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  1. The highest of intent, Ukshep, is often the intent that drives yourself and others. However you may find at the same time, this intent is most often disregarded. You have not been disregarded Ukshep and in that in observation, I see that you hold dear to yourself, "everyday anew." I really don't know what this one person thinks of me, yet seems to have blackballed me by calling me out as a "witch." Really CH? You ran me so far out of that town that I can't get back. Are you proud of yourself C_hawk? If I am that much of a threat to your ideology, I am amazed. I just shake my head. I only mentioned this because my avatar was brought into this in this thread. It's been a week or so now, so I thought I'd finally put it out there. I am not running scared; in fact, I am not running at all. If someone cannot even be adult enough and intelligent enough to listen to or read something that another has to say and then immediately attach a label to it, well, CH, you might consider the label of "warlock" yourself because these are the attributes you are exhibiting. Not a nice feeling, is it? Or is it? Perhaps, this was your mission all along, to get me out. Like I said, "shakes my head." Or maybe this is exactly what you wanted me to do. Here I am, call me a "witch" again. You only empower me to be a better me. Thanks. Sunpar
  2. Mew, Your last two words, "her Destiny." That kind of says it all for me. It is just that, "her Destiny," and not that of others trying to make her globally known to be anything else than she wants to be, >>> as in the modern mythological sense of things. Sunpar
  3. Hi there peeps, I hear there's been talk in these here woods. Talk is good, however, not always as specific or correct as we would like to think. I am fine because I know my definition for "fine." It fits in here. I will just think to myself that you all are "F.I.N.E." as well. Shep, on a side note, what's up with your TC http://NOT_TO_BE_MENTIONED_yet it is tiny.com/copstaff : I just mentioned that in that "hijacked place" and posted to airplane with a question mark and WOW! Who'd a thunk? I was banned instantly by the same said individual. Be gentle; be well, Sunpar

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