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  1. The process of quitting is hellacious and I know first-hand because I am in that trench as we speak. Switched to vaping again as it helped me quit before. My hope is to eventually be off the stuff permanently. You have to consider in a shtf scenario, you want to be dependent on as few things as possible. Water, food and basic care are enough to worry about. Imagine dealing with all that PLUS nicotine fits. No thank you, Sir Smoke.
  2. Is fasting the Fountain of Youth?

    If one pays attention to medical procedures in emergency situations, docs almost always restrict the diet first. No liquids even. This allows the body to perform natural repair work in the organs. The doctors are well aware of the benefits of fasting because this is standard procedure. Truly I am surprised it isn't more common knowledge to everyone. Time for a personal fast! Thanks for the reminder ♡
  3. Hmm...must be the new gelatinous ones. The old saline ones wouldn't be able to do that.
  4. Facebook UnDeleteable!

    As long as we are on the internet, we have no place to hide and the beast keeps growing. Our chances are shot with the number of "like" addicts they've enslaved.
  5. That series messed me right up. The White Christmas episode was probably the most impactful for me. San Junipero made me cry like a baby.
  6. Interesting thread. I've always wondered. Knowing my luck, I'm tied to a bipolar demon. The nausea just hit a few hours ago. After a nap, the depression is back. Fml.
  7. herbs to enhance psychic abilities

    Thanks, T. Going to have to try some of these!
  8. Ahh. I see you select the forum when you create a new thread. Cool feature. The added reactions to posts are also interesting. Good on you trying new things. I'm a fan of change
  9. Why did you decide to remove the subforums? Curious. I see you can still select the specific subforum to filter, but will posters continue to direct to a subforum when posting?
  10. Vent away, darling! That sounds like the best way to handle the situation at this point with the attitude he has. I'll tell ya, bringing in some funds can definitely improve our self-esteem and ability to hold our own ground in these arguments. With the hip I can understand how it would be difficult to hold a regular position, but there are many ways to work from home these days. Check out the site ratracerebellion.com for some ideas?
  11. @sybdragon I'm so sorry to hear you've gone through all this. Yes, people, men and women, seem to be out for themselves these days. Very few know how to compromise, or be kind. I wish I could come help you and cook meals for you
  12. Sure thing buddy. Idgaf about either at this point. Both sides have made complete asses of themselves. Go ahead and keep blaming one side for the actions of the rest.
  13. MGTOW is just as bad for all of us as feminism. American men have become just as bad as the women and they're all blaming each other for it. I don't see a resolution anytime soon with the sex robots that are about to flood the markets. Romance and love was a short lived fallacy. The sexually promiscuous will soon contract the super gonorrhea and the rest will become asexual if they haven't already. Prepare yourselves for robotic wombs. All because no one can get along.
  14. -52- music thread

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