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  1. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    MOTHER f***ERS!!!!
  2. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    any update on what the militia is up to?
  3. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    I just cannot get over why Amon, LaVoy, and the rest of them, thought it a prudent move to all pile in a vehicle and leave the safety of the refuge. They know the feds wanted them, its like they said "here, kill us all in one shot". I am saddened and angered by his murder, but that has to be one of the all time WORST decisions made. They threw it all away with that one bad decision. Maybe it was meant to be and all that.. but damn it!! The feds won... the fking feds one, damnit.
  4. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    the time for peace has passed. There will be no peace until every one of those POS feds is handled.
  5. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    Why does the last video cut out?? confirm what? is this a troll video?
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