there is a total of 41 with in 50 miles around me ..
  14. I love humanity I want to join you Freedom is bliss
  15. Your Brain Is Not a Computer Authored or posted by Pao Chang By Robert Epstein, contributing writer for SOTT.net No matter how hard they try, brain scientists and cognitive psychologists will never find a copy of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the brain – or copies of words, pictures, grammatical rules or any other kinds of environmental stimuli. The human brain isn’t really empty, of course. But it does not contain most of the things people think it does – not even simple things such as ‘memories’. Link to the whole post : http://omnithought.org/your-brain-is-not-computer/5808 I find this vary interesting because I am human and a explorer of the subconscious mind ... Where are my memories stored ? This is a subject we have not talked about ... Yet ...