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  1. Alien Probe?

    We won't get a straight answer from NASA.
  2. Is there ANYTHING Megyn Kelly won't do for ratings? I mean just look at how her show is crashing.
  3. Where is Bun Bun?

    I suspect the owner of that site is the one doing that.
  4. Woman Offered $200,000 to File Sex Charges on Trump

    Comrade Soros sure is busy these days.
  5. Al Franken is quitting

    Conyers and Franken resigned in the same week. It has been a great week!
  6. Al Franken is quitting

    An announcement is being made tomorrow, it is over for Al Franken. https://twitter.com/W7VOA/status/938460669564858369
  7. The problem runs deeper than this one shill. There is MUCH shilling afoot.
  8. Now the Lamestream Media needs to suspend a few hundred other miscreants, starting with the entire staff of MSNBC.
  9. This ^ We are very likely within hours of "the big one" and it will be Mount Pinatubo big, much bigger than Mt. St Helens back in 1980.
  10. They need to investigate every case this evil woman handled.
  11. North Korea Missile Launch Readiness?

    Kim is playing a dangerous game, he doesnt understand Obama isnt president anymore. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/885001/north-korea-missile-test-japan-attack-world-war-3
  12. Terror attack in progress in London right now!

    Thats interesting. Most sources are now in agreement this was a false alarm.
  13. Terror attack in progress in London right now!

    Here is the SKY news broadcast https://news.sky.com/watch-live
  14. Police are responding to an incident at the Oxford Circus underground station in London. The British Transport Police said on Twitter that officers were on the scene, but gave no further details. http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/24/europe/london-oxford-circus/index.html?adkey=bn It's a short article so it's a short excerpt. ISIS is definitely on the move today, first Egypt now London. Shep are you hearing anything over there?
  15. 200 or more dead in ISIS attack on Egyptian mosque

    Militants attack mosque in Egypt’s Sinai, killing at least 200 http://bnonews.com/news/index.php/news/id6762