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  1. Bet you wish you could put the lid back on that can of worms. lol
  2. Hello everyone! Meet my Daughter Arabella Rose!

    Congrats to you dude
  3. WH ANON is now saying tomorrow is the day for this to happen. Hope they are right. The just of the thread is this so called investigation into Trump will be turned 180 towards Clinton and associates. Hope its for real, but my expectations are low.

    Very sad day. Another one of the greats has passed.
  5. This is getting ridiculous. Only cure for this disease is a radical offense and cleansing of these people
  6. Amazon to take over Whole Foods

    Is it me or does it bother you that Bezos will control a large portion of the food supply in this country once this goes into effect. His political leanings are basically left from what I have seen. I believe He still owns then Washington Post too and they have been used as a political tool against Trump and the Right.
  7. Followers of Islam

    All of it so absolutely true
  8. All part of the escalation plan. Like I have said, my gut tells me around July 4 when all hell breaks loose. A second awakening or a reboot or Independence. Not sure yet
  9. I know it's ridiculous. I scooped up as much green tip as I could find. I probably have 5K-6K of just green tip spread out in 3 locations. Also have quite a bit of xm193 and 223. Also have enough 😜(several thousand of each) of several other calibers that fit my other firearms from .22 to 6.8) As far as AR rounds, 300 blackout is my favorite. I like that round. Even deer hunt with it when hunting brushy areas that I can't air out the .308 or 30-06. Also a fan of ballistic tip. Lol
  10. Probably going to see alot more escalation in the coming weeks. Its getting crazy out there.
  11. I agree. Somewhere I read, cant remember now, that the vast majority of handgun sales that have taken place since the election have been to left leaning people. If i recall, the article suggested 60 or 70 percent of the sales leaned that way. I would venture to say, yes, that most probably went into a closet or something like that. Probably never been fired since purchase except where they could "test" them at time of purchase. My bet is that these new owners bought very little ammo to go with they're guns. Also if things get that crazy that we do resort to arms, i could see them firing without really aiming and "spray" firing all gangster style, then running out of ammo very quickly. The rest of us that are experienced with shooting should easily and fairly quickly be able to take out the trash. I also have a few firearms that are NATO caliber (5.56) and common rounds(.40 & 9mm) just in case the Blue Helmet guys are turned loose to round us up. It would be easy to pick up what they drop or you can take after they are neutralized.
  12. I have a hunch that the chaos is going to escalate very quickly from here on out. I still got a feeling that things are going to be pretty wild by 4th of July. Civil War, maybe incoming. At least I can see a fair amount of uprising going on. Glad I got two weeks off work coming up. I will be at my get away cabin in the trees the week before and after the 4th. Think I will take a few of my firearms to the farm this weekend, and make sure the sights are right on. Also let the kids do some more practice to hone they're skills a little more. Keep your powder dry.
  13. OMG these people are wasting our oxygen. I know it was a slip up, but damn how much BS can fall out of one persons mouth. Trips over his tongue at 54 seconds.
  14. That's scary. Poor people in there. Doesn't look like there is any building fire suppression at all.
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