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  1. This does have a lot to do with distance anomalies. The distance to travel around the poles should be relatively equal and smaller than the equator.
  2. I think you would have to change your orientation in reference to the globe, you would have to be at angle looking down that latitude. On a ball with gravity you are always on top, so you would be looking perpendicular to the ball all the time. The cut off tennis ball example would mean if it where on the table the person viewing would be laying parallel to the table and look around the edge touching the table... We can't really get that veiw
  3. I agree with grav, this may just be confusing the situation. Technically "if" we where on a ball, any direction we look would be equal curve/distance...since you would be considered on the top of your sphere. This idea may help more with distance anomalies between flat earth navigation and ball earth. The disconnect here is that the earth is flat, and every direction you look... There is no curve. That's the beauty of the ball...no matter where you are it seems flat... Curve is equal everywhere and we are small... So it seems flat...OR maybe its just flat and our sense do work. What bothers me most about this whole thing, is even if you are a ball earther, you should be able to see how close the two models actually are. And how well they hide and cover the few things that could easily prove once and for all one way or the other. Antarctic midnight sun, downward facing camera on a space launch, a camera on the moon, north south circumnavigation...
  4. So I was just outside, observing the moon during the day time 6ish here in WA state. Anywho, held up a ball to check the sun light and terminator line and compare with the moon. Though the moon looks off to me. The ball exhibited the same terminator line as the moon. Not proof of anything, but my observations.
  5. ...lol. I have been remodeling my house since March. I was to have the home on the market in June... Needless to say I am still working on it. I do BELIEVE lol, that I will be done by end of September for sure. My ability to "do science" will will improve greatly, I still haven't had time or the excess resources to get a Telescope/large binoculars to even go watch boats. I am only 76 miles or so from Mt. Rainer. Give me some time and it will happen. The wife and I are going to be road trippin' after we sell the house. Perhaps some flat earth meet ups can happen, we plan to hit as many states as possible.
  6. I thought about something yesterday, not at length...but enough to maybe have an idea. A mirror placed facing sunrise/sunset, standing vertical...or as much the globers can manage anyway... Bad jokes aside, the point is...on a flat earth, the reflection of the Sun's light should never be off the ground. On the ball, it would come off the ground and start reflecting up. (Vise versa at sunrise) I obviously understand the mirror may have to be at some elevation to get above obstructions. A mountain would do fine. Maybe the angle on BE might not be enough... thoughs?
  7. Where is the moon? Am I to understand that these images, and the ones of the moon passing by, are from the same(DSCOVR) satellite? Does it jump from behind the moon (to see it pass), to in front of (as to see the eclipse, without the moon In the way)? Shouldn't we have seen a partial eclipse on the first videos with the moon passing in front of the satellite? WTF mate?
  8. I always wanted to try the merry go round idea. Thank you for reporting all your findings. I know you put a ton of time in with the experiments that you do. Much Appreciated. I don't have time to do much myself right now, and I sure don't trust NASA and other BS. You're my science channel. It's awesome to see how many people are getting out and doing experiments now. it's just a matter of time now, before somethings gives. I'm interested in dr.zacks laser(final) test.
  9. I believe those are the taser pistols, that have the yellow cartridge. Edit: also most of those cops seem to be right handed, carrying the real pistols in their right hand (strong side). Which would mean their holsters for that pistol is on the right as well. Leaving room on their left (weak side) for the taser and its holster. edit... Never mind
  10. Just my thoughts... I have been playing an online video game called "the division". There has been many issues and glitches in the game, as well as game play issues that players have been complaining about. I'm sure some of you know about Reddit.com, and other forms of social media. Over the past three or so months it's been online, there have been constant updates, changes, and game play tweaks. Almost in a realtime fashion. Glitches are found, reported to social media, consumed, and taken advantage of. As that happens, simultaneously, developers are fixing the glitches and exploits. While also responding to issues raised by players about game play. It's actually pretty cool to see how fast they can respond to issues. My point is, after each shooting the social media, CT websites, and all the like go nuts. As people point out fails in the fakery, it is instantly absorbed and acted upon. Such as the last few shootings having a low person cell phone video count, now we have more personal videos in the latest shooting. We are in effect, sharpening their skills. They will get better, not that it matters to 99% of the population that consider it being on the news enough to confirm it is real. Maybe if we stop watching, we can bring down the ratings, and get them canceled... Like any other show on the tv.
