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  1. What is with you and continually attacking me in this way. Seriously you are really about to PISS ME THE f**k OFF! I am really getting sick of the way you think you can talk to people just because you run this site. You are seriously bringing me to some very serious anger. I have every right to a f**king opinion opposite to you. I don't f**king live in the UK. I live in the United states of America. We have thousands of differing cultures and sub cultures. I am entitled to think believe whatever the f**k I want. I don't have to go along with your hive mind bull shit. You all look like a bunch of f**king Honey Bee's. Jeering and making jokes towards anyone opposite to you. This f**king place is becoming the polar opposite of GLP Every time someone has a different opinion than the collective consciousness here of late you all pile on and attack. It is really getting old quick. Whatever man, I have shared how I feel and that is that. I wish you the best of luck in life.
  2. Do you know what defaming is? Because that has not occurred. When I see a gap in judgement I will always point it out. Somewhere you have betrayed your own principles and are rushing to judgement based on air. That or I never knew you to begin with. Which is very much so a possibility.
  3. Please do show me the evidence. Because an article from beforeitsnews, veteranstoday, or natural health is not evidence. I mean this with sincerity. Nothing you have put forward up to this moment is proof of Trump being a puppet or a betrayer. All he has shown thus far is the capacity to change his mind and admit that he was wrong. Now, if the pattern continues as it does. Then without proof/evidence one can begin to make the assertion that he is a puppet. Unlike Trump, Obama was being handled all the way back to Chicago, where he was raised up to be the Manchurian candidate he was. Trump however comes from a very proud family of businessmen and law enforcement. Two very different types of people. Trump's Ego alone takes away any chance of him being a puppet.
  4. No where near enough information to make that conclusion yet.
  5. I just don''t understand how anyone can already have Trump pegged. He has barely been able to do anything. Everything he has tried to do has been blocked by Liberal Judges or congress. This is not his fault. I am not in the situation room. I am not privy to information he is. Neither are any of you. To judge a mans actions without all of the pieces to a puzzle is evidence of a man who is going down the path of a fool. Not one who is enlightened. If Trump tried going JFK's route he would be dead already. I stick to my 6 month mark. Until then I wait and watch, and all with a mind should be doing. Not rushing to conclusions based on fake news. Which is all I have seen at this point.
  6. This is my issue as well. So much bashing almost all of it based on fake news from fringe websites no one has ever heard of.
  7. No, because that hope shattering means I become a Terrorist.
  8. Wow man, all i see on here lately is a bunch of childish nonsense. What the f**k is wrong with you.
  9. Yawn. So much bullshit on here lately. Yall are committing some serious intellectual suicide on this one.
  10. Uhmmm we all should be nationalists and globalists. To a be a globalist to its true meaning is a good thing. Which is clearly what Trump meant.
  11. You guys seem to be confusing Light pollution with chem trails.
  12. For me it is the bad news Noreen.