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  1. The cops wont do anything as long a the chopper is in the air and the sun is shining. They will wait until cover of darkness to do anything. Harder to see what is happening in pitch black.
  2. We can only hope and pray!
  3. Welcome back Shep
  4. Shame on you. Lol 😝 The picture in my mind is that of a conservative school teacher/librarian from our conversations on here.
  5. I think we were all wrong about the timing of a civil uprising and possibly martial law before the election. If this continues to escalate like it has been, we may end up having that happen now after the election/Trump sworn in and his making positive progress to get the country back on the right track
  6. As far as Im concerned, if they do pull something this extreme, this would justify a self defense of shoot on site. Someone comes at you with a syringe, double tap is justified
  7. I'm in shock. The Winning just keeps adding up. I hope it continues
  8. Any more info on this? God I am praying this is true
  9. Like I posted on Twitter, if she had kept her pre-election promise, her mouth would have been to busy to let her get her in this much trouble on this.
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking. The time stamps. If they are accurate that would tell the true story.
  11. Im on gab.ai also. Same user name dbeers02
  12. Checked a few minutes ago and it was up, now it is down
  13. I too dont think the Libtards will be fighting us. I think they are wising up the the fact that they're leash/choker chain has been yanked by the silent majority, and they are scared, so they are looking out for they're own safety. They are thinking forward, as in self preservation knowing the rest of us that are awake will have no sympathy for them and that they're almighty protector, ie big governent, will take away the nipple from which they feed either because they will be forgotten(useful idiots) or they will be too preoccupied trying to round the rest of us up.