  11. This might be my ego talking...I still have it, it is hard to let go of. Sometimes more than others. Anywho, if I was still a BE'er, as we all were once. I would be jumping at the chance to find proof that the FE camp is a bunch of nutters! ...perhaps that is why I'm here. I thought it insane and silly once, that there could still be people out there that believe it's still flat... After taking a look at the evidence put forth and being completely honest about how my own knowledge of the globe came to be was my first step. Realizing that the flat earth model was never explained to me at all, and never given the opportunity to figure it out myself. Finding out there is little "proof" out there other than NASA, to show we live on a spinning sphere, flying through space. Knowing, that I have never seen the earth from that perspective(space), and never will. Seeing how succinct the system of duality in place makes the main points of debate clouded by lack of percpective and unprovable distances in the solar system. Knowing that at this point, as far as sheeple whom already believe anything the see on tv, combined with the level of cgi technology out there, nothing will change their minds. Short of NASA itself, telling them it's now flat... Showing a cartoon to explain why. I can only come to the conclusion that, you either accept everything you are told, or you question things. There is not much middle ground. Saying that, I know it offers nothing. Its only a statement based on my observations. It may not matter if the earth is flat or not, though I believe it does. My point is along the lines of, the journey being more important the the destination. Perhaps we are wrong. If we are, we will find that out too, by our own experiments and research... Or maybe we will dig long enough to find something undeniable. Until then... Critical thinking.
  12. As for why I would expect the horizon to drop, its cause we are supposed to be on a ball. And that "ball" is small, 24,000 miles... There should be a point at which the flat looking horizon starts to fall, as in you would have to tilt your head (camera) down to see it. This is not what we see at altitudes as high or higher than 70,000 ft. In fact the only curve we are shown is from low earth orbit (LEO)craft or higher. I would like to see some transition, and know where that transition ( specific altitude ) that it starts to take place. There doesn't seem to be any footage ( other than go pro lens footage ) where it transitions from a flat horizon at eye level to looking down at a curved horizon, then eventually having the whole earth visible as a globe. Should be easy enough, throw a camera one of the "many" satellite launching vehicles. Yet, not one video... That I have seen anyway. I will take a look at the gyro stuff you posted, however it's been my understand that most gyros are mechanical only. I will look in to the FOG and see where and what applications are using these. If the majority... Or any for that matter on long distance aircraft are mechanical, than it matters not that they make one that takes gravity in to account and used accelerometers. They either all have to them, or they don't really need anything more than a mechanical gyro. I hope you understand they we take everything with a grain of salt, when it comes to people who swoop down on our thread saying they don't have time to explain high school geometry to us (essentially insulting us). Have you any experiments that you have done/can do personally that prove the earth spinning or that there is a curve? We are doing our best to do our own experiments and trying to prove to ourselves one way or another. I have had a hard time making sense of world where we "know" the earth is a spinning ball, and all we have to prove it are the "lay down at sunset and stand up to see it again" proofs... It's a bit silly. Again, only proving, perspective has more to do with all of this than anything. I am going to do the curve math on the little Tahoma peak on Mt. Rainier, it's above the clouds and visible in the photo from Mt. Brunswick photo. Thanks for hanging around a bit longer.
  13. Thanks for replying. I know that you explained that on a ball we would see a straight line horizon in any direction we look. My question would be; if there is an island 5 miles in front of me, and to the left and right of that island there are boats, also at 5 miles. boat-----island-----boat Me if the coast line of the island is not visible to me, it should also be not visible to either ship, correct? now, if I am observing all three, island, and both ships.... How can I not observe the difference between the boats? 10 miles? Island boat Boat . Me sorry about the crude illustration. I have to run somewhere for a few minutes, I will answer the rest of your post soon.
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