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  1. terrible thing to say after all this time, and also a bald faced lie you do a great disservice to the people trying to decipher via their own ideas/experiments/thoughts as well as videos you should be ashamed and embarrassed at this statement and apologize, you are a tiring individual (always tearing down, never an ounce of humility to admit one point we may have gotten right in 445 pages) good-bye
  2. holo would be missed it is not a small matter to direct your own footsteps, they talk about as if it is some lofty ideal (attainable only to a certain breed) but it is not, it is in us all (that is why they fight so hard to box us up)
  3. my wife was talking about the 'sphere within a sphere' sculptures around the world, and it reminded me of this star video (i can't recall if it has been posted here or not)
  4. operation indigo skyfold use flightaware to see what should and should not be in the sky in real time (better if you live far from main routes as the tracking will be easier) i noticed a 1" ring of light around the sun as it shone through the clouds the other day, and it made me think of jibby's closer sun how could a light source 93 000 000 miles away create such a relatively tiny halo around it, should it not be an indiscernible glow across the entirety of the cloud cover? when in a later elementary school grade the 'astronomy' lesson involved a text book with a photo of the milky way, and above the right 'arm' was a big white arrow pointing down and the word 'earth' above it even then i knew it was impossible to be real, as the distances man had traveled, they had just taught, was irreconcilable the training once exposed is impossible to ignore, this and other inconsistencies i pointed out made me a 'problem child', one with authority issues
  5. i'm not sorry about this about how feel right now!

    that is a big step into the light of truth, if you can break the chains of division they foist upon us at every turn
  6. dude, how is this possible on a globe earth? Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;... Mat 4:8 allegory, gravity, ??? the bible is pretty clear about the geo-centrist view (earth not moving/spinning at all), that is what led me to flat earth research was scripture not agreeing with what i was taught about helio-centrism and looking into why you have to decide whether the clear language of scripture is enough to open your eyes and ears, and whether you will search out a matter before answering (because to say this is some new debate created by horny teenagers on 4chan is plainly ignorant of the totality of human existence)
  7. when the video is complete, grav will post it with reckless abandon
  8. sorry about the pics, the links work though odd
  9. how can any honest scientist/searcher of truth today, still falsely claim a ship's hull disappearing over the horizon is proof of a globe, when it was debunked experimentally over 140 years ago? this alone should cause anyone with intellectual integrity to begin to ask why they don't trust you with this knowkedge have we become your enemy because we have spoken the truth? why does modern science still espouse demonstrably false teachings to you? do you not think you are capable of free thought and free inquiry into a matter? i believe you are, they don't i want you to be free, they don't here is a direct quote from a book written in 1865:
  10. RED ALERT INFO 911 - Arch of Baal

    very interesting stuff shep my wife watched this very one last night, she thought it made some fascinating connections
  11. Shout out where you're from!

    beautiful british columbia, canuckistan
  12. https://youtu.be/n_aVFVveJNs
  13. worth a read, as is his article on zuckerberg i think i may begin to refer to 'them' and their minions as 'dream-weavers', make the dream wonderful/promising, but always just a little bit left to keep you wanting to sleep http://mileswmathis.com/musk.pdf
  14. says i need a new flash player to view, i'll try on a different machine tomorrow i'm leaning my thoughts towards life before the ball became in vogue, there are many engineering feats/marvels done with fe only in their minds, how? they should be abject failures, but they worked well i think this avenue seems worthy of unwrapping thanks to all
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