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  1. It amazes me that this happened on Sept 19, the anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City quake.
  2. I won't be surprised if Maria turns out to be the worst one of the year.
  3. Maria could be another Florida landfall. This hurricane season cant end soon enough.
  4. The Cheonan sinking proved how dangerous nk subs are.
  5. The UK terror level has been raised to CRITICAL meaning an attack is imminent!!!! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/15/uk-terror-threat-level-raised-critical-meaning-attack-imminent/
  6. Jose could be Hurricane Sandy Reincarneted

    This is going to be a mess. It's already the most expensive hurricane season in history.
  7. I must admit this is very odd. What are they afraid of?
  8. Putin would like to.
  9. This source says the number is up to 45,000! This boggles the mind, what is happening? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4457152/moscow-bomb-threats-spark-mass-evacuation-of-45000-people-after-train-stations-universities-and-shopping-malls-are-threatened/
  10. MOSCOW, RUSSIA (ALBOENEWS) A number of “almost simutaneous” warnings were issued to various railway stations, shopping malls and universities suggesting that multiple bombings were imminent. This has resulted in massive evacuations, state media is reporting. https://alboenews.net/2017/09/13/breaking-more-than-10000-evacuated-in-moscow-following-bomb-threats/
  11. ^ Agreed. What did these fools expect?
  12. It’s Official: Broadway Hates Michael Moore

    I don't care much for him either.
  13. WTF.. Opposite gender day at school.

    It just gets worse by the day.
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