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  1. How do astronomers collect their paychecks in good conscience, knowing that the star positions should change over time? Stella Parallax was my last sock at glp. Speaking of lowdown good-for-nothing POSs, LOP disappeared my Flache Erde thread. So I apologized to @titanic1 for derailing his top pinned thread when I posted this video. I also added it to Research for when Shep opens up his new feature. It will be a sub-sub forum if I understand it right. A FE Community which gives up modlike powers. whoa, Modlike Productions.
  2. I'd like to see that. I used to be a Nibirutard until I found a better explanation for the object. I think it's two things. 1. The cataclysms that happened in ages past were caused by comets, such as Comet Biela, which burned up much of the Midwest at the same time as the Great Chicago Fire. Comets are electrical discharges which rain down plasma energy, often called fire and brimstone. Devastating comets are much commoner than people think. 2. The second sun is a member of the geo-system of flat earth science. It is responsible for the impossible eclipses called selenelions, which happen when the sun and moon are both above the horizon. Eric Dubay calls it Rahu, a Hindu entity who ate the sun. His videos are interesting but way too long, over 2 hours.
  3. OK, we've been the hired gun long enough. It's time for some other country to put on their black hat and go out and kill the widow lady's cows and steal her ranch. Russia would like the gig. They are good at invading. Their armies and weapons tech are first rate. China is another good choice. Their military is yuuuuge. And their troops are loyal. Poor N. Korea and Iraq and the other 7 or so other victim states were so designated decades ago. It is almost hilarious to see how well the sheeple huddle together in the face of weapons of mass destruction. Whoever invented the War on Terror was brilliant. After religion, it is the best method to achieve profits (the MIC) and reduction of the excess population.
  4. What would be the purpose of written communiques? Do mob bosses have a secretary write down the minutes of their meetings? Doubtful. Dirty ops leave no paper trail.
  5. Stellar parallax, or lack thereof
  6. Because it is close. If the sun were 93 million miles away, it should not look so much bigger during the day, just like the stars look the same size all the time. Atmospheric refraction distorts the true size of the sun. At noon it may be 3000 to 4000 miles straight up. At sunrise and sunset it is further away and water vapor can magnify its light. A sun 93 million miles away would also not cast a reflection on the waters. See the hot spot?
  7. Missed this one. Avoidance of evidence.
  8. Here is a tip for all writers -- to avoid 2nd person singular ('you') as much as possible. Stay on topic, not on persons. See? I just used 2nd person in the last sentence, though the subject (you) is understood. Wolf, I taught grammar and composition for many years. For most assignments, my students had to provide at least three direct examples/proofs/facts to support their thesis statements. They were also instructed to avoid fallacies of logic and to maintain an objective tone.
  9. I have asked for evidence to support your contention that FEers are wrong or deceptive. You said that there was proof of the curvature. Saying it doesn't make it so. Nasa and RabidWolf say that earth is round. Where's the proof? All we see is a flat horizon on a motionless earth. Google high altitude balloon videos and many results will appear.
  10. ad hominem invalid response, lack of detail
  11. Throwing in the towel so early? OK.
  12. Geez. More ad hominems. I ask for debate. Facts. Laws of physics. Logic.
  13. "Actually, curvature has been proven multiple times in various ways" What are you talking about? When? Details? Show us. Now. If you want to debate, bring your evidence and I will counter it. Quit making personal remarks. The great bulk of your post was a subjective and slanderous spiel. No more of that, please. Flatearthers work hard to present their cases, using the best figures they can get from official sources. Lying in a beach --OK, that was a joke, right? Watching the sun moving out of sight -- what does that prove? That the sun moves and the earth doesn't. OK. Let's see what you got, Wolf. Put up or shut up.
  14. Wolf, have you looked at the too-numerous-to-paste videos of photographers who focus on planets and stars? They all acquire the same images of the same target, not some unfocused blobs of light. Why must use use prejudicial language to disparage their efforts? * ignorance spewed as proof of their beliefs, or disinfo spewed intentionally to deceive people I am mighty sick and tired of such close-mindedness. I hold you, as a mod, to higher standards. Yet you unfailingly bestow contempt on our work. Always? Who do you think you are? You don't closely examine anything. Never. Are the curvature calculations in error? How can Mt. Ranier be photographed from 149 miles away? How can the Suez Canal be level for 100 miles? How can horizons always look flat from balloons at 22 miles high? How does Einstein's relativity THEORY come close to denying experiments proving that the earth does not move? I challenge you to prove us wrong. Prove that the earth tilts at 66.6° and spins at 1040 mph. Show me one (1) picture of earth from space. Well said ⤴ can't improve on that. Pointed, elegant, impeccable logic.
  15. He needs to have a prolonged and painful death following a tragic accident. Surely his fellow Seals can figure out how.