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  1. terrible thing to say after all this time, and also a bald faced lie you do a great disservice to the people trying to decipher via their own ideas/experiments/thoughts as well as videos you should be ashamed and embarrassed at this statement and apologize, you are a tiring individual (always tearing down, never an ounce of humility to admit one point we may have gotten right in 445 pages) good-bye
  2. holo would be missed it is not a small matter to direct your own footsteps, they talk about as if it is some lofty ideal (attainable only to a certain breed) but it is not, it is in us all (that is why they fight so hard to box us up)
  3. my wife was talking about the 'sphere within a sphere' sculptures around the world, and it reminded me of this star video (i can't recall if it has been posted here or not)
  4. operation indigo skyfold use flightaware to see what should and should not be in the sky in real time (better if you live far from main routes as the tracking will be easier) i noticed a 1" ring of light around the sun as it shone through the clouds the other day, and it made me think of jibby's closer sun how could a light source 93 000 000 miles away create such a relatively tiny halo around it, should it not be an indiscernible glow across the entirety of the cloud cover? when in a later elementary school grade the 'astronomy' lesson involved a text book with a photo of the milky way, and above the right 'arm' was a big white arrow pointing down and the word 'earth' above it even then i knew it was impossible to be real, as the distances man had traveled, they had just taught, was irreconcilable the training once exposed is impossible to ignore, this and other inconsistencies i pointed out made me a 'problem child', one with authority issues
  5. when the video is complete, grav will post it with reckless abandon
  6. sorry about the pics, the links work though odd
  7. how can any honest scientist/searcher of truth today, still falsely claim a ship's hull disappearing over the horizon is proof of a globe, when it was debunked experimentally over 140 years ago? this alone should cause anyone with intellectual integrity to begin to ask why they don't trust you with this knowkedge have we become your enemy because we have spoken the truth? why does modern science still espouse demonstrably false teachings to you? do you not think you are capable of free thought and free inquiry into a matter? i believe you are, they don't i want you to be free, they don't here is a direct quote from a book written in 1865:
  8. says i need a new flash player to view, i'll try on a different machine tomorrow i'm leaning my thoughts towards life before the ball became in vogue, there are many engineering feats/marvels done with fe only in their minds, how? they should be abject failures, but they worked well i think this avenue seems worthy of unwrapping thanks to all
  9. (grav, if i am reading your quote trouble correctly, simply place your cursor on the line below the quote, and hit backspace to delete the quote) how many bona fide photos of the round earth does nasa have to show you before you acquiesce to their superiority behold the earth in all her/his? round glory (egypt is bigger than i had previously thought, but the photographic proof is right there) http://triggerpit.com/2010/11/22/incredible-pics-nasa-astronaut-wheelock/#photo8 as an aside, here is my non-robot phrase to enter for the above image
  10. movies.... just watched one with this line: "daddy said stars are just pinholes in the curtain of heaven" interesting thought could account for the flickering and odd color shifts of some stars, depending upon the light behind the curtain which ties in with wizard of oz, the man behind the curtain (light/God) as an impotent small, lever puller (adversarial mockery) thinking out loud is all....
  11. grav's post about the suez canal in the conclusive test thread, led me think about ancient aquaducts so here we go.... http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/rome-s-tremendous-tunnel-the-ancient-world-s-longest-underground-aqueduct-a-612718.html obviously the flat earth retards at the time would have soon realized to overcome the 1054 ft. drop in curvature, they would have had to have constructed a tower almost 50 stories (525 ft) high at one end to move the water just to the tunnel opening haha, retards gonna tard, all that time and energy wasted for something that would never, ever, ever work on a ball earth
  12. one point about the moon being not a reflection of the sun but a cool light unto itself, and the dome
  13. interesting convo from a movie, start at 47:45 highlights: little girl - have you ever seen the ocean? man - ocean? yes. little girl - which one, the pacific or the atlantic? or the indian, or the arctic or the antarctic.....etc.? man - the atlantic little girl - and you stood at the edge and waded in the water... and stood at the edge of the whole entire atlantic ocean man - uh-huh little girl - you look out and you keep on looking and there keeps on being water, very flat, and more water and more water, as far as you could see? man - yes little girl - and then what happens at the end, when you can only see so far and then what happens at the very, very farthest point, how does it look? man - well, the planet curves little girl - you see the curve of the planet? man - you see the horizon, you see the sky touching down on the ocean little girl - oh my God, mr. gibbs that is wonderful man - you can see the same thing here in new mexico, the desert meets the sky (vanishing point on a plane)
  14. just checking out leveledwater.com some translation issues, but a good site to bookmark they brought up an interesting point about the 'vacuum of space' and heat a simple experiment we have all done without probably realizing its implications, hot coffee in a thermos stays hot for long periods of time now we extrapolate into a perfect vacuum (like 'space') around your hot coffee and a perfect seal on the lid, and what would you expect to happen? the coffee would remain perpetually the same temperature, therefore the sun would never radiate heat anywhere in a perfect space vacuum you could literally stand/float right beside the sun and not feel a degree of body temp increase, but we have all stood in the glorious radiance of the summer sun and felt its warmth how is that possible through the vacuum of space? here is 'their' answer: so astronauts and all space missions would be cooked ala a microwave oven (or an infrared oven, you can buy these, quite efficient) or, think about the hottest coffee/tea you have ever put in a thermos, and put a cold hand against it, trying to capture some of those wonderful warming infrared rays it does not happen, there is zero radiation of any rays simple experiment, staggering implications everywhere you turn they fabricate, none of it makes sense when you drill-in (such large numbers, too large, like a spell/hypnosis it makes one weary/susceptible to manipulation)

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