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  1. I have a friend named “Jimmy” who is constantly pointing out, to those who will listen, the numerous “33’s” and “13’s” in advertising, news stories, and film plots. At first (sorry Jimmy), it sounded a bit crazy, like all “conspiracy” theories tend to sound, at first. Then, like many of them, I discovered that what was “crazy” about it, is that it is True. The number “33” is very significant to those who are part of the international “Masonic” lodges throughout the world, whose members are simply known as “Masons”, at least to the rest of us on the outside. “Lions Club”, “Rotary Club”, “Kiwanis”, “Shriners”, and “Knights of Columbus”, are all said to be part of a central Masonic organization, which prides itself in the motto “Known by Many Names”. As the short clip below proves beyond any doubt, ALL major television networks (ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS), as seen by their differentiating logos in the lower right and left part of the screen, receive scripts from a central authority above them. (It is your guess, as well as mine, as to who or what this central authority is.) Whoever they are, they have complete control over ALL major media, under the guise of there being “Independent” outlets. http://right.is/conservative-opinion/2016/07/33-the-number-for-masons-and-illuminati-video-5247.html

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