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  1. I'm jk. Right now, I'm using Chrome. Sometimes I use FF.
  2. Secret Phone Browser v.7.4
  3. Thanks Cinn!!
  4. well hi there. are you still on loppy? iam still there, iam renovatio, yesh..i changed name again ha-ha

    1. Katz


      You change your name a lot, don't you? LOL

      Yes, I am still there. :smile:

  5. When scrolling through posts, I noticed the flag occasionally changes to dark blue instead of the standard light blue. Does this mean I accidentally flagged the post? I know a click on the flag can send a report, I just don't want to be flagging posts on accident
  6. This is what our psychically-driven society has led to. Sure, you can get that blonde, disease-proof child, but at what expense? Soul-less, mindless eye candy. The Kartrashians will love the new followers.
  7. Indeed. Personally, I do not see this as the last days of the human race, but possibly the last days of government run societies. It could be wishful thinking.
  8. Everyone needs to get out of there and chill the f out!!
  9. I admit I was dumb enough to believe she would be charged. The lessons keep coming.
  10. This is the newest power play I've noticed. Even Apple is releasing new tech to shut down cameras and recording during live events. One would think with all the attacks during live events that video evidence would be crucial to the facts, but we all know they don't want that.