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  1. Today I learned you can order freeze dried zika virus online. What's even more interesting and WTF is, look at the patent holder!!! http://www.lgcstandards-atcc.org/products/all/VR-84.aspx?geo_country=es#history edit: just saw theres another thread for this, sorry.. delete if you can mods
  2. SO there is a blackout for electronic devices on the refuge right now? Noone knows what is going on? Just what they want. WE will never know the truth about what happens with this standoff.
  3. can you expand on what you mean? how would a beep help
  4. You notice that the video cuts away before you see the agents planting the gun on the body. Even the helicopter camera operator was in on it, so it must have been planned way in advance.
  5. What happened to the guys still left at refuge ? they still there?
  6. can you elaborate and clarify what you mean by putting your names on a list?
  7. good info. have not heard that. I did see he was arrested. wow.
  8. night man, get some tussionex ;D
  9. it LOOKED like the "it" guy who has been running the streams. but don't take my word for it, he just looked like a skinny shrimp like the same dude kylo ren or whoever he is It was obvious he knew he f***ed up by having the stream on when that was asked, and he ran to shut it off then took time to delete the videos.
  10. Here's the way I see it, The real players were nabbed a few days ago. They're going to send in some guys running an FBI agenda to wrap up the situation how they feel it should be wrapped up. They basically get to choose the outcome of the story by pretending to be the real dudes. Depending on how many people "die" this could very well be a PSYOP to establish gun control or some other government agenda Will be very interesting to see how this plays out. *grabs popcorn for the show being put on*
  11. Thanks!!! Cool little forum you guys have here. Glad to have found it ;)
  12. What strikes me is most suspicious is the guy running to shut off the stream, and then they deleted the stream seconds later. Go check defendyourbase, they just deleted those streams ONLY, for some reason.
  13. Soooo.. Relief aircraft to pick up the crisis actors?
  14. This is going to lead to policy change or gun control or something f***ed up same shit they did for Sandy Hook
  15. Have you guys seen this youtube.com/watch?v=rXJgk6wr9D4 -- they deleted these streams moments after being asked to sign talent releases! VERY SUSPICIOUS. I think these guys are crisis actors and this is all a PSYOP