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  1. I was raised Catholic, I do not practice. I know there is something greater.
  2. @Rothbard What did you think of D marble? i just recently sub'd his channel, seems like a good dude, and he's from my home state.
  3. Research should be shared... $27 pay per view for a flat earth conference sounds like money grubbing to me. Not defending math or his tactics, just sayin'.
  4. @Notorious JIB What is your impression of Math powerland? I have watched most of his videos, the music ones I tend to skip over. I don't know what it is about the guy, but he's talented and has unique take on things. I thought about trying to meet him in Vegas, but didn't get the chance.
  5. No air = everything weights the same. No magic there...
  6. Perhaps you can get a feather to travel 17000mph if you dropped it out of the ISS.
  7. Lol Go ahead and do the math... Once again, air resistance is not in the equation for weight. A vacuum is not magic. The force due to gravity would still be different for each object.
  8. Did you miss my questions? I understand what you believe. So, no point in arguing beliefs.
  9. ...not sure I saw air resistance in the equation. Did you? Perhaps gravity evens out in a vacuum.
  10. Good ahead and check your math... You vs feather, in a vacuum. Both fall at the same speed, explain? Shouldn't you fall faster, no matter what? How can gravity pull two entirely different masses at the same speed?
  11. Density/Buoyancy is Equilibrium, the further out of equilibrium an object is, the faster it will move towards equilibrium.
  12. You say accelerate down at 9.8m/s/s, but is it truly accelerating if you stop accelerating at some point, terminal vecocity? or is this just the maximum speed you can travel, without force, through a specific medium?
  13. lol, from a guy who complains about people twisting his words...