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  1. Was The Gas Attack A False Flag?

    Agree. Chrade.
  2. The fake ISIS army would love to graduate to the next level from staging chemical attack false flags to staging nuclear attack false flags.
  3. That the US can use to fight a nuclear proxy war with Russia and China. All about creating the OPTICS of Americans being "innocent" bystanders. The destruction of the US backed proxy jihadistas, like ISIS, forces the US to remain the main nuclear bully. At least in the public eye. ISIS setting off bombs everywhere gives the US deniability. Deniability is very important if you lose and survive the war to stand trial.
  4. Are you still for trump?

    The US blew a trillion dollars creating the fake ISIS contras and assorted jihadistas. Of course they will force Trump to lie. Of course they will force him to launch attacks and break law. ISIS was their golden key to unlock Asia and conquer Russia and China. All made up BS. If they fail, they reason that the worst that can happen is that they are vaporized. And they figure that they can only be vaporized once.
  5. Was The Gas Attack A False Flag?

    It was a stunt similar to the one Obama pulled when he launched the attack on Libya while he was on an official state visit to Brazil. He ended up being refused a meeting and had to leave with huge butthurt.
  6. Are you still for trump?

    I don't appreciate my thread linking Justin Raimondo antiwar.com article being merged into an ISIS shill thread.
  7. It's going to be funny when they try that tomahawk attack routine on Moscow.
  8. They really pissed ISIS getting blown to smithereens!
  9. Protest Watch

    Trump is on team ISIS. Right where the CIA wants him.
  10. Is War Good For The Economy?

    War is the ONLY thing the US economy has going for it. This situation is intentional.
  11. Reports said only 23 missiles hit targets.
  12. Here, let me make it easy for you... EVERYTHING REASON FOR WAR WASHINGTON GIVES IS A LIE!
  13. NGO support for ISIS. They help stage fake atrocities in support of GCC backed terror groups in Syria. You will never see White Helmets working in areas where US troops are pretending to fight ISIS. In Mosul for instance. You will only see the Soros funded NGO working in Syria where it is banned.
  14. They may be coming to evacuate Assad. 🤔
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