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  1. B, Your dogs are beautiful!

    1. grav



      Eve, the beautiful mini-boxer in the front, died last year. Poisoned, we think. We have an unstable neighbor who shot one our foster dogs before, a harmless black Lab puppy. We live on acreage, but you know there are assholes everywhere. And crazy people. So we were almost finished building another huge fenced yard when Eve got away and ate something bad, maybe rat poison, which we never use. It broke my heart. The one in the back is Mikey, a big lug who is smarter than the average human. When my dogs misbehave I tell them to quit acting like people. 

      I like dogs and wild animals better than I like people. I think you knew that about me already. :tongue: My sig is the real me.

      Best wishes to you and your sweet family.