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  1. You wanna dance? Me too.
  2. Any time we search for space topics, we have to wade through sites of Nasa and Astronomy Today and other establishment bureaucracies. Cassini is one example. It is a satellite that supposedly has been exploring Saturn and other outer planets. So how do satellites propel themselves? Cassini has been going and going for years, using rocket technology that, imo, needs something to push against: a dense atmosphere. FErs contend that rockets can not leave low earth orbit. They go up with a massive burst of energy, roll sideways, and head out of view. Nasa would have us think that the disappearing act is due to earth's rotation. Yet we see no uninterrupted footage of the whole launch and eventual deployment of satellites. Neither can satellites propel themselves in a space vacuum, even if they reached an escape altitude. We fers are often accused of confirmation bias. That is, that we refuse to inspect the paltry evidence put forth by the Body Scientific. Debunkers challenge us to prove that Nasa lies. But Nasa always gets a pass. Always.They prove nothing, other than how to pull a bunny out of a magician's hat in front of a gullible and indifferent audience. The sheeple are busy watching politics anyway, and Wars on Terror and other assorted shiny balls.
  3. DITRH asked fers to debate John Wells on Caravan to Midnight. So I did. Then, poof, it disappeared. Now I can't reply or comment. But I can 'like' and 'share' their anti-FE psyops. https://m.facebook.com/JohnBWellsCTM/?fref=ts What does that tell you? You people who are straddling the fence, take a look. The censorship and trolling is off the scale. I've never seen anything that bad. Mods, please check it out. For a "ct" site to ban a topic? Even glp and lop aren't that controlled. I hope a caller asks Wells why he does it. Not holding my breath though.
  4. Bill Hicks in the White House! Are you kidding me?
  5. To determine shape, we need to see it. The earth is apparently a Cheshire Cat. It changes its appearance depending in which agency depicts it. Water somehow defies centrifugal spin to hide its misshapen form . . . http://s02.yapfiles.ru/files/872358/.gif . . . so that is looks like a shiny blue marble. This is as official as it gets. Sorry, but I must embed this, this, this thing again.
  6. Who made you hall monitor? Orientate your own self the middle, mister the man. If I want a lesson in pretentiousness, I'll call on you.
  7. ha ha, I remember a particulat ass who at one time had 'banned' in his name. He actually had a good point or 2 but was such a bast@rd that everyone hated him. I was at that other site too, an odd place with the papal insignia OMG at the bottom of every page!! Oogally moogally, lol. Liberty was there too. And a young man who took a trip and the site folded. Like Doom Junkies, which . . . oh, never mind. I'm glad you came back to forumland. Time heals psychic scars. If you let it. Never any drama here. nope. never. Right, Cinn?
  8. Thanks, LBJ! Your Great Society has panned out just as planned. Uncle Sam is everyone's baby daddy now. Physical labor is for suckers. Happiness is a warm smart phone.
  9. Rome didn't fall. It transmuted into Catholic Europe. When Martin Luther protested, tptb warped the new energy to fuel their expansion into the New World, to the great surprise of native people of the Americas. But yes, we are on the verge of a new cliff. There doesn't seem to be a way out this time. Nowhere to go. The human mind has not overcome its fear of the unknown. So we continue to measure ourselves by our toys and tools. And our devices. Civilizations are playthings of the gods.
  10. Nostradum prophesied 3 antichrists. PAU NAY LORON - Napolean Rey HISTER - duh MABUS - US (oBAMa) The play is not over.
  11. http://whotfetw.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Flat-Earth-Maps-Models-12.jpg I keep finding new maps. This one is like air maps that spread out latitude lines like spokes on a wheel. Australia covers 3 wide spans of lines and is officially 2485 miles wide, less than the US, which is 2800 miles. All Azimuthal Equidistant maps show basically the same sizes of continents, which are quite different from Mercator, Peters, other maps. The Gleason map claims to be "scientifically and practically correct." http://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/181949446447-0-1/s-l1000.jpg Please don't tell me that the world is like an orange and you have to divide it into segments to represent the pieces. I'm too old for fairy tales and satellites that look like cartoons.
  12. I prefer to debate on the Nasa Says thread. If you continue with these topics, please do so there. I have heard that thermite was used but thought no traces were found. Of course we'll never know, since the debris, the little there was, was quickly hauled off to China. And yes, I have done research into the tower collapse and have seen photos of beams that were cut at an angle. All that said, steel beams do no routinely turn to dust as they fall, which happened in videos. I have satellite internet, btw. It sucks. Only people with cable have fast connections and adequate bandwidth. Show me one (1) photograph of a satellite in space. How about footage of SpaceX as it deployed its payload? And then it landed, rightside up on a barge, just like Daffy Duck landed his on the moon, lol. Same as Nasa. Their space program is a cartoon show.
  13. This may repeat an earlier post. This one would belong in Geography and/or Perspective.
  14. Thanks for the reminder. We saw this one pages ago. I think I forgot to add it to the Research thread and will check to make sure -- it should be added to Perspective. The opening slide illustrates the topic, something all video makers would do well to imitate. This was already in Research and in this thread. I'm still waiting for the definitive answer to the latitude problem. It seems that measuring Google distances between cities in both "hemispheres" may show an anomaly.
  15. I'll kick the rhetoric up a notch. Religions may be watered down nowadays, but they still are all accidents of birth. If you believe in one, then you are a believer in your local belief system. Muslims acknowledge that Mohammed was threatened and choked by an "angel" named Gabriel until he SUBMITTED to the will of Allah. Obey or die. And Mohammed obeyed. Supernatural beings are all fictions, in my book. They, however, are not to be dismissed. They are real and physical. The Archons that the Gnostics wrote about exist in a vibrational frequency we can not see. Butterflies see in infrared but we can't. Dogs and whales hear ultrasound but we can't. Well, some gifted people have brains that do see things the rest of us can't. I base my thought system on the Electric Universe and Tesla (the man, not the car.) Islam is a religion totally controlled by the foul Archons. World leaders are all under the spell of Archons. The Demiurge, aka the Eye of Sauron, rules over all, including the Illuminati Queen. http://conspiracywiki.com/images/article/images/new-world-order-pyramid-of-power.jpg