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  1. How was this a good thing. All I hear is an asshole antagonizing the police. Trying to invoke a response. I congratulate those officers for showing such restraint.
  2. A priest is not important to the survival of Christianity. The bible is. I would much rather have children and educated people.
  3. Yea no they don't. They just have no time for assholes and elbows. Which is quite alright. I am an asshole more often than not, so i take my spankings when they come.
  4. This is a common assignment.... It requires the assigned to look at a persons abilities rather than shortcomings. What does a 50 year old priest have to offer the world. Nothing.
  5. That is one theory. The other is that he actually has a hidden vault/Bomb shelter somewhere on the mountain. We are talking 10,000 acres of mountain forest.
  6. There is a legend in Tennessee where my family lives. A man was very wealthy, I mean very wealthy. When he died all of his wealth was mysterious gone. No records. Except one, he turned all of his currency in for Gold. So somewhere on the mountain there is believed to be somewhere between 50-100 million in Gold buried. I went metal detecting with my great uncle a few times looking. We actually found an old lockbox. But it was empty. Oddly enough dozens of similar lock boxes have been found.
  7. lmfao gotta love working to stay in debt!
  8. brb going to buy a 18th century piano!
  9. I believe she already won the heart of the French people.
  10. Healthcare is screwed in America. The moment you move towards socialism total collapse and rebuilding is the only fix sadly.
  11. My friend we have been at war for 20 years with Russia and China. The cold war never ended, it simply cooled. The moment Bush began Building military bases in the old USSR block nations the deal was off. They began preparing and we began preparing. This game they play is with our lives and if we don't play along with then we die.
  12. That is debatable, but I understand this. I question his choices as well. But like I said months ago. I will wait 6 months before I pass judgement. That or until he does something so obvious and so egregious we must act. I simply hold to hope that my feelings and all of yours are not correct. Understand that just because I support Trump does not mean I like what he is doing. I simply stand back, and wait, I pray what I fear is coming is not true. But It likely is, and that should scare the shit out of the bravest of men.
  13. I see what you see, I just see what it really is. It is taking things trump said on the campaign trail. Making vague generalize predictions. This is very easily done.