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  1. The Official Finance Thread

    BitCoin "indicator" articles * indications of future imminent interest ===================================== The big opportunity, he explained to an audience composed of real estate agents hoping to lure investors from China, lies with a Chinese law that limits wire transfers to $50,000 annually per person, a restriction not currently applied to bitcoin. Lifthrasir noted that his audience was receptive to this broad message, but that he was asked sometimes tough questions about whether bitcoin could serve the needs of potential clients. For example, he suggested that one participant asked if bitcoin potentially violated the spirit of the law, and would therefore be only a limited-time option for Chinese buyers. Lifthrasir, however, rebuffed these concerns, noting that bitcoin is being used to circumvent capital controls in Argentina, Greece and other struggling economies. "I wouldn't consider it a gray market, what we're doing is legal," he explained. "You can buy as much bitcoin as you want and there's no issue with that. -------------- coindesk.com/realtors-event-bitcoin-china-real-estate/ ===== And Argentina ihb.io/2015-07-20/news/bitcoins-in-buenos-aires-revolution-grassroots-argentina
  2. That seemingly confirms Clif High's data ........ and also of note ......Martin Armstrong's "2015.75" prediction [ which he has been maintaining for 25 years now !!! ] occurs on Thursday October 1
  3. The Official Finance Thread

    Oh Oh ============================================================== The Times of London@thetimes Tomorrow’s front page: US ready to switch off cash supply to Putin =========================================================
  4. I think we can characterize that as a "capitulation" post. Capitulation is when long term "perma-bulls" give up all hope andfinally turn pessimistic Technically....this is good news. Capitulation is a "counter-indicator" It means PMs are about to skyrocket
  5. The Official Nibiru Thread

    This one is very good ..... a "must watch" PLANET X/NASA FILES/THEY KNOW IT IS COMING! Published on Jul 15, 2015 BPEarthwatch The Real Nasa Documents on the search for a Object with an estimated 500 Year Orbit. Documents reveal that something had disturbed the orbits of the outer planets coming in 200 years ago.
  6. The Official Finance Thread

    http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e303/84-385/drama1.jpg .
  7. The Official Finance Thread

    http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e303/84-385/enjoysummer1.png .============================================= If you have got family and friends that you would like to visit before things start getting really crazy, you should do so within the next couple of months, because these are the last days of “normal life” in America. The website where I have posted this article is called “End of the American Dream“, but perhaps I should have entitled it “The End of America” because that is essentially what we are heading for. The debt-fueled prosperity that so many of us take for granted is about to come to a screeching halt, and we are about to enter the hardest times that any of us have ever known. And I am not just talking about economics either. Based on all of the intel and information that I have gathered, we are about to enter a “perfect storm” that is going to shake this country in just about every possible way that it can be shaken. So I hope that you will truly savor this summer – days like this will not come around again any time soon. http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/the-last-days-of-normal-life-in-america
  8. The Official Finance Thread

    Just a short note here. BitCoin is "backed" by mathematics [ the architecture of the algorithms ] That's more than nothing . The value in Gold & Silver is based on perception of their worth...which is just as etheric as math.
  9. The Official Nibiru Thread

    Planet X/"Chinese Guest Star"/Visible by December 2015/ BPEarthWatch Published on Jul 12, 2015 A Look at the extensive work by Gill Broussard
  10. The Official Nibiru Thread

    . http://yowusa.com/2015/07/google-sky-winged-object/
  11. The Official Finance Thread

    It's been speculated that BitCoin is the "go-to" "move wealth forward" moneyduring the upcoming economic collapse.It's not the final destination...but you have place wealth somewhere as the storm is happening.Precious metals are best ....but for "moving & using" ...cryptos [ie. BitCoin]are better.
  12. The Official Finance Thread

    https://i.imgur.com/zNQI8mm.png . Despite the exuberance in US and European equity markets, it appears Bitcoin is sending a different (avoid the looming capital controls) message... Does someone know something? Bitcoin is soaring on heavy volume... zerohedge.com/news/2015-07-10/bitcoin-soars-10-does-someone-know-something
  13. The Official Finance Thread

    http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e303/84-385/ird.png . Article Here : http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/somebody-big-is-sitting-on-the-gold-price/
  14. The Official Finance Thread

    As of this morning, it does appear TPTB have managed to repair the two cracked mirrors in the hall of smoke and mirrors. I tend to agree it may take a raging bull of an event to smash the room enough so that it no longer fools people stuck in it. http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e303/84-385/bail-in1.jpg . =================================================================================== BitCoin jumped up this morning ................ http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e303/84-385/bit71015.png
  15. Snow ~ California ~ July

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