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  1. So based on Robert50's and Barbarossa's logic it would be absolutely fine for a group such as the Chinese to come over to North America, kill off 95% of the population, herd the remaining 5% of the population onto the least desirable lands available, keep them as third world citizens in less than third world environments and be justified in doing so because the Americans waged a few wars. No more English language lessons for the kids in the state run schools and no more practicing any of the religions that used to be practiced. It would not be genocide. It would be what? Justice? Natural order?
  2. I just got banned for a month from ION

    ​ION is by invitation only and LOP is not what it used to be. The thing I liked about ION was no guest posting. You had to be registered to post there. Cut the trolling way down. Where they went wrong though was in making it a 'referral' system for new membership. Turned them very Euro/Christian themed. I still like a few of the posters there but the overall vibe of the forum got very uncomfortable considering I'm not a follower of the middle eastern cults (Islam, Christianity, etc) and I'm more NA and 'other' than European as far as genetics is concerned. And IMO LOP has turned into the Facebook of the CT forums. Very much a down slide in quality of conversation there. Serious topics are immediately over run by guest trolling to the point where it's just about useless to try to talk about anything but what the Kardashians are doing now unless you want to praise some elitist for their new Constitution trashing 'law'.
  3. FYI this sort of shit is why I told Dough Dude over at ION to delete my account. They actually invited the retard pushing this genocide denial crap at LOP over to ION to push that crap there.
  4. ​Ok, so with this blatant apologist bull shit you can go bite my tired red ass. I can quote numbers and show you assholes the varieties of studies showing the agenda of genocide right from first contact with the murderer you fucktards named a national holiday after. Millions killed and an entire group of people in the Caribbean wiped from the earth. Lowball estimates of that genocide alone was 4 million and general consensus is 8 million. That's just one nation of Native Americans eliminated. Those numbers FYI come straight from the homicidal maniac's journals. I can also show you journal entries from those other savages that landed in Massachusetts and went about committing murder in the name of their freak homicidal deity. How about the journal entries from varied ship captains coming over from Europe where they admit that it was standard practice to hand out diseased blankets to native tribes and nations that they met? Those are on the internet as well if you care to look for them. Conservative estimates on just North America (From Northern Mexico on up) 7 million died. Better estimates put that number at 16-18 million. And that's not just disease but outright policies of violence, sterilization and murder. FYI sterilization of this segment of the population continued until the late 70s where people going in for routine surgeries such as appendicitis or tonsillectomies ended up sterilized. And people still end up killed for just the crime of walking while Red and unless we give up all ties with the first nations we end up as third class citizens stuck in places that are of no use to anyone from the conquering class. But it's useless trying to educate you fuck heads about this issue. You can go on denying this crime while promoting the hoax that is the only official "Holocaust" where as varied sources such as the Red Cross reports showed that no such thing happened. insert gif of middle finger being flipped here _______ Manifest Fucking Destiny Assholes
  5. Your vote really does not count. All these so called elections are rigged to start. You get a choice between banker candidate D and banker candidate R and whomever pumps the most money into their bought and paid for candidates wins the 'election'. Others need not apply. Returns on this investment are usually along the lines of 500 to 1 for the banks and corporations that pay into the scam. Seems like one wing of the vulture wants to be the only wing now.
  6. http://12160.info/forum/topics/cdc-forced-to-release-documents-showing-they-knew-vaccine
  7. Just the photographic evidence of the backpacks used/carried is enough to exonerate the brothers. If the gov lied about that then what else are they lying about in this situation?
  8. Welcome to all our new members!

    The wife has been putting the lean on me to join for a while now. So here I am.
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