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  1. This would be a huge disaster, not only could it kill thousands of people, but also most of the US government will be in one place (target rich environment). I think the Secret Service would be ready to shoot anything that moves tomorrow.
  2. They only have a few hours to destroy evidence of Hillary Clinton's crimes in Libya, such as gun running to ISIS.
  3. There will be more hits against him this week, all fake news of course.
  4. The whole miserable bunch should be charged with conspiracy right now.
  5. The powers that be and their shills will not go down without a fight. They are gearing up for mayhem on January 20. I am really concerned something horrible could happen, and then there's the possibility of a jihadi terror attack during the inauguration, when the government is most vulnerable.
  6. Well the middle of the USA is expecting an ice storm disaster this weekend. Thousands will be without power for who knows how long.
  7. Then again, New Madrid, and that is a whole other nightmare!
  8. What if they made it from soybean, corn, canola, or old fashioned lard?
  9. This, in light of the Yellowstone thread, is very concerning. Personally I think California will be the place. I just have a feeling about Cali.
  10. It sounds like the shooter fired into the ceiling and didn't actually hit anybody. The article goes on to say the shooter had only lived there for six months, which suggests he was another "refugee". As usual there isn't a peep out of the US news media.
  11. Well lookey here, the Fort Lauderdale shooter had taken an islamic name, Aashiq Hammad, and had some connections to radical islam. http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2017/01/airport-shooter-converted-islam-identified-aashiq-hammad-years-joining-army/
  12. Well it was pretty deep, so maybe it won't be as bad.
  13. Philip Haney, a retired Homeland Security officer and co-author of the whistleblower book “See Something Say Nothing,” said the document is loaded with coded language that signals a possible uptick in jihadist attacks during Trump’s presidency. http://www.wnd.com/2017/01/trump-has-islamic-clerics-wetting-their-pants/ A fatwa is a muslim religious ruling, based on Sharia. This "ruling" suggests trouble ahead from jihadiots.