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  1. I said I love this speech . Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream . Martin Luther King one of the last real American heroes for all people ... I didn't say that I agreed with him totally as for his politics I said I liked the fricken speech . Hell I don't even trust Trump 100% I should have stayed in bed this morning ...
  2. Trump may just tell most of mainstream news to jump off a bridge and clean out the fake news as well and then bring in some new people from alternative news, I can see that happening . Way not Info Wars ?, they have woke up more people than anyone I know of . As Trump drains the swamp it will be a lot more than just politicians .
  3. I love this speech . Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream . Martin Luther King one of the last real American heroes for all people ...
  4. I am staying home this week and working on my old truck . I have food stashed and a few dollars in my hiding spot . I see dark agree clouds forming . I think George Soros and Hillary Clinton will be watching their minions on live stream and so will I .
  5. PUTIN EXPOSED THE PLOT TO DESTROY AMERICA Published on Jan 10, 2017 In a recent Christmas speech, the most maligned man on the planet exposed the plot to destroy America and the West.
  6. Published on Jan 12, 2017 Something HUGE Just Crashed In Africa! Military Cover-up! MILITARY DENIES ALIEN COVERUP 2017 in the afternoon of Wednesday, January 11, 2017, around 17 hours that an unidentified flying aircraft crashed in a field of peanut in the sub-prefecture of Koba, prefecture of Boké. According to witnesses this flying aircraft crashed in a field, after violent movements over a diameter of 300 meters before stopping. Special Thanks to Jibril Barry for on location reporting from Koba Africa!
  7. This is payback for their alliance to the machine . I think Democrats will learn that being nice and honesty has it's benefits . May the butt hurt continue ...
  8. Even one with a half of a brain can't defend Islam . Islam is not a religion it is a political ideology with a agenda and that is to rule the world with sharia law . I never wanted to hate anyone but I am finding hate in my heart for those that have adapted to this heartless so called religion .
  9. I can't believe that I read this whole thread ...
  10. I can't wait for the party to get started I am going to sit here and eat and watch the butt hurt libtards get
  11. Nice little break from the norm of doom and gloom
  12. What makes a legitimate president ? Is it someone that will support corporate agendas or someone that will support the people ? These butt hurt snowflake libtards will one day see the light that's over the evil intentions of the cold greedy harts of humanity .. Trump is going to have fun turning the light on those with evil intent .
  13. Darkness fears the light I have yet known of a department in government any government that has no demons . Trump is a threat to them all because they have not been able to find one spot of evil in his hart ... This is a great video post at the OP's link
  14. I Googled this question How many plagues were there ? This is a list of the worst plagues in man’s recorded history : So there is more than one that is known of: http://listverse.com/2009/01/18/top-10-worst-plagues-in-history/ So what makes them think they can make a wonder drug for all plagues that could be used including the ones that will be made up or yet to come ? Scientists Race To Develop Vaccine For The Plague ? Ya right ! It's more like they will be making just more toxins to add to the fire of death . I have said this many times " I don't fear death it's self; I just fear getting there "
  15. Forced compliance to a idea .. This is wrong on so many levels .. Wake me up when that SOB Obama is out of office .. I'm going back to bed for a few more days ..