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  1. Frankenstein

    The Dinosaur Hoax?

    The simple truth is this. People only try to disprove that Dinosaurs exist because it threatens religious leaders power across the globe. If dinosaurs exist, and no holy books bother to explain them, then it's a glaring proof that those holy books are as divinely inspired as the bowel movement I had this morning. This puts the income and livelihood of religious leaders at risk, and we all know you can blaspheme their gods all day, but don't you dare start f@@king with their money, or there will be hell to pay! Touching on the issue of dating. Carbon dating is factual, and provides accurate dates, though with older things it only seems to provide a ball park estimate. Carbon dating can only give you dates on rocks and such for the date they were formed, or solidified in the Earth's mantle, but for living things, they give you the date during which the creature was born, lived, and died.

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