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  1. I got in a fight in BCT with a kid. I stood there smiling. I let him hit me in the face 6 times. I laughed everytime he hit me. After the 6th hit I grabbed him and slammed him into a washer, denting it in. He didn't get up. From a very young age I learned how to take a punch.
  2. I love his character so f**king much. Such a creep! XD
  3. that is not even remotely a lot of money. Welfare has received hundreds of trillions at this point. The war on Poverty alone has cost 22 trillion. Medicaid has cost 5 X's that number. Then we have other welfare programs that total many more trillions. You are a fool and everyone like you makes me sick. Making up bullshit logical fallacy arguments that lend no support or factual evidence in support of your arguments. Just pure absolute abject bullshit.
  4. I am referring to space born kinetic weapons.
  5. The and others is f**king mute. This thread was about flat earth and NASA. Not others. Your statement insinuated exorbitant cost to NASA when they are one of the least funded in the nation.
  6. A Good king Serves his people. A Bad king's people serve him.
  7. ಠ_ಠ
  8. Well all Russia would need to do is drop a kinetic weapon and there she'd go.
  9. OMG WHAT A f**kING JOKE!!!!!!! Well, once they get past the Army PFT warm-up let me know when they are performing any actual squad battle drills.
  10. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha