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  1. It may be a lot like the black mirror episode "15 million merits". Stationary bikes with large screens producing power and earning credits for entertainment.
  2. Just caught myself a cold :( Going to have to try that mix up there.
  3. Smart homes were written as horror Sci fi stories in the past. It all gives me anxiety. I know it's happening and I don't think there is a thing we can do about it.
  4. I've never considered that aspect of it. I wonder what percentage in the trade match this description.
  5. I like more than I post so this works great for me. Thanks!
  6. I'm jk. Right now, I'm using Chrome. Sometimes I use FF.
  7. Secret Phone Browser v.7.4
  8. Thanks Cinn!!
  9. well hi there. are you still on loppy? iam still there, iam renovatio, yesh..i changed name again ha-ha

    1. Katz


      You change your name a lot, don't you? LOL

      Yes, I am still there. :smile: